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18k - £39.30 Brittannia - £1,629.52
22k - £48.03 Krugerrand - £1,629.52
24k - £52.40 Silver Ounce - £17.71

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What are your Gemstone Ring Prices?
Ruby Engagement Ring £400 - £29,000
Emerald Engagement Ring £300 - £35,000
Sapphire Engagement Ring £350 - £60,000
What are your Diamond Engagement Ring Prices?
Solitaire £300 - £150,000
Halo £800 - £190,000
3 Stone £500 - £250,000
Side Stone £350 - £160,000
Eternity £450 - £120,000
Diamond Solitaire Ring

We manufacture the best Solitaire ring in our London workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.

Diamond Halo Ring

We manufacture the best Halo ring in our London workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.

Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Diamond 3 Stone Ring

We manufacture the best 3 Stone ring in our London workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.

Diamond Side Stone Ring

Diamond Side Stone Ring

We manufacture the best Side Stone ring in our workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.

Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamond Eternity Ring

We manufacture the best Eternity ring in our London workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.

Ruby Engagement Ring

We manufacture the best Ruby ring in our London workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.

Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald Engagement Ring

We manufacture the best Emerald ring in our London workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring

We manufacture the best Sapphire ring in our London workshop. Book an appointment to get best quote.



London Gold Centre offers you an extensive assortment of engagement rings in London that are worth every pound and have the most eye-catching designs. They are carved with care and perfection so that you are only able to get the best product.

Engagement marks an important milestone in one’s life. It signifies a special bond between two people who are planning to spend a lifetime together. Choosing an engagement ring for your beloved can be one of the hardest tasks from a huge variety.

A ring they will love and also isn’t too heavy on the pocket can be a mission itself. From inspiration brief to collection launch London Gold Centre’s creative process is uniquely prolific.

The staff and team at London Gold Centre do not compromise on quality, craftsmanship, and value. We aim to please our customers with the best engagement rings found in London. The designs, cuts, shades, and sizes we offer are updated with inclusion and exclusion according to the trends.
London Gold Centre has a diversity of engagement rings that you can select from. No matter what material you opt for, we take quality assurance and the availability of the said material.

Moreover, the material we use is ethically extracted. Our focus is not only on refining the quality but also explores methods that make the most incredible pieces.

London’s eminent diamond market, The Hatton Garden which is well known in the diamond trade is 100% reliable and secure. The Hatton Garden has some of the finest diamond engagement rings in London which you can buy from.
Life’s most precious moments deserve elegance and timelessness to them which can be achieved through choosing a ring from London Gold Centre.


The most popular assembly of rings we offer in our inventory are:

  • Simple and sleek diamond rings: These rings come in a diversity of designs which you can choose from. You can also pick custom-cut designs.
  • Diamond eternity rings: These rings are renowned for as a promise ring.
  • Rose and yellow gold rings: Individuals who are not diamond person opt for these rose and yellow gold rings.

Some of our customers like to add something extra to the engagement rings they are getting for their significant others. For that, they prefer a pop of colour that is why we offer gemstone engagement rings. Gemstone engagement rings are sure to leave an impression and make a statement as well. Some of the stones that we have are:

  1. Sapphire:
    The blue shining crystal in the sapphire engagement ring is the perfect way to catch an eye. It is a statement to the ring and adds colours along with sparkle.
  2. Emerald:
    Be closer to nature with the twinkling green Emerald. Emerald engagement rings are aesthetically pleasing and are said to have a soothing effect. Emerald rings are one of the favourites.
  3. Ruby:
    What more can be a statement than a bright red ruby? The way it will sparkle will leave everyone in awe of the Ruby engagement ring you bought.
    And other various stones to be added in the rings. If the person you are getting a ring for is a colour-loving individual then they will definitely love a sapphire or an emerald engagement ring.


The band’s materials that we offer are:

  • Platinum: Most of the engagement rings and wedding band are made using Platinum since it has the longest durability and will last forever.
  • Gold: It is popular with the people who want a dual colour in their ring. Also to add more worth to the ring. London Gold centre has gold in two other variables that are yellow gold and rose gold from which you can choose any for your ring. Along with that, we have white gold as well which is a perfect option for keeping the ring of a single colour.
  • Silver: Sterling silver is the most perfect replacement for platinum due to its lesser price and long durability.

Some more metals that make up the London Gold Centre’s inventory are:

  1. Palladium
  2. Tungsten Carbide
  3. Cobalt
  4. Tantalum

Our staff at London Gold centre takes your significant other’s ring size and makes the band accordingly so that it is a perfect fit.

Other than the variety and diversity of the rings that we offer you can also customise and buy diamond earrings and diamond pendants as well. We have a large selection of jewellery which includes earring and pendant along with any type of ring you want.

London Gold Centre prides itself in customising engagement rings exactly how you want it. Just prove our artists with the design and your ring will be on its way.
If you want to go all out and spoil your partner with the finest jewels and diamond jewellery, then you can choose a diamond set as well. In the diamond jewellery set, you can incorporate other gemstones according to your liking as well.
Also, the London Gold Centre has options for wedding bands to choose as well. You can choose any material mentioned above and get it customised the way you want. You can even add inscriptions or a personal message to it to make it more sentimental.

Before you make any decision we would want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right one.
Firstly make sure that you cover the 4C’s related to the diamonds. They are Cut Colour, Clarity, and Carat.


    Carats when it comes to diamonds refers to the diamond’s weight, not its size. When measuring carats diamonds cut is taken into consideration as well. A high-carat diamond with a poor cut grade may look smaller, often cut deeper, than a diamond with the smaller carat weight and a better cut.
    Therefore a bigger diamond will always not have the highest weight. It can easily vary.


    The assessment of small imperfections in the diamond and gemstones, on the surface and internally is known is clarity. Any surface flaws are known as blemishes while any internal defects are known as inclusions. These said blemishes and inclusions can only be seen on a microscope and have no effect a diamond’s beauty in any way.
    Diamonds and gems with the least and smallest inclusions receive the highest clarity grades. London Gold centre makes sure to know the clarity of the diamonds they obtain. Commonly it is one of the least important factors when choosing to buy a diamond because most diamonds have blemishes and small inclusions that are microscopic, unable to be seen with an untrained or unaided eye but we make sure to get perfection on that micro level as well.


    When it comes to engagement rings diamond and gemstones cut is the most significant. It is what determines how much the diamond will shine and sparkle. The cut is crucial to bring out the natural beauty of the Diamond.
    London Gold Centre makes the cuts of your chosen diamond with utmost care with the aim of perfecting them. The cuts are in proper and equal proportions to create the perfect sparkle. The cuts are not swallowed more than they need to be and capture the perfect amount of light.

  4. COLOUR:

    Make sure that when buying a ring its diamond should not have any colour. It needs to be transparent and completely colourless if to be of the highest quality. If you notice a pale yellow shade in the diamond then you can definitely now that is it is not of the highest quality. London Gold Centre picks the best diamonds and gemstones for designing the most gorgeous rings. After checking off the 4Cs’ you need to consider the following remaining requirements.


    The placement of diamonds is known as the setting. London Gold Centre brings its setting to life with careful craftsmanship which gives the unique and precise results. We pay attention to the details which in turn makes our engagement rings of the highest quality. Our experts are cautious about every step from the initial step to the process and finally the assembly. Some of the common and the most popular setting are: Channels, Pave and Halo.

    With halo being the most popular. If you are wondering what is a Halo ring. Let us guide you:
    Halo engagement rings are one of the most popular types of engagement rings which are loved by the people. As per the Halo ring setting, one centre diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds and they completely encircle is the main diamond. Halo rings are popular due to the fact that:

    • The centre stone is secured.

    • You can choose a low carat stone yet the centrality will highlight it.

    • Contrasting stones or other gemstones can be added.

    • Customisation designs


    London Gold Centre offers the largest collection of the world’s finest cut diamonds. They are selected on the basis of exceptional quality, the cut, colour, and clarity. Our loose diamonds are evaluated based on a standardised grading scale.
    For us, quality is our topmost priority. As per your request, we can get the jewellery graded from any independent grading labs. Our aim is to provide the finest results so that our customers are not disappointed.


    How long the metal and the stones will last without losing its lustre and shine is also a concern. The quality of the band matters as well so that it doesn’t lose its colours or damage the skin.
    London Gold Centre chooses the original material for their engagement rings so that the ring that you choose lasts a lifetime.

  8. DESIGN:

    It all comes down to the design. You would want a ring that is unique and is aesthetically pleasing. Along with that, you can add some personal touch to it.
    At London Gold centre we make sure that we cater to all these features so that you end up with the most perfect and a gorgeous engagement ring. Also, we use the up to date machinery to design our stones and ring so that we are able to deliver the exact design that you provide us with.


    Choosing most perfect engagement ring, pricing is a significant concern for many of the people. It is one of the key factors since the customers need to stay within their budget while choosing the most stunning ring for their partner.
    London Gold Centre has the fairest prices which you can compare within the market. We provide the price list as per the market and give you the finest value and product for your money.

For buying an engagement ring, make sure to:

  • Set your budget
  • Choose your bands or the metal wisely.
  • Check out and explore as many collections you can
  • Take account of all the requirements mentioned above

And then make your final decision.

London Gold Centre promises to cater to all your diamond, gemstones including sapphire, emerald, ruby, and gold such as rose gold and yellow gold needs. You will not have to worry about any single thing since our customer is our top priority.

Choosing your engagement ring and your wedding band from London Gold Centre will be the best decision you will make and we would be honoured to be a part of your big day and timeless memories.


They are important since 4C’s determine the quality and the value of the diamond and if it’s worth your money.

The staff at London Gold Centre will take the ring size of your significant other when you come to us.

It depends on the budget that you have set for buying the engagement ring. London Gold Center makes sure that the ring you choose is worth your money.

At London Gold Center the most popular setting is the Halo setting which is loved by most people.

Yes, London Gold Centre has a variety of wedding bands you can choose from.

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We offer the best price for those who want to buy Engagement Ring in Hatton Garden and how to identify the best diamond that is suited for you? This is a question that many sellers are asking themselves. The best way to buy an Engagement Ring is to compare prices and London Gold Centre gives the best price.

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Here at London Gold Centre, we provide the best price when you want to design your bespoke ring in Hatton Garden. Compare the prices by getting a quick quote from us.Send us your design and specification and get a quote and compare prices even before you visit us. We guarantee to match out competition price.

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