Why People Consider Engagement Ring Upgrades and How to Get it Right

Why People Consider Engagement Ring Upgrades and How to Get it Right

One thing that has remained the same throughout all of your marriage years is your engagement ring. It’s been with you through all of it, and it’s still as attractive as the day you got it.

However, did you know that not all couples retain the same engagement rings London through their whole marriage? After some years of marriage, some couples choose that they’re ready to upgrade their engagement rings, maybe by addition of a couple of stones, getting a larger stone, or just adding quite a little sparkle around the band.

Once you’ve decided when and why you wish to upgrade, it’s time to talk about the nature of upgrades. We’ve crafted a list of some of the most common and popular upgrades, but it’s crucial to remember that the decision is up to you.

Transform Your Solitaire into a 3-Stone Engagement Ring

If your engagement ring began its life as a solitary diamond ring, this seems like a natural extra step to take. Supplementing a few extra diamonds will give it just that little extra glimpse of sparkle.

You might pick to make your two additional diamonds somewhat smaller, and set on either side of the primary diamond. This keeps the attention on the primary and largest diamond while helping to balance it out on either side and add a little grace.

Did you know that 3-stone engagement rings represent your past, present, and future since you have been together? This transforms into a perfect anniversary gift!

Add a dimension with Color

Diamonds are undeniably the most popular stone for an engagement ring, and for a noble reason. Their white, glamorous sparkle is almost synonymous with engagements and weddings. But perhaps you want to have a little extra color to your cherished piece.

There are lots of interesting ways to do this. You can add newer stones to your ring, or you can get a completely new stone. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds all come in vivid, beautiful hues that are sure to provide you with the color you’ve been longing for. Another option might be to vary the metal of the band itself. Maybe you can trade-in your plain white gold band for that beautiful one made with rose gold.

Whichever option you pick, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your unique and brightly-lit engagement ring.

Enhance a Diamond Solitaire

Many wearers of diamond engagement rings UK enjoy the simplicity that single diamonds provides. Others wish for a little added sparkle. If you presently have a single diamond and wish to upgrade, you might be attracted in a diamond ring enhancer.

These are particularly made rings that are crafted to fit around the original ring and convert it into something almost virtually new. They help you add a further level of sophistication, all without changing a thing about the style or shape of the original ring.

When it comes to picking one of these, however, you’ll want to be extra cautious in choosing one that matches your current ring and blends well with the design. The two rings need to complement each other so well that they seem like they were intended to be like this in the first place. This can be found at numerous stores that sell jewelry near me.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Band

If you’re looking for a somewhat more subtle way to upgrade your piece, changing the band might be the perfect way to do that. Adding some additional diamonds to an otherwise plain white gold band offers your ring a dazzling, magical effect.

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