Looking to buy an Ruby Ring?

Cost for Solitaire Shank

£120 to £ 450

£250 to £ 850

£350 to 1050

Metal: White Gold or Yellow Gold
Shank: Solitaire, Halo, Three Stone
exe VAT
Round & Fancy Diamond Price

£75 to  £250

£150 to £450

£250 to £450

£450 – £1200

Clarity: IF to SI1

What our Customers think?

Nicole Jhonson
18:30 28 Oct 19
I have worked with them several times now with wonderful results. They offer competitive pricing and are easy to work with.
Vanessa Abankwah
16:23 03 Aug 19
Amazing and great quick customer service experience. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Vanessa Abankwah
16:23 03 Aug 19
Amazing and great quick customer service experience. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Bradley Roberts
17:34 05 May 19
We had a great experience designing our beautiful emerald engagement ring with the amazing assistance of Ali – quick turnaround, good value and very responsive and knowledgable throughout the process
Bradley Roberts
17:34 05 May 19
We had a great experience designing our beautiful emerald engagement ring with the amazing assistance of Ali – quick turnaround, good value and very responsive and knowledgable throughout the process
Maria Almomani
21:11 20 Nov 18
Very friendly staff and high quality jewellery. My fiance and I ordered our wedding bands from Vogue and they did a great job. We also ordered a necklace with a pink sapphire and it was a piece of Art.The jewellery is very unique and not like anything in high street stores that ask for a ridiculous price for very poor quality jewellery. We are very pleased with our experince and will definitely recommend to our friends.Thanks Vogue!
Mohamed mahmood Husain
14:24 09 Nov 18
staffs were very friendly making me feel very comfortable, giving honest opinion and gave me a great deal. thanks guys.
Tata Mbako
00:43 09 Nov 18
Excellent service and a great finished product. It was a real pleasure dealing with Saidi. Would highly recommend.
19:45 14 Aug 18
Few weeks ago we walked into the store with the idea to get a matching hemsa hand pendant. They didn’t have the pendant in the size and with the diamonds that we want it ,but Ali is been very helpful and assured us that he will be able to make the pendant just the way we would like it. Their service was fantastic ,the pendants are excellent made of the finest quality materials.We highly recommend their service to anyone who’s looking to purchase jewellery.
Anthony Fraser
11:11 28 Jun 18
On shopping for an engagement ring for my now wife I had a very specific criteria of stone in mind. I got quotes from almost all jewelers on Hatton Garden, along with various online diamond dealers. The price Ali returned was the best, and on checking the GIA cert of the stone it matched the quality I was looking for.Happy with the engagement ring purchase I returned for our wedding bands where again I was given a very reasonable quote. All work on resizing was done to a tight deadline and the staff were all friendly and happy for me to ask questions, check options, change my mind etc.If I was looking for another diamond I wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again.
Adam Pavey
18:09 18 May 18
Ali guided me through one of the most complicated moments of any mans life! Great communication, very understanding and able to adapt to the budget. Gave me impartial advice and was just in general 5 stars. I’m recommending all of my friends who are now beginning to take the plunge!
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The memorable event of engagement goes hand in hand with buying and choosing a ring. When deciding to get engaged or propose to your loved one you need to select an engagement ring for them. There is absolutely no proposal without a ring.
Selecting the best engagement ring can be a difficult task that is why London Gold Centre showcases a variety of rings which you can choose from for your engagement ring. As mentioned on our website we provide a number of rings to our customers from which they can pick out the most unique engagement ring according to their choice.
Ruby Engagement Ring is one of the rings that we showcase at London Gold Centre.


The name of the ring speaks for itself. The Ruby Engagement ring has the ruby as its main gemstone. Rather than having a diamond or any other stone people who want to add a bit of colour tend to choose Ruby as their go-to stone.
Rubies are one of the 4 major precious gemstones, mined much like a diamond, carved and crafted to perfection. They are of bright red colour which is aesthetic and immediately pleasing to the eye.


Ruby is one of the hardest element and has imperfections which is needed to carve to perfection. It is carved under heat which improves its colour and brings it out more. Through heat treatment, ruby gets rid of all its possible imperfection gaining its value.

Rubies come in a number of colour or shades to be exact. The various shades that ruby has are:

  • Pale pink
  • Baby pink
  • A lighter shade of shade
  • Deep red
  • Maroon red 

Rubies have a range of shade depending on the red tint they have in them. Their colour is not determined as of the present time but solely depends on the number of minerals such as iron and chromium that was present during the time of its formation and how long has it been preserved ready to be mined.


Cuts are always important when it comes to the gemstones. Similarly, while choosing any cut it necessary that you choose a cut which is in suitable proportions. We suggest emerald cut ruby as a centre stone.
Ruby cuts are not as stiff as diamonds’ cuts that is why you have the liberty to choose your cuts however you want as long as they work together.


Setting and the band of the ring is a significant element when picking out a ring. At London Gold centre we have variety of setting that you can choose from.
That is not all we have variety material for shank which you can choose. Shank is basically the band of the ring. We have:

  1. Rose Gold
  2. Yellow Gold
  3. Platinum
  4. White Gold

The colour itself of the gemstone reminds one of romance, passion, devotion, love, strength and even roses. It brings and signifies the depth of feelings while adding a bit of oomph to the ring.
While most couples choose diamond rings as their engagement rings, you can opt for a distinctive path by choosing the unique engagement ring. Ruby rings are one of the most unique rings that you can select for your significant other.
Usually, Ruby engagement ring includes other gemstones like diamonds along with it. The ruby is the centre stone while a halo of diamonds might be surrounding it. This helps in making the gemstone engagement ring sparkle more.


If you are into birthstones or know anything about them then you will already know that Rubies are the birthstone of those who are born in the warm month of July. Therefore if you are planning to propose in July then why not opt for Ruby Engagement ring and buy the ruby ring for your significant other. If that is not the case you can even select the said gemstone engagement ring if your significant other is born in July and loves the gemstone.
Red Rubies are generally loved by those who are born in July since it is said to affect their moods and personalities.


Also in some of the legends rubies are said to ward away evil by its bright colour. Just like a fairy-tale come true. As per another legend, ruby is said to protect your relationship. If any problem is in the near future or your relationship is on the bumpy road the ruby in you selected Ruby engagement ring will darken.
Also, the said gemstone has been mentioned in the bible as well and was significant trade in earlier times.
Ruby Engagement ring is one of the best due to all the wonderful qualities, legends, and myths that comes with it. The best aspect of all is that ruby engagement ring is a definite charmer and a stand out from all the usual diamond rings.


As mentioned, most of the couples select the mainstream diamond engagement ring that is why if you want to stand out in the crowd and set yourself apart from the trends and mainstream choices then we suggest that you buy a Ruby ring from London Gold Centre. You can visit us and choose the stone, its shape, cutting, and design to make the most of it.
Our staff and craftsmen will work diligently on your Ruby engagement ring so that the results are beyond your expectations. We assure you that your significant other will love the thoughts, efforts, and feelings you have put into buying the gemstone engagement ring.


At London Gold Centre you can even customise your ring if you have a design or addition that you want in your ring just let our staff know about it. You can get a message or a special date inscribed along with any other addition that you would like.
Our craftsmen, with complete professionalism, will make and design your ring just how you want it. We assure you of the quality of the ring which will be beyond your expectations. We even design various ruby jewellery which you can view.
Book an appointment at London Gold Centre, browse through our ruby ring collection while our staff helps and guides you in selecting the perfect ring which you can buy.
Buy Ruby ring from London Gold Centre too sweep your significant other off their feet by the sheer brilliance of it. We accept credit cards as well.

Frequently Asked Question

Ruby in pigeon colour is a sight to behold 🙂

There are no definite cuts for ruby and you are free to choose any cut that you would like from round to cushion cut.

Yes, we believe so since it sets you apart from all the mainstream diamond rings while adding a bit of colour in your life.

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