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5 Factors That Affect Your Diamond Ring's Value

When you are selling or insuring your diamond ring, it pays to know how much it is worth. That way, when you do receive a price, you can figure out whether the amount offered is reasonable. 

That said, a diamond's value will be based on the carat, colour, cut, and clarity. These four C’s are what most—if not all—appraisers use to determine how much the diamond you are offering is worth. The gold ring itself will also be included in the overall value, particularly in relation to its karat rating.

To help you out even further, here is what you can expect when valuing your diamond ring.

1. The diamond carat

A diamond's weight is expressed in terms of carat, where one carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Figuring out the carat weight of the diamond is rather simple; but understanding how it is valued, on the other hand, is a little more intricate.

In most cases, the value of your diamond will increase exponentially with a bigger carat value. That is because the bigger the diamond, the rarer it becomes. For example, assuming that the other Cs are the same, a 3-carat diamond will have more than double the value of a 2-carat diamond. 

Simply put, the higher the carat your diamond has, the more valuable it becomes.

2. The diamond colour

When it comes to colour, your diamond will be graded for the colour it has. For example, if your diamond does not have a colour, it will be weighed against just how much lack of colour there is. As a rule of thumb, the less colour there is, the more valuable it will be.

On the other hand, if your diamond does have a colour, such as black or brown, the value will be more affected by demand. As you know, the demand can fluctuate quite tremendously, changing the value based on ongoing trends. Nevertheless, the more demand a specific colour has, the more value it will have at a certain time.

3. The diamond cut

In most cases, a diamond is cut to maximise its aesthetic value. It is generally determined based on the original stone itself and valued against how close it is to a perfectly cut diamond.

In other words, the diamond cut will depend on how it looked initially—and is valued depending on just how well the cut was made. On that note, some shapes tend to be of higher value.

4. The diamond clarity

Clarity also deals with the appearance of the diamond. However, unlike the cut, clarity focuses on the visual clarity of the diamond itself. For example, diamonds with more natural flaws will have less clarity compared to diamonds with much fewer inclusions.

Either way, diamonds with fewer inclusions—and ones that are not too noticeable, at that—will be of higher value as compared to ones that have flaws that are visible to the naked eye.

5. The gold karat

Since you are selling a diamond ring, the gold itself will also add value to the piece of jewellery. While the karat might sound similar to a carat, these are, in fact, different. The karat focuses on the purity of the gold instead, because most gold will come mixed with other metals.

That said, if you have a 14K gold ring attached to the diamond, then the value will be based on other 14K gold rings. Nevertheless, the prices here, while determined by purity, will also be affected by demand.


As you can tell, the value of your diamond ring will generally depend on its condition, as well as the value it holds against other similar rings in the market. Simply put, most of the value will come on how rare the stuff that makes up your ring is including how much demand such a ring will have. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to determining the value of your diamond, these aspects can make it quite complicated to finalise. For this reason, we highly recommend working with an expert appraiser who will accurately identify the value of your diamond ring—helping you get a more reasonable deal whether you're selling, insuring, or doing anything with a diamond piece.

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