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5 Nuggets of Advice for Selling Your Gold Jewellery at the Most Profitable Price

Regardless of the era or economic situation, gold has always held its value, making it one of the most precious metals around. It’s also commonly found in vintage jewellery in London, which means you may have some gold solitaire rings or necklaces lying around that you’d like to sell for some extra cash. However, selling them at the best price is often a challenge, particularly at second hand jewellery shops.

Selling your jewellery through places like eBay is always an option. However, buying and selling on these platforms comes with its caveats, and you’ll want secure transactions for something as valuable as gold. Luckily, many factors affect your ability to get the best deal when selling gold jewellery. Here are five tips to help you land the best deal when offloading your gold jewellery:

1. Research the Best Time to Sell Gold

Supply and demand often dictate commodities’ prices, so you’ll want to watch out for when gold is in higher demand. This usually occurs when the economy isn’t doing very well, as gold is often regarded as a safer investment than other types, like stocks and shares. As such, be sure to consider the economy’s state when you’re thinking of selling your gold. If you believe that more challenging times are fast approaching, you’ll want to hold on to your gold for a little while longer.

  1. Get Your Jewellery Appraised

Selling your jewellery for roughly the price you purchased may not give you the best deal, especially if it turns out that the piece is way more valuable than you thought. Be sure to go to high street jewellers to get a valuation on your gold pieces, which will give you a solid idea of how much your gold is worth. That way, you’ll know when you’re low-balled, which you definitely don’t want to experience.

  1. Always Haggle Before Selling Your Jewellery

Never short-change yourself, even when you’ve received only one interested buyer after putting it up for sale for a while. People interested in second hand jewellery often haggle for lower prices given the pieces’ used condition, but you may end up agreeing to a price that doesn’t match your gold’s value. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for the price you know it deserves, especially if many other jewellers buy second hand jewellery. Gather quotes, compare them, and strategically play them off against each other to get the best deal possible.

  1. Consider the Entire Value of the Item

Generally, gold buyers are interested only in the value of gold found in items, discounting any present precious stones or the skill involved in the piece’s craftsmanship. Some companies may even remove these stones, lowering the value even more. However, jewellery is usually worth more when kept whole than if you sell it for melting, so make sure to consider the value of everything on the piece of jewellery, not just the gold.

  1. Sell at a Cash for Gold in London

Going to a cash-for-gold place in London is a great way to offload gold jewellery, as they’re always looking to buy gold. However, be sure to research customer reviews and testimonials before buying. That way, you’ll guarantee that your experience will go smoothly and without a hitch while landing the best price for your jewellery.


Selling your gold halo rings or solitaire rings can be difficult, but by following these tips, you’ll have a much easier time finding a buyer. As long as you do your research and stand firm on not being shortchanged, you’ll sell your jewellery at the most profitable price!

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