A Few Tips on How to Look After Your Engagement Ring

A Few Tips on How to Look After Your Engagement Ring

Everything was beyond perfection when you got engaged. You were so excited, your soon-to-be spouse was so loving, and your friends and family were all so happy for you. You were so filled with happiness that there wasn’t any possibility to think about anything else.

As the days passed and you begin to look forward toward your marriage and your life together, you might start to think about how to look after your engagement ring. Are there any particular steps? Does it need to be cleaned? One of the best things you can do to keep your engagement ring in top condition is to learn the proper techniques for taking care of engagement rings Hatton Garden.

We recommend that you follow these essential steps to keep your engagement ring looking as sparkling and beautiful as it did the day you first put it on your finger.

Insure Your Ring

Insuring your ring is the first and the most important thing to complete. The more valuable your engagement ring is, the more critical this step becomes.

Although no amount of money could replace the emotional attachment you have with your engagement ring, the least you can do is have your engagement ring professionally assessed and then insured based on its value. But not every insurance company is similar, so make sure to do your homework on any insurance company before picking to use their services.

Engagement rings such as Ruby engagement rings, Halo engagement rings, etc. are a valued piece of jewelry and a significant financial investment. Buying insurance will give you additional security to protect this valuable item. With any luck, you’ll never need it; however, it’s always good to be prepared beforehand.

Keep Track of Your Ring

In case you ever take off your engagement ring, try to keep it in a safe place every time. In that way, you will know where to look for it when you need to put it back on again. Do not put your ring in an unsafe spot such as the edge of the bathtub or sink. There are great chances that somebody will accidentally knock it down the drain.

Similarly, do not take your ring off in public if you can help it. The temptation may be strong, particularly if you’re in a contaminated place like a public restroom. But no matter how dirty the room is, it’s always good to keep the engagement ring on your finger. By taking your ring off, you run the risk of unintentionally setting it down and leaving it somewhere, or knocking it down a sewer grate or a drain.

It might be enticing to want to slip the engagement ring in your jeans pocket when you’re out; however, this is also a bad idea. If your engagement ring slips out of your pocket, you most probably won’t realize it until much later. At that point, the possibility of finding it by retracing your steps is very low. It’s better just to leave it on, or else to take your engagement ring off before you go out and leave it in a safe spot at home.

Know When to Remove Your Ring

Although you should never remove your engagement ring in public, there are times you will need to take off your engagement ring at home. This may be because you’ll be going somewhere you won’t want it, or because you’ll be busy in an activity at home that might damage the engagement ring. In these cases, it’s not only safe to keep off your engagement ring, but it’s also highly recommended.

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