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You have come to the right company with extensive experience and expertise in the industry if you want to Sell Unwanted Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and Investment Gold & Silver.

We are open seven days a week Based in Hatton Garden EC1. We specialise in Buying Jewellery, Bars and Coins based on the Live Price of the day. Cashing out your items is simple; you can visit us directly or post your items by filling out our online form and get paid via cash or bank transfer.

We consider ourselves among the Top Traders in the UK, paying out the Highest Amount for Precious Metals. Appointment is Not Needed to visit us, and you are not obligated to sell to us. We Deal General Public, and Trade Customers.

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Sell Precious Metals

Sell Gold and Precious Metals in Hatton Garden.

Londdon Gold Centre opetrate from Hatton garden. Representing the Gold Buying Industry, we pride ourselves in Customer Service, and When you Sell Gold to us, we try to pay you the Highest Price possible in the Market. The process does not take more than a few minutes, depending on the number of Gold items you have. Please use our Gold Buying calculator to check the value of your Gold and the prices you will get paid.

Directions to LGC from Farringdon and Chancery Lane Station

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Simple Tips to Consider When Selling.

  • Research selling options like pawn shops, jewellers, and online buyers, ensuring reputation, fairness and reliability before selling locally.
  • You can only assess the value accurately after testing.
  • Remember to take a relevant Photo ID.
  • Compare final payment with other companies.
  • Read the small print for any hidden charges and commissions.
  • Know the carat and separate them into different parcels.
  • The purity affects its value. Do research and acquire adequate knowledge which would be valuable to you.
  • Note the different weights and the weight as a whole for your reference.
  • Please ensure the merchant pays you the final amount listed on their website.
  • Remember that the price can increase or decrease by the time you go to sell.
  • Call the respective trader to confirm the rate if you have any questions.
  • If you prefer cash payment, ensure the relevant company does cash pay-outs.
  • Remember that the Valuations outside London will be significantly lower than in a city with many traders.
  • Nothing is free in life; unfortunately, free post-packs are not free. Do check the end pay-out for your items. 😊👍
  • The selling value will be less than the live market value, as that is how companies make a profit and hedge against market fluctuation.
  • If you have to follow many stages of getting the exact price of your items, then assessing the accurate value of the items you want to sell takes work.
  • Last but not least, avoid scammers by doing your research.

If you need help or advice, call 0207 404 7473 or email us for support

The process to Sell Gold to LGC in our Hatton Garden Premises

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Step 1: Walk into LGC or Post your items to us


Visit our Store at 5 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8AA. We also do online transactions. We are experts in buying, valuing, and buying. The Process is Straightforward and should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. However, if you have a large quantity of Small Items, it could take longer as we would have to test them individually before buying. Customers also have the option to Melt them down into a bar and then get Assy and get paid; the customer is present during the melting and assay process. No appointment is needed to visit us; please refer to the video below for directions from the tube station to find LGC.


Please complete the online form and follow the instructions to post your precious metals to us. We do not send out pre-paid posts, as any companies who do that tend to deduct the charges from the final payment. We at LGC pay the prices shown in our Pay-out Converter for your Scrap at the time of sale; there are no hidden charges or fees. A team member will contact you to confirm the pay-out on the day we receive your parcel, and for any reason you are not satisfied, we will post the items back to you.

Picture of Sign We Buy Gold
Picture of X-Ray Machine Testing Gold

Step 2: The valuables will be tested and priced in front of the customer

The time to test Physical Metals can vary depending on the method used. X-ray machines can efficiently test Bars and Coins. However, testing scrap metal is a bit more complicated as you could have plated items which the X-ray machine cannot detect. Due to the high value of Precious Metals, we have to be sure before making an offer.

X-ray Testing:
We use advanced technologies like X-rays to test your Investment and Scrap article. The mechanic will read an item’s AU, AG, PD, and PT content percentages, determining the Karat of the product. This method will not leave unwanted marks on your items and takes a few seconds to test individual items. Plated Items are Acid tested; the customer can refuse an acid test; however, we would not buy the item.

Acid Testing:
The process consists of scratching the item’s surface and bringing it in contact with Acid, and based on the chemical reaction, we can determine whether the item is plated or solid. Unfortunately, this is the only method. The item will be scratched and discoloured. You can check the value of a particular item before the test to determine its value if it turns out to be solid.

If there are many items, this process could take a long time, and the alternative solution would be to melt and Assay.

Step 3: We Make the offer and Pay

Please note that you are only obliged to sell to us if you are happy with our offer. We pay you the amount shown online at the time of sale. Please click the links below to check your item’s worth based on the day’s live market. Once you agree with the offer, we pay cash or Bank Transfer

  • Scrap Gold Price List based on carat
  • Gold Coin Price List
  • Gold Bar Price List
Picture of cash counting Machine


This is instant and paid on the spot. We count all our cash beforehand by machine to ensure everything is fine. We also count the money before you for your peace of mind. You can count it by hand yourself if you wish.

Bank Transfer:

This can be Instant or take up to 48, depending on the amount and bank it transfers to. We provide an invoice and all the information we purchased from you. We will also mention a guaranteed estimated time and date you will receive the money. Please note that if banks stop payments in between, it is the bank’s responsibility to do their internal check, which is their independent decision. If, for any reason, the money transaction does not go through, you can always come and collect your equivalent value in bars, coins, or cash.

About us

Our Parent Company, Premier Jewellers, was incorporated in 1983, and we have been in Business since 2001. We are Gold Buyers with several years of experience with customer loyalty and trust. LGC is a UK-registered buying company specialising in buying Precious Metals based in Hatton Garden. We are a reputable jeweller with an excellent customer service record, providing the industry’s top rates and accurate valuations.

Please read our Google reviews by searching for LGC. We buy all preowned Jewellery, including rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, bangles, earrings, dental grills, pendants, and antique vintage Jewellery, all precious metals of every form.

Customers can exchange unwanted Scraps for Fine bars or Investment Coins. We Buy based on the latest and Market Fix; our calculators are updated every 5 minutes for accurate pricing to value your ornaments.

The fix is based on the trading stock exchange and can fluctuate up and down very rapidly to protect the company as we buy and sell daily and do not hold Scrap for an extended period. Anticipating highs and lows, we determine the buying rates on the day.

We use the latest technology to assess the carat and simplify the selling process. We provide a variety of services, which include:

  • Melting
  • Recovery and Refining
  • Grain Converting
  • Jewellery Repair Service and more…

We consider ourselves one of the top dealers in England, with different expert departments for various services and a long Trading History. Please check our service section for a complete list of services provided. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


Frequently Asked Questions

The price fluctuates every second. It increases and decreases constantly, but according to historical data, it has risen gradually. At which point you would like to sell would be up to you.

No appointment is needed to visit. We are available for walk-ins during working hours.

You do not need an account or register with us; you can walk in to sell your valuables.

The process only takes a few minutes unless you have too many small bits to test that must be checked individually.

Yes! One photo ID proof required either a driver’s license or a passport.

Heart of the Diamond District, Hatton Gardens.

5 Hatton Garden,

We are Open:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 17:30
Saturday: 11:00 to 17:30
Sunday: 11:00 to 15.30

We pay the estimate shown on our scrap assessment calculator at the time of sale. There are No extra charges no commission. We pay the prices shown online at the time of sale.

We can pay by cash (British Pounds) or by Bank Transfer.

There is no limit on how much you can sell for cash.

Depending on the bank and the amount, our process could be immediate or take 24 to 48 hours. There are no set guidelines, but the maximum time would be 48 hours. We will provide all the necessary paperwork.

Use our estimate checker to value your items based on today’s indicators.

You can access our Live Bar Buying value from the link below.

Yes! We do buy fine Jewellery of any form.

No! There is no difference. The carat or purity determines the value.

Sorry, we do not purchase Gold Plated Jewellery.

The worth will depend on the carat. The value would vary Depending on whether it’s 9, 14,18 or 22 ct. Please check our Scrap Buying Prices.

Yes, We buy without hallmarks; we use an X-ray gun to test the items’ purity

Depending on the number of grams, you can get an estimate by entering the weight into our calculator.

Yes! Don’t hesitate to contact us at 0207 404 7473; one of our team members will explain the process.

Yes! We buy all precious metals from India, Italy, Dubai, Africa, and worldwide.

We keep our profit margins low, between 1% and 2%, on fine Bars and coins.

You can contact us or use our online estimator to evaluate the pay-out.

A Troy Ounce weighs 31.1g, and depending on the cart, you can enter the weight into our calculator to get the current value.

Please use the link, fill out the form and follow our simple instructions.

Post Scrap Gold for Cash >>

Yes! However, we recommend you use insured, recorded delivery and split up the parcel depending on its value. We can’t be responsible for Royal Mail. Take pictures of what you are posting for your records.

We will keep this a simple answer; please check the company’s final payment who sent the free packs and compare it with ours. 😊👍

Post Gold for Cash Now!

99% of the time, we process the same day we receive it, but it takes a maximum of 48 hours.

No, sorry, we don’t. Monday, the post will be processed.

If we feel there is a value, we will pay for it or, reduce weight or break it out. You will also have the option to have the gemstones removed professionally for a cost if you wish.

We reduce the weight for the moment or remove it for you and pay for the metal weight.

The simplest method to test is to use a magnetic device as it’s not magnetic.

You have to do an acid test. When you use 9ct Acid on the item after scratching it, it turns pale light green if it’s not Gold; dark green could indicate it’s a lower-carat.

No sorry! Working on tiny margins and constant market fluctuation, we cannot do so.

Enter the weight in the right-carat column in our calculator.

Depending on the size and quality, we will add value on top of the Gold; however, if the quality and size are small and not cost-effective to remove, we will not pay for it. We can professionally remove the stones for a fee, which the customers can take with them.

We do not buy semi-precious stones unless they are precious; if they are big enough and easy to remove, we will do that for you. We must break it or reduce weight if it is complicated and to remove.

Yes! we buy all-carat which include 8ct, 10ct, 15ct, 21ct and more..

Yes! We can do this by using an X-ray Testing Machine.

Yes! We can do that free of charge. 😊👍

You need to calculate the price of 1ct and multiply it by the final carat. e.g. 10ct Price = (9ct Price /24) x 10

No! We pay for the value based on carat and weight unless they are luxury branded items we want to buy.

We buy all precious metals. Gold,  Silver, Platinum, Palladium. Please Check our calculator to check the value of your Precious Metal.

The fine is over 99.5% pure bullion, Sovereign and Britannia.