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Our certified scales are very accurate to 0.10 to get the accurate weight of your item

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We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item.

Buy Bullion By Post

Is It Safe To Sell & Buy?

Today it is difficult to imagine life without the ability to post gold over long distances, such as between cities or even in an international format. But is it possible to send expensive packages, for example, precious metals? Our company has been using Royal Mail services for many years, and this service has never let us down. Royal Mail provides a full range of services for sending bullion by post, including:

Post your gold for cash today and get the best price for your scrap Gold

Investment Acquisition Request

  • Receiving or delivering a parcel to a client within strictly defined terms within the country and around the world
  • Providing information on the movement of goods
  • The ability to insure a parcel for a certain amount or split into several parcels
  • Guaranteed safety of goods during transportation
  • This postal service and courier company pays special attention to the rapidity of shipping while strictly observing quality and safety standards. Thanks to the coordinated work of our employees and the delivery service, you can buy gold coins and bullion while anywhere in the world.

Why Send Bullion By Post?

bullion-by-post-300x200 Bullion by post buyerThe development of technology and communications makes its changes in everyday life, has an impact on the market and customer expectations. Now you can make purchases without getting up off the couch, and also find the most advantageous offers quickly, without leaving your home. Thanks to the ability to send the bullion by post, you can easily find the best supplier or buyer of precious metals and complete the transaction quickly and reliably. And choosing the right shipping service will allow you to receive the goods or money in the most next future.
Using Royal Mail Special Delivery guarantee you next-day delivery for your important items. Sending bullion by post is very reliable. Even if it happens that your product is lost or damaged while it is under the care of the postal service, you can file a claim for compensation.

Why posting your gold for Cash?

Want to sell your precious metal: gold, platinum, or silver? Use the service of sending bullion by post, and you will certainly be satisfied with the benefits of this deal. Now you do not need to go to the gold trader physically. Simply contact our managers who will advise you on how to securely send your package by post.
Be prepared for reception staff most likely to ask you to open your package when you deliver it to the post office. Sending the bullion by post is quite a common operation, but, department employees are required to find out if you are sending anything prohibited.
After we receive your parcel, we will process your request, weigh and verify your bullion, and then process your payment. It will be returned to you within the next days from the moment we receive the bullion.

Buying New Bullion By Post

Buying bullion by post gives investors the opportunity to find the most reliable dealers across the country and take advantage of their competitive rates based on real-time gold market prices and low overhead costs associated with the e-commerce business model.
This is a convenient method that allows buyers to invest on their own terms in accordance with their individual financial situation and the price of precious metals on any given day, without any disruptions and additional costs associated with trips to the dealer.
Our company’s offer is one of the most competitive in the UK for placing your online order and organizing the delivery of bullion by post to anywhere in the world.
With us, you can start with a small investment. A small-size coin or bullion is a popular option for both experienced and novice investors.

What Are The Risks Related To Buying Bullion By Post?

You may be at risk if you do not conduct thorough research before your online purchase. Ordering bullion by post is recommended to be placed only with reliable online distributors who have a solid track record of positive feedback from independent customers and a secure and verified payment system. Another important factor that should influence your decision is the way your bullion will be delivered.
Referring to our company you minimize any risks associated with the purchase of bullion by post, because:

  • We have many years of experience in the gold trade area
  • We have established communications with delivery services
  • Our company offers competitive prices and high-quality customer service
  • In addition to this, we understand that our customers may be anxious when ordering any expensive goods online, and therefore we offer insured delivery for all orders.

That is why we use the famous and reliable Royal Mail service for all orders with guaranteed delivery. All deliveries require a signature that allows us to confirm that each order we send reaches its intended recipient.
Each individual Special Delivery may be insured for a maximum amount of £ 2,500. If your coins or bullion are more valuable, you might consider splitting them into multiple packages.
For larger investments, you can also request that your bullion be delivered directly to a safe vault or bank. LBMA or the London Bullion Market Association provides a list of accredited vaults, from which you will be able to choose the appropriate vault supplier.

What To Consider When Sending Bullion By Post

Our company offers a full range of gold bars, including bars in different sizes. All our bars are great for investment. We also offer a wide choice of gold coins. Partnership with our company makes buying gold and sending bullion by post quick, easy and safe thanks to our accurate prices and fast delivery by a reliable shipping company.

When ordering such a service, it’s worth considering a few more points. Orders placed on Friday with the next business day delivery may be received on Saturday or Monday, depending on the internal rules of the local postal service. For customers from some remote regions, as well as rural or remote districts, receiving an order may take longer due to the nature of transport logistics.

Delivery is carried out by a local postal employee up to 9 pm if you have not indicated guaranteed delivery at 9 am. The postal company issues a tracking number to all customers receiving next day delivery. This will allow you to see where your package is at any given time.

In the event that no one is home to sign your delivery, a red card or special form will be left to confirm the attempt to deliver your bullion by post. Then the package will be delivered to the nearest sorting office for storage or pending re-delivery.

For many years of our practice and cooperation with Royal Mail, parcels have always arrived at their destination in complete safety and without loss. If nevertheless, you have found damage to your package or there was a fact of the loss of the parcel, you should immediately contact the department at your place of residence (at the moment) with an application. If you have any difficulties, you can contact our qualified manager who will provide you with information support in this situation.

Our company also provides a choice in several ways to pay for your purchase online. Just place an order on the site and select from the offered one the payment option that is convenient for you.

If you nevertheless remain a follower of the old traditions and do not want to buy gold online or send bullion by post, you can always visit our sales department in person and choose the product you need. The customer service manager will be happy to show you the goods, provide advice, and answer all your questions about our product. We are waiting for you at the specified address and during the opening hours of the store.

Buying A Bullion By Post From A Trusted Dealer

Since this area of activity is quite popular, there are many dealers offering you the opportunity to buy bullion by post. For most customers, not only the reliability of the seller, but the price is an important factor. Since gold is internationally traded, everyone can calculate the base price for a coin or bullion.

Regardless of your experience on the market, a gold trader who can offer you the lowest margin bullion compared to the spot (base value) is what you need. We are pleased to offer you one of the lowest prices on the market.

Our main range consists mainly of exclusive items in the field of precious metals, which are very popular among our customers around the world. The prices of our main products may depend on the volume of the order.

Our other advantage is detailed information on all products and round-the-clock access to the website. The customer service managers working in our company will provide you with first-class assistance and will maintain constant contact with you throughout the deal.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers, and we successfully achieve this from year to year.

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