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4 Industries Where Gold Is Used: What to Know

There’s no denying that gold is a timeless, precious metal. When it comes to its physical attributes, it’s shiny and metallic, which can be turned into bars, coins, and jewellery. However, have you ever wondered why there’s so much fascination in this piece of metal?

The truth is, gold doesn’t get consumed or used up, unlike other essential commodities. Once it is sourced out, it stays in the world as a valuable resource. But given how it originated, mined, and turned into a precious stone and that is where its value begins. 

Today, this precious metal is deemed a medium of exchange and a global store of value. But did you know that there’s more to it than meets the eye? In this article, we will share four industries where gold is commonly used in:

1. Jewellery 

Everyone knows that gold is commonly used in the jewellery industry. In fact, about 78 per cent of newly mined or recycled bars are manufactured and turned into pieces of jewellery. Whether chains, rings, bracelets, or necklaces, gold can be used to make extraordinary accessories because they are aesthetically appealing, durable, and long-lasting. They also serve as a status symbol that can carve an impression of class, elegance and sophistication. Ultimately, they are an excellent investment option!

2. Dentistry

Did you know that gold has been used in the world of dentistry for almost 3,000 years? It may not be popularly utilised now in the dental field, but it has long been used for teeth alignment and restoration. What’s good about the metal is that it is bio-compatible, which means that it won’t have any harmful reactions in the body. The problem, however, is that the use of gold in dentistry has dwindled due to other current dental trends.

3. Electronics

Most people are hooked up with their electronic devices daily. Whether phones, computers, televisions, or home appliances, they use them without paying attention to their parts or components. What many fail to realise is that some quantities of gold are actually present in most gadgets and devices. This is because it serves as a perfect conductor for transporting currents due to its lack-of-corrosion properties. It is also very compatible with all sorts of devices, whether big or small.

4. Aerospace 

The aerospace industry is confronted with some big challenges, such as the idea of building devices, satellites and spacecraft to be launched into outer space. What’s good about gold is that it is a valuable resource in the aerospace industry. For one, as mentioned, it’s a perfect conductor and connector used for sophisticated and complex machinery. Also, it isn’t easily and quickly subject to wear and tear, meaning that it doesn’t require regular upkeep and repair. 


There’s no doubt that the properties of gold make it one of the most valuable metals in the world. Whether it is in jewellery, dentistry, electronics, or the aerospace industry, it can be beneficial in many ways. Yet, keep in mind that its uses and applications in some industries have only just begun, so expect the demand for gold to increase in other sectors over the years.

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