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Buying an Engagement Ring? Here Are 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

Buying an engagement ring has become more complicated than ever. Thanks to the beauty of customisation, the process is no longer limited to the colour and cut of the stone you will get! In return, you get a piece of unique jewellery that your partner will love—but only if you picked out the right qualities for it. 

Buying an engagement ring should be an exciting and meaningful process. Instead of worrying or being too overwhelmed with it, keep these tips in mind to make the searching and purchasing process much easier for you:

Tip 1. Always Aim for the Classic Look

You will want your engagement ring to stand the test of time. If you are considering between a current trend or the classic, always go for the latter!  An engagement ring is a supposed symbol of your long-lasting love, so make sure that you will love its look even after a long time. 

To help you out with this, study your partner's jewellery choices. Learning their preferences can help you make a more secure decision in this aspect.

Tip 2. Ask for the Stone's Background

Learning where the stone comes from will not only help you determine if it is sourced sustainably—it can also help you trace what mine it came from to check if it is legally-sourced. Doing this will give you peace of mind against the idea of getting ripped off and wasting your money. It is also an excellent detail to share with your future partner later on!

Tip 3. Remember: Size Does Not Always Matter

Another big problem for engagement ring buyers is the size of the stone they should get. 

Ask yourself first if you and your partner believe that the size of the stone is everything! If your partner considers this a big deal, then maybe you should look for a huge stone—but if not, you do not have to turn it into a problem. As a compromise, you can place less emphasis on your jewellery or band's colour if you will spend most of your budget on the stone. If you have enough budget, then you can go all out. 

The current trend nowadays is an engagement ring that can be part of a woman's everyday life. Something not difficult to wear regularly is a ring that is simple and personal—and an excessively large stone may not be fit for such a purpose.

Tip 4. Do Not Focus on the Grade

People often have a hard time deciding on what stone to use because they always get caught up with the social standard of what is the perfect stone for an engagement ring. You can refer to the GIA's grading and gem identification as a reference—but this should not dictate what you should get! At the end of the day, the stone should speak for itself. Focus on how it makes you feel and how you think it will look on your partner's finger. 

Tip 5. Do Not Take the Setting for Granted

Some people focus too much on the stone that they forget to decide what kind of setting to place it on. Remember that the setting is another opportunity for you to make the ring more personal! You can be creative and be particular with its details if you want a genuinely unique engagement ring.


Buying an engagement ring can be intimidating at first, but always remember that you are buying one as a symbol of your love for your partner. Keep these tips in mind and make sure that you are buying from legitimate jewellery shops to make sure you purchase the right kind.

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