Antique Jewellery – 5 tips to help you buy the Perfect Vintage Piece for Your Collection

antique-jewellary-online Antique Jewellery – 5 tips to help you buy the Perfect Vintage Piece for Your Collection

Who doesn’t love antique jewellery? But you might often get conned into believing fake reproduction as genuine antique jewellery. It’s important that you know what to look for so you can avoid being scammed, you can buy antique jewellery online at London Gold Centre to find amazing and unique pieces.

Here are 5 tips that will surely help you in buying the perfect vintage piece for your collection

1.      Investigate the Seller

When you are looking to buy antique jewellery online, the first thing you need to do is investigate the seller. If the seller has 10 pieces of the same antique ring, it is most likely that they aren’t the real thing. Online stores like London Gold Centre are known to sell authentic antique jewellery pieces.

2.      Check for a mark

Usually, you will find that antique jewellers always leave a mark somewhere on the piece. If you find a piece that is stated to be prior to the 1950s, make sure to look for some mark such as a small icon of the initials of the maker.

Make sure that you research carefully online; you will find vintage jewellery for sale that also have a description of its origins and craftsmen. It will make your antique piece feel more special once you know the history of it coming into being. 

3.      Ask the correct questions

When you get in touch with the seller, you need to ask questions about the piece to analyse if it’s real or not. You can always ask the seller how they got the piece, you can judge the story for being genuine or not. You can buy antique jewellery online but only after making sure it’s real. Many antique pieces that were once a family heirloom are also found at estate sales or online jewellery stores.

London gold centre makes sure that they provide adequate information about the jewellery pieces to their customers such as telling you about the date and location the piece was acquired and in what condition it came into their possession.

4.      Consider the Price

When you are hunting for antique jewellery, be cautious if you find the price to be too good to be true. Antique jewellery is made to last forever and holds significant value, and you can’t buy it at cheap rates. Be prepared to invest a good amount of money while buying antique jewellery online if you want to get the authentic pieces.

All prospective buyers need to have a clear understanding of why they want to buy vintage pieces, either to resell it or use it for its sentimental value.

You can buy antique jewellery online, at garage sales, craft fairs or estate sales. You need to check the pieces thoroughly to differentiate between fake and real. You don’t have to necessarily spend thousands, but you can still manage to get great deals on vintage jewellery pieces.

5.      Look for Patina

It is a term that is generally used by dealers that describe the sheen that occurs after years of use. Many jewellery dealers can have pieces restored, but you can buy antique jewellery online in as-it-is condition. This avoids damaging the gold, silver or any other metal.

If a piece shows signs of tarnish, dents, wear and a lack of shine, this clearly states that this is a genuine piece and has been passed down or acquired by the dealers. You can ask the dealers at London gold centre if certain antique pieces have been restored.

Antique jewellery stands apart from regular jewellery; they have sentiments and significances attached to it. Many people like to collect antique pieces to increase their vintage collections, they collect as a hobby whereas some buy antique jewellery to use as an investment. Antique jewellery holds value because of its history; you can also buy antique jewellery online to wear as something meaningful.

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