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How to sell gold in Hatton Garden:

Hatten Garden is a well-known area for selling quality metals, jewellery, gold at a reasonable price. This area of London has been specializing itself in this type of industry since the beginning of the 19th century. Many big companies in the jewellery market have started their empire at Hatton Garden (e.g De Beers). There are more than hundreds of places you could go to buy gold or sell it in Hatton Garden. History and heritage makes it the best place to exchange gold in a fast, efficient and affordable manner.

1)     How does buying gold work? Understanding the overall process.

It’s quite a simple overall process when you buy gold. When you how much quantity you would like to sell. Gather the amount of gold you would like to sell in Hatton Garden and then estimate its value. Often, people will use and compare multiple websites to estimate accurately the value of their goods. Indeed, you often will try to get the most accurate quote for the gold you want to sell or buy in order to not lose any money.  When you have found the right website, quite often a quote will be given and you will be required to fill out some personal information (name, age…). 
Of course, overlooking the authenticity and quality of the gold will be mandatory for any reliable and legitimate company. As soon as the sell has been closed, a bank payment will be sent to the sell. This is quite a simple yet efficient process that enables people to exchange gold quickly. 

2)     Understanding the different types of gold before you sell.
You have got to remember that not all gold has the same value and therefore the same price. Some are more valuable than others upon their rarity. Therefore, you must understand the different types of gold before you buy gold or sell them.  Here’s a list of the different categories of gold that can be found on our website.

sell gold hatton garden
Sell gold in Hatton Garden

Scrap Gold: It refers to any item that consist of gold. The two main criterion to estimate your scrap gold are the weight and the purity. One the one hand you have the purity which estimates the amount of gold present within your item. You can have gold that has 9,14,18,22, or even 24k. The more karats it has the more valuable it is.  That’s how you can measure how many karats you have according to certain items. On the other hand, there is the weight, the heavier the better.

Gold Coins:  Some are entirely made of gold where as some are just 90% gold. Of course, there are many types of gold coins that exist and they were often used for monetary purposes which makes each one unique according to the heritage of the country. They remain a quite popular in today’s exchange market. It needs to be noted that there are a lot of counterfeit coins therefore you must always check its value before buying and selling coins. 

Gold Bars: It’s often the most valuable of all since the quantity of gold is higher than the others. They are mainly present in Central banks of the different countries all around the world.  

How to calculate your items before you sell gold? 

To compute it, it’s quite easy you have the hallmark which estimates the gold within your item and according to that number you simply have to divide it by 1000. Then you have to do a multiplication of 24 to estimate the amount of karats.  The more karats you have the more valuable your gold is. Consequently, you can estimate your piece of jewellery when you calculate the weight and the amount of karat it has.

It needs to be noted than their price is highly fluctuating. Indeed, gold is similar to a currency and its value can fluctuate according to many economic and political factors. Over these past few years, the price of gold has decreased making it cheaper than ever. Nowadays, it’s very easy to buy gold online or in person. Just a tip if you are not sure of how much gold you have or even if it’s a real item of gold use acid to test it. It’s the most common and efficient way to check if you have an item made of gold.


Price in 2017 per gram

Price  in 2018 per gram

Gold coin

From 29.70 to 33.15 £

From 28.9 to 32.45 £

Gold bar

Around 40£

Around 38 £


4)     Knowing where to buy gold. 

Often, the question remains the same which company to turn to? How can you tell which are fraudulent?  Let’s start by saying that it’s not a decision to be taken lightly after all it’s your jewellery.  The best advice we could give you is try to not get overwhelmed with all of the choices present in front of you.

First of all, we are a genuine Gold buyer company operation under the Uk registration laws and work with various jewelers all over UK. When we buy your Gold, we provide you with a  in order to comply with the Uk regulations.

There are many companies that provide a platform in which you can easily sell and buy gold at an affordable price but London Gold center gives you the best rates in Hatton Garden. 

5)     Get your Estimate in minutes

We provide you with a fast estimation about the gold you intend on selling . Compare the different quotes, we provide the best prices in London when it comes to selling your gold. Thanks to our certifications and quality quotation system we will provide the most accurate estimations according to the market fluctuation and quality of your products. 

Keep in mind that this might take some time if you want to buy gold and sell it at a good price. Most people will have a tendency of overlooking this process thinking to sell gold quickly is the best way to go.

Moreover, doing some research online and reading articles about some of the most precious items you have can be a good way to go. Indeed, the internet is a very good place to find a lot of information on the value of your personal items especially with your gold coins. Many of them can have a story behind it and make them unique in their own way. However, do not take too much time on looking on the internet it won’t give you all the answers you are looking and some websites do not provide reliable information.

To conclude, selling or buying gold is quite easy to do especially if you want to do in Hatton Garden. Try to not rush your decision making and take your time. Therefore, preparation and patience will be key factors when you buy or sell gold. 


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Eshitha Singer
19:44 28 Mar 19
I have been to many places but this is so far the best place to sell gold jewellery… they had given me a good price and definitely would always come back to sell my jewels… Good customer service and friendly gentlemen.. highly recommend to go here…
Mafaz Mohamed
12:07 05 Mar 19
Aron was very helpful. Quickly tested my 22kt gold and paid me a good price on it. I checked all the shops and I was been offered for 21kt hence I am happy withes guys; so the long review 🙂
Edward Maclain
10:55 05 Apr 19
Hi there.I just want to drop you guys a short line to say, a massive thank you, I don’t know much about gold but I am glad I walked into your shop, and thank you for your £££££ towards my GOLD.100% Recommending you guys keep up the honest work.Thank YouEd
Mazer Hussain
07:43 22 Mar 19
Brilliant customer service at this boutique, gave me a great price on my coins.Defnitly will be going there again and Aran was a excellent salesman and very helpful.
vishvas maniya
13:22 13 Mar 19
Got Best rates in hatton garden, happy with the service as gold been tested then and there
Hava Gadaborsheva
11:42 12 Apr 19
I sold my Rolex watch and some old gold to them and was very satisfied with their price. They gave the highest price in the area. Definitely will use them again!
Mohamed mahmood Husain
12:26 17 Apr 19
Verry happy with the price and service. Sad to sell my stuff but was satisfied with the price. Arron was very professional and very experienced.
Barbara Lodge
05:50 19 May 19
Excellent service and a good price. They were open on a Saturday when most gold buyers were closed, which was important to us. Many thanks to all the staff, particularly Arun and Syed who looked after us.
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