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A Quick Guide to Measuring Ring Sizes in the United Kingdom

The average person will likely buy at least one ring in their lifetime, which usually comes as an engagement ring or other gemstone rings for a significant other. However, there are also jewellery for men that might strike some people’s fancy, and some enjoy buying second-hand rings. Throughout history, these jewellery pieces have been used to signify a coming-of-age moment and symbolizing a bond or connection. They’re much more common nowadays than before, as cheap jewellery shops are more prominent to provide everyone with various luxuries. 

If you’re buying any kind of ring, whether it’s a diamond ring or a gold one, you’ll want to be aware of the measurements of the person’s finger. The last thing you want is to surprise your significant other or loved one with a beautiful jewellery piece and find out it doesn’t fit. Custom made jewellery will often be difficult to return to the manufacturer. This tailored fit means you’ll want to get it right the first time or you’ll risk wasting your money. 

How Ring Sizes are Measured

Ring sizes are basically measured using the diameter of the piece, and this is supposed to match the circumference of the corresponding finger. The United Kingdom’s measurements for various rings come in 26 different sizes that range from letters A to Z. Each ring size is larger than the previous one by increments of 1.25 millimetres, with their respective half-sizes in between. 

You have three options to measure rings, and each will have its pros and cons. The first way is to use a ring sizer tool that you can buy or borrow from some shops that allow it. This gadget gives jewellers accurate measurements of a specific finger that will be wearing the ring. One downside to this method is that it might not be discrete unless you measure your partner’s finger while they’re asleep. If you’re having an engagement ring made, this is risky because the surprise may be blown. 

The second option to measure ring sizes is to use a mobile app you can find on either the App Store or Play Store. These apps have different measurements available, but you’ll need a reference ring available. If your partner doesn’t wear any rings, it can be difficult to find the right size using this method because it relies on a physical one. 

Lastly, you can have your partner’s finger formally measured by a jeweller, which is the most reliable but least secret method to get an accurate measurement. They will use professional tools for an exact size, which will avoid plenty of errors. One way to utilize this method is to tell your partner you’re buying them a random ring for a specific occasion, and you can advise the jeweller to take note of this size for a future engagement ring. 

Other Methods to Get an Accurate Ring Size

If you really don’t want to risk the measuring aspect of things, you can also ask your local jewellery store to lend your a placeholder engagement ring to use for the time being. Then, once the proposal has been made, take your significant other to the store and have the ring size formally measured. This method will ensure a low risk of failure in having a ring made with the right size. 

You don’t want to use the “string method” of measuring a person’s finger for a ring because a string is stretchy and soft compared to an actual hard ring. If the jewellery piece is too loose, it might shift around and even be uncomfortable to wear, especially gemstone rings that can rotate left and right because of the weight. If it’s too tight, it can get stuck or be difficult to wear, so you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect. 


Whether you’re buying brand new or second-hand rings, the fact remains that the piece has to fit properly in order to be comfortable. As a symbol of tying the knot and signifying other aspects of life, a ring has to be made to fit the person’s finger and no one else’s. You’ll want your jewellery fitting well so that no changes have to be made down the road. 

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