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4 Tips on Maximizing Profit From Selling Scrap Gold


With the high price of gold, many people are looking to cash in on their old jewellery by selling it as scrap gold. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to maximize your profit when selling scrap gold. 1. Know the Current Market Price of Gold Gold scrap […]

Reasons to Invest in Gold and How to Buy One


Gold is a precious metal used for centuries as currency, jewellery, and other decorative items. The value of gold is determined by its rarity, physical properties, and history. There are many reasons to invest in gold. Gold is a scarce resource, and its supply is limited. The demand for gold is constantly increasing, so the […]

3 Valuable Forms of Gold You Can Sell for a High Price


Even in the old times, gold usually symbolised wealth and prosperity. It can also be an excellent investment for people who want to earn more money. However, this process can be challenging, especially for first-timers.  This article will discuss the three valuable forms of gold you can sell for a high price: gold bullion, gold […]

Understanding Why Platinum Is Both Valuable and Expensive


Although it was only formally recognised as a precious metal in the late 18th century, platinum has been discovered in Egyptian jewellery that dates back to 700 B.C. The word Platina, which means “small silver” in Spanish, was used to describe the metal with which platinum was initially mistaken. Spanish Conquistadors thought the white nuggets […]

Treasure in the Old: How to Repurpose Your Gold

Gold price per gram uk

You might be here because you have old gold jewellery lying around at home. Perhaps you are also here because you are considering recycling and repurposing your old gold accessories. The good news is that repurposing and recycling your gold is definitely possible. Gold can be melted and reshaped. Because air bubbles might compromise the […]

Midas Touch: 5 Factors to Consider in Mastering Gold Purity

Gold Purity

Buying pieces of jewellery is an investment people make. They can be an excellent way to add a little bit of luxury to your life or to start building a collection that will last a lifetime. But you must research before making big purchases to know you’re getting the best pieces for your money. But […]

Ways to Extract 9ct Gold per Gram from Electronics

Gold Electronics

Did you know that you can make quick cash by extracting gold from old, unwanted circuit boards? It’s true! You can extract up to £980 worth of gold in three months by collecting junk electronics and using a chemical process to extract the precious metal! Before we continue, you should only do this if you […]

8 Common Uses & Applications of Gold—Part 2

gold rings

When it comes to all minerals mined from the planet Earth, gold is often deemed the most useful and valuable because of its special properties such as strength, durability, ductility, and aesthetic value. For this reason, this precious metal has indeed so much to offer to the world. In our previous article, we’ve learned that […]

8 Common Uses & Applications of Gold—Part 1


Gold is a precious metal that people have long used since ancient times. In the past, people used this material as ornamental accessories to decorate bodies and other precious objects. Today, these shiny and metallic metals are turned into many products, such as gold bars, coins, jewellery pieces, watches, tiaras, and even equipment materials. Besides […]