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4 Reasons to Invest in Gold - What to Know

Gold has always been precious. Ever since it was first discovered, it has become the symbol of wealth and luxury, which endures even thousands of years later. Members of nobility and royalty have used gold in their houses, jewellery, and clothing; gold was also used as currency across the world. Even with today’s fluctuating paper currency, gold continues to hold its value; in fact, there’s even a growing demand for it in many industries.

If you’ve been looking for an investment that will only appreciate with time, you’ll want to buy gold bars, coins, and any other gold items you can find. Pure gold is rare and beautiful, which means it will hold its value in the future. Here are four reasons to invest in gold: 

1. Gold Will Always Be Appealing

Gold has indisputably the most attractive metal out there, which is why it’s made its way into numerous languages to denote excellence: golden opportunity, gold standard, and a heart of gold. It is the ultimate representation of beauty and splendour and will continue to be so for many centuries, which means that it will be eternally appealing.

Another reason that gold is so alluring is that it’s the only metal among the noble metals in the periodic table that doesn’t have a silver colour, except for copper. However, it tends to erode and become discoloured under wet environments. As such, gold’s famous yellow hue and lustre genuinely make it stand out from the crowd.

2. Gold Has an Incredible History

One of the reasons that gold makes for an excellent investment is because of its rich history. King Croesus of Lydia was the first person to create coins made of pure gold in 550 BC, which birthed the rapid expansion of the gold trade worldwide. Eventually, Lydia became the first mercantile empire, thanks to the many gold deposits in the river Pactolus.

Since then, gold continued to be the most valuable form of currency and remained to be the foundation of international trade and commerce for thousands of years. It was only in the 20th century that paper currency flourished, removing gold circulation as money.

3. Gold Can Be Used in Almost Anything

While you’ll most frequently see gold in jewellery and ornaments, it is found in so many other things. Thanks to its strengths, it also doubles as a practical metal, like in electronics. Given its properties as a highly efficient electrical conductor, it is used in small amounts in nearly all modern electronics, like smartphones and computers.

Gold is also commonly used in the medical and dental industry, making it an excellent material for crowns, bridges, and dental alloys. Some doctors have even used radioactive gold implants to treat cancers. They have also used diagnostic aids and surgical instruments made out of this precious metal.

4. Gold is Rare

Although gold isn’t all that rare, mostly as you’ve probably seen it in some shape or form in your life, the reality is that it’s not very abundant. It’s also difficult to mine, making it even rarer and more valuable. Locating and extracting massive amounts of gold is an incredibly tough activity while requiring high pressure and heat levels, adding to its overall value. If you’re not sure, you can check today’s gold price in the UK and see how it’s changed over the last few years!


Gold will always be a good investment, whether you’re looking to buy gold coins, bars, or other forms. It has continued to hold its high value over millennia, which means that your investment will be safe, even during economic unrest. For these reasons, you’ll have everything to gain by investing in gold.

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