5 reasons to buy pre-owned jewellery or secondhand jewellery?

There is no shame in buying second-hand jewellery, most of us are happy to do so. Many people, however, do prefer owning jewellery that is brand new, but at the same time, there are many hidden benefits of buying pre-owned jewellery. Jewellery is always special as it resonates with the personality of the wearer. You can buy the best quality of second-hand jewellery from London gold centre.

Here are five top reasons why you should consider buying or gifting pre-owned jewellery items.

1. You get more for your money

Regardless of your budget, buying second-hand jewellery can get you much more for your money. Most new pieces can also depreciate in value by 20%-40% by the time they are sold. This gives you an added advantage of buying second hand jewellery that looks almost as new but at cheaper rates.

2. You have a wider choice of styles

Fashions and trends change all the time, and this is applied to jewellery as well. There is a wide range of second hand jewellery available for you to choose from. You don’t necessarily have to empty your pockets to buy new pieces of jewellery. If you’re into large pieces with yellow gold and coloured gemstones, you’re likely to find more options to buy such jewellery in second-hand. Buying pieces like this can allow you the best of both worlds – classic designs which stand the test of time but still look modern enough to really make an impact here in the 21st century.

3. You retain more of the value upon resale

As mentioned earlier, the value of jewellery decreases once the item is no longer “brand new”. However, every piece of precious jewellery retains the intrinsic value of precious metals and stones that are used. Some old jewellery pieces might be more valuable because of the metals and gemstones used when they are not in fashion but can be sold at good rates for being antique or vintage.

4. You don’t contribute to environmental damage and human suffering

The mining of diamonds, precious metals and stones can have a huge impact on the environment. If you are planning to buy new jewellery which contains diamonds, make sure they are sustainably mined, but it is often possible that satisfactory evidence is not found. This gives you a better opportunity to invest in second-hand jewellery instead of getting new jewellery that is mined and made in non-environment and human-friendly ways and places.


5. You can own a piece of history - and preserve it for the future


When you choose to buy second hand jewellery, this means that you are buying quality. If any jewellery item has survived a long time in good condition, there is no questioning how further it can last. Every pre-owned jewellery has a story, and the history of the piece can make it more unique and interesting.

It can be a responsibility to take care of second-hand jewellery and make sure that it is well-looked after until you decide to pass it on or sell it. Fashions and trends may change with time but how you carry a piece of jewellery speaks about the significance of the jewellery. You don’t have to buy a new ring or bracelet to love it; you can cherish second-hand jewellery equally.

There is no shame in owning second-hand jewellery, it shows your love and admiration for history and sentiments attached to it. Many people wear second-hand rings or pendants that have been passed on-to them from their parents, grandparents or ancestors. If you want to buy second-hand jewellery, you can check the London gold centre to find beautiful and unique jewellery pieces that have significant and sentimental values.

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