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A Londoner's Guide to Ring Resizing - What to Know

Similar to clothes, Persian rugs, and shoes, jewellery is no stranger to the effects of sizing and how they can collectively affect the way any piece looks and feels. 

From necklaces and watches to bracelets and chains, measurement matters for any piece regardless of how it’s worn, what it’s made of, or how much it costs. In the case of rings, the fit is especially important because it's directly intertwined with the look and size of the piece, which is why it’s crucial to get the sizing down right when searching around. 

While it may be undesirable to get the wrong measurement, the truth about rings is that it’s easy to get the measurements wrong and end up having to opt for a resize. Thankfully, many jewellery sellers and specialists offer ring resizing services so that you won’t have to burn a hole in your wallet or sacrifice a perfectly good piece to get a great fit. 

If you’ve received a ring or given one to someone only to learn that the fit is off, then worry not because it isn’t a problem that’s difficult to solve. To best ensure that the process goes according to plan, it’s vital to brush up on everything that you need to know of ring resizing with this guide: 

Why would you consider resizing in the first place?

From wanting to wear a ring on another finger to weight gain or poorly-planned surprises, the need for resizing is quite imminent. This need has become so prevalent in recent years that jewellers now impose a two-resize rule of thumb on most pieces to avoid over-resizing and the complications that come with it!

What constitutes the right size?

Before you even consider resizing your ring for any reason, it’s vital first to understand what constitutes correct measurement as the fit of a piece is often subjective more than it is objective.

While opinions may differ, consensus dictates that a proper ring fit should feel slightly tight but can quickly come on your finger and a bit snug when you pull it off. If you’ve got a new ring, however, then this rule doesn’t apply yet as your finger will need a few days to get accustomed to the feel of the piece before it can be judged as too tight or loose.

It is worth noting that not all rings can be resized, making it vital to consult with your jeweller before opting for one. Pieces with ornate carvings or engravings, for instance, cannot be cut as the soldering processes will disrupt the pattern and affect a piece’s appearance!

On getting a bigger resizing

Depending on how much you’ll need to increase the dimension of your piece, a jeweller will recommend stretching or cutting. The former is most apt for slight measurement increases as it won’t have to entail any significant restructuring as a nudge will barely harm the quality or integrity of the piece. On the other hand, cutting is required when it has to be increased by more than half a size not to compromise the material of the piece from overstretching while protecting the gems around it!

On getting a smaller sizing

Getting a smaller-sized ring is a less common, yet a relatively frequent occurrence of need among wearers who may have overestimated their measurement or that of the person they’re gifting a piece to. As opposed to the former approach, getting a smaller-sized ring can only be achieved through one process, which is done by cutting.

During the process, a jeweller cuts out a small portion of the band and joins the pieces back by soldering them to maintain a more modest, yet circular shape. Once the part is cut, and everything is soldered back together, the shrunken ring is then given a thorough cleaning and polishing to smoothen the surface, making for a seamless job in the process!


Although it may seem like getting the wrong-sized ring is the end of the world, the truth is that you can still save the piece with the help of a resize. By following this guide, you’ll be able to understand the necessary bits and pieces that you should know of before increasing or decreasing the dimension of your ring for a perfect fit! Are you looking to get your ring resized in London? We’ve got you covered with our top-quality services. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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