All you need to know about Antique Engagement Rings

antique-ring All you need to know about  Antique Engagement Rings

Antique rings are used for many purposes as they hold significant and sentimental value. If you’re planning to propose a loved one, you can always choose an antique engagement ring. There are many types of engagement rings available at London Gold Centre, but if you want to choose an antique engagement ring, here is all that you need to know.


These types of rings are set in mirror styles of the Victorian, Edwardian and Art deco time periods. The two most popular techniques that create additional details in the settings are known as Milgrain and Filigree.

Milgrain: This technique engraves an embellishment that makes the ring look antique with tiny metal balls that decorate the sides of the band and the crown of the ring.

Filigree: It is beautiful and delicate metalwork that features twisted metal threads or metal beads throughout the ring setting.

Usually, antique engagement rings showcase yellow-gold filigree embellishments around the bezel-set diamond.

Why should you choose a vintage style engagement ring?

They are eye-catching and beautiful because of their intricate details, unique designs and classic looks. They are a timeless piece of jewellery that is often cherished and passed down for generations.

You can personalise your antique rings to suit the style and desires of the wearer, for example, you can get initials engraved in your vintage engagement ring. You can find many options while choosing antique rings for your engagement; you can use any metal of your choices such as white gold, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold.


What you should know:

You might be interested in purchasing an antique ring for your engagement, preferable, that is several decades old. Vintage rings are unique and stunning and are associated with a special history, but at the same time, buying an old ring can be risky.

It can be challenging to understand the setting of the ring; will it be able to securely hold the diamond?  Or will it deteriorate with time? This is why it is important that you buy antique rings from a trusted vendor such as London Gold Centre; they can guide you on what sort of vintage engagement ring will last longer and what can be done to protect it from deteriorating. 

Where to buy antique and vintage diamond engagement rings from?

You can find many dealers that offer vintage diamond engagement rings such as the London gold centre. They are trusted for their work and can help you select the most incredible antique ring for your engagement. You need to make sure that you buy vintage or antique rings that are genuine and not cheap reproductions of the original pieces.

What are the pros and cons of a vintage setting ring?

Every product comes with pros and cons, a vintage style ring gives you unique details and beauty, but there are some pros and cons that you should be aware of before buying antique rings.


  • Antique engagement rings enhance the centre stone when it is well-designed
  • It is always in reference to a time period or personal style preference
  • Vintage rings provide remarkable beauty and character
  • Antique rings are intricately built and give a unique impression of your engagement ring.


  • The vintage setting of an engagement ring can distract from the beauty and sparkle of the stone if it is poorly designed.
  • Antique rings require more regular cleaning and maintenance due to the intricate crevices and details. It is easy for grime or dust to build-up between the designs of the ring.
  • It would demand more time and expertise to ensure a vintage setting ring is well-maintained and is able to hold the diamond steadily.
  • The metal plating needs to complement the stones; you would need to get your gold, platinum, silver or white gold regularly polished to maintain its shine and beauty,

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