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4 Ways to Acquire Gold in 2020 - Our Guide

No matter the era, gold has always been a symbol of fortune. This image has been so deeply ingrained in society that even in fictional worlds of all types, from fantasy to dystopian, gold is representative of wealth, status, and power. People of all backgrounds throughout the history of humankind have been fascinated by gold, as it continues to hold its value even with the evolution of monetary systems. And, unlike paper currency, gold is finite and in limited supply—which increases its allure all the more.

Gold, in all its forms, makes for a valuable asset. It can be used to dress up a home or bought as jewellery. It can even double as insurance during economic upheaval and global uncertainty. Luckily, there are many ways to acquire gold. Here are four ways to get started:

Newly Minted Coins

If you are looking to buy gold coins, newly minted coins are a good way to start. These are the most accessible coins that are easy to buy without sacrificing purity. That’s because they are produced by the government, who can guarantee its quality. They are also produced in a range of sizes to accommodate buyers of all types.

While there are gold coins that are being minted by several other countries, many of these are not being circulated. They can be used as a legitimate currency, but offer far more value when melted down. 

There are also plenty of coins that are collectable who have even higher market values. The rarer it is, the more you’ll be able to resell it and turn a profit. 

Gold Bars or Bullion 

Gold bars are available in different weights and typically start at one gram. Heavier bars are more suitable for large investors because they tend to have access to facilities that can safely store them. However, these are more difficult to sell and can even incur some unexpected costs.

Meanwhile, gold bullion refers to gold of high purity that is kept in different forms, like bars, coins, ingots, or any shape that is practical and easy to trade. It also refers to the stamped weight, fineness, purity of the gold.  


Obtaining gold jewellery is one of the easiest ways to acquire this precious metal. Apart from the sheer pleasure of owning gold, possessing it in jewellery form also allows you to enjoy wearing it. This can also be made into a family heirloom and passed down to future generations, adding sentimental value to its already hefty price tag. 

However, jewellery is not your best option if it’s acquired strictly for investment. Gold jewellery is typically combined with other precious metals to enhance its appearance and value, which means that the gold purity is diluted. Its price will also hold much more value than its meltdown price. 

Stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds

With gold stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), you won’t worry about storing gold itself. There’s also the opportunity for income since you can earn dividends. There are plenty of stocks to choose from, such as individual mining stocks and mutual funds that invest in mining companies. You can even diversify your investments into other precious metals like platinum and palladium. 

Bottom Line

The increase in demand for gold all over the world has led to more recent innovations of acquiring it. Besides stocks and funds, which are the newer inventions, there are even vending machines that sell gold at point-of-sale in different countries. This makes it much easier to invest in gold and expand your assets.

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