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4 Practical Tips When Looking to Buy an Engagement Ring

The idea of spending the rest of your life with the love of your life is indeed an exciting and fulfilling one. Yet, before you tie the knot, you must first make a proposal and get an engagement ring to seal your commitment for marriage. However, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the right jewellery piece for your loved one because of the unlimited options on the market. You will want a ring that’s not only aesthetically beautiful but also one that’s symbolic of your love for each other.

If you are having a hard time choosing an engagement ring, here are four practical tips to help you make the right selection:

1. Consider the price

Of course, the price and your budget will always be the determining factor in picking a particular engagement ring. The higher the metal value is, the more costly the jewellery will be. If you can afford it, then you should surely take the plunge? However, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive option on the market. Besides, you still have to consider all the expenses that come with the wedding. 

The good news is that there are also affordable choices you can choose from. At London Gold Centre, we offer jewellery pieces that will signify the love you have for your partner.

2. Think outside of the box

An engagement ring doesn’t necessarily have to be patterned after every couple who has already been married. Sure, you may follow some traditions and opt for the usual couple rings with the same metal materials, shapes and sizes, as well as colours and designs, especially if you want to play it safe. But it will make a huge difference if you think outside of the box and look for something unique and personal. As such, you should get something unexpected that will leave your future spouse in awe and wonder!

3. Ask for help

When looking for an engagement ring, it won’t hurt if you ask for help from your family, friends, and colleagues because this can be a daunting task. You can do a little research and get some worthy recommendations from them. If not, you can drag your partner’s best friend or sibling(s) to the store and let them help you find the right jewellery item. At the end of the day, they will always have your best interest in mind!

4. Work with a jeweller

If you aren’t sure how to get the right piece, it’s good to work with a jeweller as they are the industry experts. They can even show you various options and give valuable recommendations on what will work best for you and your partner. You can go as far as ordering a custom ring for your loved one, as long as you can afford this bespoke item!


At this point, you now know that there’s more to an engagement ring than you might expect. It isn’t just a piece of jewellery meant to fit your partner’s finger; it’s a symbol of your love for each other, which is why you want to get the best piece. To that end, consider all the practical tips above so that you can make the right selection and end up with the best purchase decision. Ultimately, an engagement ring is a symbol of the love, devotion, and fidelity that you and your partner will share together forever! 

There is nothing more fulfilling than investing in an engagement ring in London. Here at London Gold Centre, we have a wide selection of gold, diamonds, branded jewellery, luxury watches, antique jewellery, and other precious metals. Check our wide selection today to place your order!

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