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Sell Gold

We buy Gold Coins, Gold Bars and Scrap Gold based on the Live Gold Market Price. We pay Instant Cash. Contact us Today!

Sell Platinum

We buy Platinum Bars and Scrap Platinum for the highest Price on the Day. Contact us today to check the highest price paid.

Sell Palladium

Sell your Scrap and Investment Palladium. We pay the highest price in the market for your palladium based on the market price.

Sell Silver

We buy Silver Coins, Silver Bars and Scrap Silver based on the Silver Market Price. We pay Instant Cash. Contact us Today!

Sell Diamond

We buy Loose Diamonds and Diamonds Set in Jewellery. We buy diamonds which can be reused for manufacturing Jewellery.

Sell Gemstones

We buy Precious Gemstones, Loose and Set in Jewellery. We buy Precious Stones which can be reused for manufacturing.

Jewellery Repair

Our Jewellery Repair service provides Ring Resizing, Gold Plating, Broken Jewellery Repair and more

Gold Price UK

Live Gold Price UK Chart give you the Gold Price on a daily bases. Gold Price is updated every minute. Get upto date Gold Prices .

Sell Watches

We buy Luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier and more. We also Specialise in buying Luxury Jewellery Items and Jewellery.

Post Gold for Cash

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1. Weigh Your Gold & Check Price

We pay very high price than your local gold market and we don't charge for testing.

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2. Post your Gold or Visit Us

Fill out our simple form and post your gold to using special recorded delivery or Visit us directly.

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3. Get Paid Immediately : Cash or TT

we pay you the same day we receiver your gold via Bank Transfer or cash when you visit us.

About us

Are you looking to Sell Gold, Old Gold Coins, Gold bar or Gold jewellery in London for the best gold price today? LGC one of the top Hatton Garden metals buyer can value and buy Gold , Watches & Gemstones. Use our gold price calculator to check our scrap gold prices UK. Considered one of the top Hatton Garden Jewellers for cash for gold buyer, our scrap metal prices for 375 Gold, 22 carat gold price and other scrap prices are the highest in the market! Check our gold price per gram in our scrap gold calculator.

25,000+ Satisfied Customers | X-Ray Testing | Certified Scale

London Gold Centre buys and sells Gold, Gold Coins, Investment Gold Bars, Branded Jewellery. We also specialise in buying and selling luxury jewellery and watches. We buy brands like Rolex, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and much more.

We pay instant cash pay-outs for cash in any amount. If you live far away you can always post your items to us to get valued. We are a cash for gold and diamonds company who pays the highest price in London.

We also manufacture bespoke jewellery and do jewellery repairs and ring resizing. We also buy and sell unique Antique and Second Hand Jewellery.

Buy Second Hand Jewellery from London Gold Centre 80% below RRP. We have over 25,000 satisfied customers. We use the latest technology to test and value your gold and luxury items. Our valuation is free of charge, if you decide not to sell to us we always return your items back.

You can post your gold to us from Monday to Friday and get paid on the same day we receive your gold. We always contact you before Transferring the cash to you to get your approval. 

Fill out our online form and post your gold, luxury watches & items to get paid immediately.

Use our online scrap gold price calculator to see how much you will get paid for your scrap gold. We also buy precious metals such as silver, palladium and platinum. Use our Scrap Silver Price Calculator, Scrap Palladium Price Calculator and Scrap Platinum Price Calculator to check the estimation of how much you will get paid when selling your scrap metal to London Gold Centre.

Fill out our online form to get a quote on your diamond and diamond jewellery. We use the latest technology and market guide to value your precious stone. We also by other precious stones such as Ruby, Emerald and Sapphires for the market wholesale value. Our in-house gemologist will grade and value your precious stones and make a cash offer. All our valuation service is free when your planning to sell your items to us.

You can also Buy Gold, Gold Coins and Investment Bars at the most competitive price in the market. We sell the best value gold for your investment as we understand you will like to get a higher return on your investment and keep your gold buying cost as low as possible.

Sell your Jewellery with confidence to Hatton Garden Metals buyer for the Scrap Gold price today UK.

How to sell Gold with London Gold Buyers:

Hatton Garden Metals buyer are well-known for the quality of selling your Scrap Gold and Jewellery at a reasonable price. This area of London has been specialising itself in this type of industry since the beginning of the 19th century. Many big companies in the jewellery market have started their empire at Hatton Garden (e.g. Bullion by Post). There are more than hundreds of places you could go to sell or buy Gold in Hatton Garden. History and heritage makes it the best place to exchange Gold in a fast, efficient and affordable manner.

Sell Gold with Hatton Gardens Metals buyer

How does cash for gold work with Hatton Garden Metals buyer? 

Understanding the overall process:

  1. The process is uncomplicated and straightforward. When you know how much quantity you would like to sell. Gather the unwanted Jewellery you would like to sell and bring it to us in Hatton Garden. Our Experts at London Gold Centre will then test your Gold using advanced industry-standard equipment and value your Jewellery based on the gold price today.
  2. Once your Jewellery is valued, and you have accepted the offer. We pay you instant cash or bank transfer based on your requirement and request.

The different type of jewellery Items

All Gold does not have the same purity and therefore, the equal value or price. Some are more valuable than others upon their purity and percentage of Gold in a given article. Consequently, you must understand the different types of Gold before you buy Gold or sell them. Here’s a list of the different categories of items that you may come across.

Scrap Gold:

  • Refers to any item that consists of Gold. The two main criteria to estimate your scrap gold are the weight and the purity. On the one hand, you have the purity which determines the amount of gold present within your item. You can have Gold that has 9k,14K,18K, 22K, or even 24k. The more karats it has, the more gold content the item contains. We pay the highest 9ct gold price per gram.

Gold Coins: 

  • Some are entirely made of 24k Gold whereas some are 90% Gold, each Gold Coins are unique based on their heritage and origin. They remain quite popular in today’s exchange market. It is important to note that there a lot of counterfeit coins circulated in the market which may not have the same value as an original one.

Gold Bars:

  • It’s often the most valuable of all since the quantity of Gold is the highest in purity. They come in various weight and brands, but the value of it will be calculated multiplying the total weight with the scrap gold price of 24K Gold.

Calculate the value of your items with the scrap gold price today before you sell Gold Jewellery to Hatton Garden Metals buyer?

  1. Calculate the amount you would get paid for your Jewellery using our Gold Price Calculator. Separate your Gold based on its Karat by checking its hallmark, which is as follows: 9K: 375, 14K: 585, 18K: 750, 24K: 999.99. 
  2. Once you have separated the Jewellery based on its Karta, all you would have to do is weight them. Enter the weight into our Gold Price Calculator the amount we pay when you sell your Jewellery with London Gold Centre, the top Hatton Garden metal buyer. The Gold price calculator gives the 9ct gold price per gram based on the gold price today, which is our scrap gold price.
  3. To determine the Karat of your Jewellery, you can always visit our store to test it without any obligation to sell it. We use the latest XRF Niton X-Ray machine to determine the purity of your Jewellery.

Knowing where to sell Gold in London:

  1. The question remains, which company to turn to? How can you tell which are fraudulent Hatton Garden metals buyer? Let’s start by saying that it’s not a decision to be taken lightly after all it’s your Jewellery. The best advice we could give you is trying not to get overwhelmed with all of the choices present in front of you.
  2. A genuine Hatton Garden metals cash for Gold buying company, Operating under the UK registration laws and work with various jewellers all over the UK and registered with the Nation Association of Jewellery. When we buy your Gold, we comply with the UK regulations. Many companies provide a platform to sell your Gold, but London Gold Centre gives you the best rates in Hatton Garden based on the scrap gold price today.

Do you Guarantee the best price when we sell Gold as a Hatton Garden Metals buyer?

  1. London Gold Centre, the Hatton Garden metals buyer, provide you with a fast estimation of the Gold you intend on selling. Compare the different quotes; we provide the best prices in London when it comes to selling your Gold. Thanks to our advanced industry-standard equipment, we will provide the most accurate estimations according to the scrap gold price today.
  2. Doing some research online and reading articles about some of the most precious items you have can be an excellent way to go. Indeed, the internet is a perfect place to find a lot of information on the value of your items, especially with your gold coins. Many of them can have a story behind it and make them unique in their way. 
  3. Selling or buying Gold is quite easy to do, especially if you want to do it in Hatton Garden. Try not to rush your decision and take your time. Check our scrap gold price today to see how much you will get paid for your Gold. 
We are:

Registered in England and Located in the primary jewellery quarter in Hatton Garden, which is willing to buy your Gold from you on the market rate. We assure you that we will be paying you what your Gold is worth.

Sceptical about the rates? Go through our website and get the price of your Gold based on its Karat and gold format, weather its selling Scrap Gold or Gold Bullion Bars.

LGH guarantee the prices which we will quote you will be the highest in the industry. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible rates according to the ongoing price in the market. We even custom design a quote for you based on your Jewellery.

Other than that, we also provide you with competitive rates so that you can easily compare and choose the best and most reasonable prices according to what you feel right. All you have to do is reach out to us. You can come to us with any Gold or Jewellery, and we will value and buy it.

What is Karat?

Wondering what exactly a karat is? Then let us guide you. 

Karat is a measuring unit that is used by the buyers and seller all over the world. It is crucial when it comes to accessing how pure the Gold is.

Purity of the Gold is 24 karats being the purest Gold. It has 99.99% gold and no other substances or impurities. the percentage of Gold in an item is the Karat of the Jewellery divided by 24

How do we pay you when I sell Gold?

When we purchase any form of Gold from you, London Gold Centre immediately makes the transaction to your account in cash or as a bank transfer or pay in cash, so that you get your money instantly.

During our transactions and payment process, there are no hidden charges or payments that you will have to face.

  1. We do not charge any commission or taxes. However, there is a margin between the buying and selling price, which is how we make a profit!

​If you are looking to sell us your gold silver or platinum, we will require one form of photo ID (passport or UK driving license)

Sell Gold in London: Best Scrap Prices

We offer the best price for those who want to sell gold in Hatton Garden and how to find the best price for your scrap gold? This is a question that many sellers are asking themself. The best way to sell your gold is to compare prices but The London gold center provides the best price.

Sell your Jewellery Hatton Garden

Here at London Gold Centre, we provide the best price when you want to sell your diamonds in Hatton Garden. Compare the prices before you contact us if you wish be we can beat any prices to purchase your jewellery in London. We guarantee to match out competition price.

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Sell Gold London

Our Gold Centre aims on giving all our customers the best price possible on scrap gold and second hand diamond jewellery. You can check our prices online using our online calculator or alternatively get a direct quote from us.