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5 Tips for Successfully Selling Your Gold Jewellery - Our Guide

Gold has always been a valuable metal. Whether it be ancient coins, solid gold bars that used to be the basis of the world’s economy and currency, or luxury jewellery, gold screams value all over it. While not all gold is equal in value, there are ways you can get the most out of whatever kind of gold you plan to sell. With some variants of the precious metal private collection worthy and others for consumer-grade jewellery, the dynamic range of it is extremely wide. 

When it comes to selling your gold items, however, the field is quite difficult to traverse for those who don’t know much about it. The gold buying market is a lot like stocks—and the fluctuations and terms can often be confusing. In order to get the best price for your jewellery and other items, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to not lose out. 

Here is our guide at selling gold pieces for the best results:

The Value Of Gold Fluctuates, So Keep An Eye On It

When it comes to the value of gold, the prices are never exactly consistent. They often shift every few months or years, with some being higher than others due to the demand. It is important to check the price of the precious metal monthly if you want to get the best price out of it. 

A good strategy to employ is to keep an eye out on what gold investors are doing, as they will reduce their holdings from time to time—which means you should start selling when prices drop. On the contrary, start buying gold when the prices per ounce are at a low so that you buy low and sell high. 

Research The True Value Of Your Jewellery Well

Gold is read in karats, which signifies the purity rating of it. When it reaches a karat of 24, this is the purest gold you can buy, while lower readings mean that other less-precious metals are existent in the mix, such as zinc or copper. The symbol on your jewellery may show a “K” or a “Kt”, which can determine the purity by dividing the karat number by 24 and multiplying by 100. 

If your gold piece has no karat marking, consult a proper jeweller who can indicate if the piece you own is truly gold, and what karat rating it holds. 

Attend Gold Parties

Gold parties are a way for enthusiasts to bring their jewellery and rare pieces to a single place to buy and sell. This is a great way to meet more people interested in the trade and even find amazing, hard-to-acquire jewellery. 

Consider The Intact Values Of The Jewellery

Different gold jewellery holds different values based on a number of criteria. This criteria includes its age, purity, history, and context. Heirlooms can be more valuable than the original price of the piece, while a used piece of jewellery can be worth much less. When it comes to this, selling the piece intact instead of recycling the gold is a better option. 

Gold buyers will consider things based on certain assessments when evaluating a piece of gold, which is often based on the workmanship and quality, as well as if there are other gems present. Reputable gold buyers can give you the best price for heirlooms and other important pieces of jewellery and history. 

Make Sure Your Gold Buyer Is Reputable And Transparent

The gold market has many scammers known as “rogue” buyers who will trick you into selling your watch for a value way less than it is worth. Trusted buyers have been in the industry for years and are licensed with transparent methods of determining the worth of jewellery. 


Gold is one of the most valuable and precious materials available on earth, and this market often stays consistent in terms of its popularity. While prices may fluctuate, gold always retains its great value thanks to history popularizing the metal. If you plan to sell or buy gold, make sure that they are true pieces and of the purest form. This way, you can secure a high value for it when you do you decide to sell the piece.

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