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Vintage and antique jewellery is hard to find. One does not just find it anywhere but actually has to search a number of stores to actually find the one timeless and stunning piece of jewellery which will be authentic and worth the money they are asking for it. The matter of safety and security is always at risk along with the quality standards and the variety one offers. The concerns are justified since second-hand jewellery especially when it is vintage and antique is a complicated matter.

To help you in finding the perfect vintage, antique and second-hand jewellery London Gold Centre now introduces Vintage and antique Jewellery in-store and online. We are now showcasing our vast collection of vintage and second-hand jewellery for your viewing and buying.

If you are looking for where to buy a vintage engagement ring, vintage bracelet, vintage brooches or just a vintage diamond ring London Gold Centre is the perfect place to buy all your second hand and vintage jewellery from.

Every piece of second hand, vintage and antique jewellery that we showcase has been handpicked by our experts and team of professional after checking for its authenticity and the era or time it dates back to. We double-check the jewellery with the most modern and up-to-date technology and machinery to ensure that we have to correct information for our clients and customers for their satisfaction.


Commonly, any old piece of jewellery becomes to be known as a vintage but that is not the case. A piece of jewellery needs to date back to at least 20-30 years to be known as vintage jewellery.

Antique jewellery dates to a much older era. It would be the one which dates back to 100 or more years making it a truly timeless and unique piece of jewellery which has number of memories and events attached to it.

These pieces of jewellery despite being second hand are worth the price and effort since vintage and antique pieces tend to stay within the family heirloom hardly ever seeing the market that is why when one finds it they should immediately get their hands on such a valuable piece.

Vintage jewellery gets its popularity due to its uniqueness, gemstone cuts, intricate designs and the timeless characteristic they have.


At London Gold Centre we have all type of second hand, vintage and antique jewellery one might be looking for themselves or as a gift.

To cater to all kinds of needs of our clients and customers we aim to stock our inventory on a regular basis with the best vintage and second-hand jewellery found in the market. We search Hatton garden for the vintage jewellery that might be of interest.

The types of vintage, antique and second jewellery that we sell are:

  • Vintage rings
  • Vintage engagement rings
  • Vintage diamond rings
  • Vintage brooches
  • Vintage bracelets


Vintage jewellery like bracelets never goes out of style. They always tend to make a bold statement while working out with all types of outfits and adding a certain grace to it.

Vintage and Antique bracelets are a fashion statement with their different styles and sizes from the delicate ones with smaller diamonds and gemstones to the chunky ones with having bigger gemstones and bigger in size. The antique bracelet can purely be a diamond bracelet as well. They even feature various gemstones to add colour to the vintage bracelet itself.

London Gold Centre has a varied inventory of vintage bracelets of various eras featuring the style that was popular during the age.


They might now be out of style but brooches certainly were a major style statement back in days. From being designed as a family emblem to being a piece of jewellery it carried meaning for the wearer. Vintage brooches vary in sizes and designs with various cuts and gemstones. One can even choose an animal as a design or come up with a layout by themselves. The diamonds and the gemstones can be of your liking and be set according to choice.

Wearing a brooch tend to oomph up what you are wearing and bring out a certain edge to it. You can get various types of brooches like a simple bar brooch, circle silver brooch or any other figure or design brooch that might please your eye.

At London Gold Centre we have a large variety of vintage brooches which are second hand and chosen by our experts while keeping in mind of the quality and standard. You can view them and choose the one which best suits your requirements.


If you are looking forward to proposing to your significant other a little something different from the trend would be considered thoughtful that is why, why not try a vintage engagement ring with just symbolises how your love and bond will be timeless and the most valuable. It will remain strong and conquer through all times, despite the ups and downs.

There are various types of styles when it comes to antique and vintage engagement rings and some of them are:

  1. Victorian style: Usually set in rose gold or yellow gold with intricate designs of rows of rare cut diamonds and sometimes pearls as well within the Halo setting. One popular ring of the Victorian era is the Signet Ring which was a most worn accessory.
  2. Edwardian Style: The metal used for these rings is platinum with filigree details and floral patterns. The common choice of stone was diamonds and especially sapphire.
  3. Art Decor: It features handcrafted geometrical designs with various gemstones which were set to add colour to the piece of jewellery.


As mentioned earlier, buying vintage and antique jewellery no matter if it is a vintage ring, vintage bracelet, vintage brooch or any other vintage jewellery or even second-hand jewellery. You need to look for certain things when planning to buy anything vintage or second hand.

The features you need to look for are:

  1. Research: Know about what you are going to buy. Read up on vintage jewellery and their characteristics which signify the certain era or the period of time you are looking for. This will allow you to narrow down your preferences and make sure you know what you are planning on to look for. Also, look for the sellers in terms of who are the most authentic and reliable.
  2. Price: Vintage jewellery tends to be on the expensive side due to its timelessness and uniqueness, therefore, make sure you have a budget for it beforehand.
  3. The look: Since you are buying a vintage piece of jewellery which is second hand and old therefore it needs to look like it. Expecting a vintage piece to look brand new is not being true to it, let it have its old effects, style and design it’s where the jewellery’s true worth lies.
  4. Inquire: Asking questions never hurt anybody that is why to feel free to ask questions related to the vintage and antique jewellery you are buying or have your eyes on.
  5. The Mark: Look for the mark since the vintage and antique jewellery pieces were usually marked or branded by the designers or the makers of the said time. Look for it and make sure you find it since it plays a vital role in the authenticity of the jewellery.
  6. Check the stones: Be extra careful when buying a vintage ring, a vintage bracelet or even a vintage brooch with gemstones since they might have cracks and can be damaged easily.
  7. Watch out for replicas: Almost any replicas can be made that is why keep a keen eye and investigate the vintage jewellery you are looking to buy.
  8. Varied diamond quality: Maybe the diamond engagement ring that you like from the vintage section won’t be of colour that you see nowadays since in olden days people preferred to have a hint of colour in their diamonds along with having a very different cutting and sometimes settings as well since they did not have the technology or machinery for that.



Buying jewellery has always been a tricky task since one goes through a number of worries over the originality and authenticity of the material whether it is gold, rose gold, silver or white gold. One looks for the most authentic jewellery so that the money they spend is worth every penny. That is why at London Gold Centre we pride in ourselves for providing our clients with the most authentic jewellery at a fair and reasonable price in the Hatton Garden Gold Market.

We never compromise quality and make sure that our clients and customers leave satisfied. Our staff and vantage jewellery experts are always present and ready to answer as well as guide you with any questions that you might have. You can even get our jewellery double-checked to eliminate any doubts you might have.

Other than vintage and antique jewellery we have more of modern designs as well which consists of stones like ruby, emerald, and sapphire along with any kind of metal of your choice like silver, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or even white gold.

Just book an appointment at London Gold Centre to check out our vast and diverse collection of all types of vintage jewellery and feast your eyes on the timeless artefacts that you can wear and show off, also give it as a gift to someone special.

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