Looking to buy an Diamond Halo Ring?

Cost for Halo Shank

£550 to £ 800

£720 to £ 1500

£950 to 2500

Metal: White Gold or Yellow Gold
All our rings are manufactured in London & The Halo Diamonds are VS to SI1 - 0.02ct to 0.20ct
Round & Fancy Diamond Price

£75 to  £900

£350 to £ 2400

£900 to £7000

£ 1250 – 15000

Colour: D to I | Clarity: VS1 to SI1

What our Customers think?

Nicole Jhonson
18:30 28 Oct 19
I have worked with them several times now with wonderful results. They offer competitive pricing and are easy to work with.
Vanessa Abankwah
16:23 03 Aug 19
Amazing and great quick customer service experience. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Vanessa Abankwah
16:23 03 Aug 19
Amazing and great quick customer service experience. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Bradley Roberts
17:34 05 May 19
We had a great experience designing our beautiful emerald engagement ring with the amazing assistance of Ali – quick turnaround, good value and very responsive and knowledgable throughout the process
Bradley Roberts
17:34 05 May 19
We had a great experience designing our beautiful emerald engagement ring with the amazing assistance of Ali – quick turnaround, good value and very responsive and knowledgable throughout the process
Maria Almomani
21:11 20 Nov 18
Very friendly staff and high quality jewellery. My fiance and I ordered our wedding bands from Vogue and they did a great job. We also ordered a necklace with a pink sapphire and it was a piece of Art.The jewellery is very unique and not like anything in high street stores that ask for a ridiculous price for very poor quality jewellery. We are very pleased with our experince and will definitely recommend to our friends.Thanks Vogue!
Mohamed mahmood Husain
14:24 09 Nov 18
staffs were very friendly making me feel very comfortable, giving honest opinion and gave me a great deal. thanks guys.
Tata Mbako
00:43 09 Nov 18
Excellent service and a great finished product. It was a real pleasure dealing with Saidi. Would highly recommend.
19:45 14 Aug 18
Few weeks ago we walked into the store with the idea to get a matching hemsa hand pendant. They didn’t have the pendant in the size and with the diamonds that we want it ,but Ali is been very helpful and assured us that he will be able to make the pendant just the way we would like it. Their service was fantastic ,the pendants are excellent made of the finest quality materials.We highly recommend their service to anyone who’s looking to purchase jewellery.
Anthony Fraser
11:11 28 Jun 18
On shopping for an engagement ring for my now wife I had a very specific criteria of stone in mind. I got quotes from almost all jewelers on Hatton Garden, along with various online diamond dealers. The price Ali returned was the best, and on checking the GIA cert of the stone it matched the quality I was looking for.Happy with the engagement ring purchase I returned for our wedding bands where again I was given a very reasonable quote. All work on resizing was done to a tight deadline and the staff were all friendly and happy for me to ask questions, check options, change my mind etc.If I was looking for another diamond I wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again.
Adam Pavey
18:09 18 May 18
Ali guided me through one of the most complicated moments of any mans life! Great communication, very understanding and able to adapt to the budget. Gave me impartial advice and was just in general 5 stars. I’m recommending all of my friends who are now beginning to take the plunge!
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Rings are one of the most common jewellery worn by women and men alike. They are a common choice for people who want to signify their bond or just want a piece of jewellery. Splurging on a diamond ring seems like the perfect choice.
When choosing a diamond ring you have numerous questions, especially which setting to go for and select for your significant other. You wonder which setting will make it most worth it while pleasing your loved one as well.
To help you choose the best setting London Gold Centre features a number of settings. One of which is the Halo setting. Halo setting rings are known as the Halo rings. The Diamond Halo rings are the most popular and clients’ favourite when it comes to buying diamond engagement rings. Especially when they are choosing it as a diamond engagement ring.


Halo rings have their name due to the setting, they are essentially rings which feature the stunning diamond in the centre and having a band around it.
In the Halo setting, the main diamond or any other gem of your choice is in the centre while a band of smaller diamonds are surrounding the diamond like a halo on an angles head, hence the name. This setting enables the central focused diamond to be stunning and in the attention. Also due to Halo setting the centre diamond looks comparatively larger and as they say the bigger the better.

Diamond Halo rings are the impeccable choice for the diamond engagement ring!

Diamond Halo Rings feature a traditional round and cushion-shaped diamond carved and cut to perfection with precision at the London Gold Centre diamond cutting lab. Our staff and craft men are passionate and dedicated when it comes to diamonds.
Pick any cut of the diamond for your diamond halo ring and our craft men will make sure that the end product is exactly the same as per your request.


Halo Ring setting is known as one of the vintage settings since it has been around for a long period of time.
A number of aristocrats and people getting engaged to have chosen diamond Halo engagement ring as their choice. They prefer the Halo setting due to the fact of how it showcases a stunning centre diamond that’s wholly encircled by dazzling brilliant accent stones.
Diamond Halo Rings are the perfect choice for a true romantic since it is a stunning piece of jewellery highlighting the splendid diamond that you have chosen for your significant other.


When it comes to Halo rings all that matters is the brilliant center stone since that center stone would be the one of everyone’s attention-catching the most sun and eyes of all who will see it. A diamond has a way of catching even a passerby’s eye.
Since it is so much attention-grabbing and stunning you need to choose the stone carefully. Your choice of stone can be gorgeous crystal clear diamond or even a coloured gemstone like ruby, sapphire or emerald.

After picking the stone of your choice make sure that the cuts are such that they are able to refract and reflect light the most since it’s all about cuts which make the diamond or any gemstone actually shine.

There is a number of cuts you can choose for you Diamond Halo Ring such as:

  • Round cuts
  • Princess cuts
  • Oval cuts
  • Marquise cut

Along with various other cuts which you can choose from. 


You can have multiple numbers of halos in your diamond halo ring. If a single halo ring isn’t it for you then you can add halos with smaller diamonds around your centre diamond so that the diamonds are scattered all around it. Halo rings with multiple halos are known as double halo ring.
Increasing the number of Halos in your diamond halo ring will not have any downfall it will just make your centre diamond look bigger than it actually is. Also, the halos will make the ring look bigger since it will increase in the diameter.


After choosing your diamond or the gemstone along with the number of Halos one needs to decide which metal to go for. Choosing the metal to secure all the diamonds and the gemstones can also be a task since you need to consider the durability of the metal as well.

Commonly the public preference metal for their diamond halo rings is platinum or white gold. They are the most popular choice due to the fact that they are strong metals along with the fact that their colour goes perfectly well and fits with the diamonds the best. Their shade does not affect that of the diamond giving the ring an all-natural look.

The next best choice is rose gold which is an emerging favourite metal among the buyers.


Diamond halo rings have been the choice of numerous people over the years and there must be a reason that it has become and gained popularity as people’s favourite.

It is one of the safest choices when it comes to buying the ring due to its variety and diversity of designs, along with how it can be customised according to one’s own taste.

Also, Halo setting secure your centre diamond the most with the halos tightly wrapped around it so that no damage comes to it and it maintains its shine and lustre for the longest time.

Diamond Halo Rings are the safest choice for their designs as well as their ability to protect and safeguard the diamond.


  1. The stone of your choice is all safe and secured.
  2. The centrality of the stone highlights the said stone even if it is of a lesser carat.
  3. You can add and subtract stones, gems, and even halos. Also, have the liberty to change the design.


At London Gold Centre we give you the option and the liberty of choosing and customising the ring according to you and your significant other’s tastes. We are equipped with the best-upgraded machinery and professional staff which delivers absolutely perfect results every single time.

Just sit with our artist and discuss him any additions or subtraction you want from the design or you can even provide them with one of your own making the Diamond Halo Ring more sentimental. You can get the engraving done marking it with a message or a date close to your heart.

Browsing and designing a Diamond Halo Ring can be a handful when you are completely new to buying a diamond ring that is why to let London Gold centre be your guide and help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.
Book an appointment and visit London Gold Centre to pick a centre stones or the diamond for the Halo ring which you want to be the star of the ring and we will adjust it in the setting of your choice where it will remain forever.

Frequently Asked Question

A diamond Halo ring has its name from the setting in which a centre diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds.

It is popular due to its liberty with design and also due to the fact that it makes the center diamond look bigger.

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