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Hatton Garden is a London area historically known for selling precious metals and jewellery. Indeed, for many years’ people have exchanged various types of jewellery making it one the best places to buy or sell precious metals like gem stones. Men and women have always been fascinated by gem stones for decades because of their symbolic significance and their outstanding beauty. Indeed, many cultures and civilisations were fascinated by gem stones because of their uniqueness and striking beauty. For example, the gem stone rose quartz is associated to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She would embody the symbol of love, beauty and passion. If you’re looking for these types of metals, you can easily buy or sell gemstones in Hatton Garden for a reasonable price. You won’t find a better and faster place to sell or buy your gemstones.

What is a gemstone? Difference between gemstones and diamonds.


Some can get confused as to what a gem stone is and how does it differ from a diamond. There are both considered as beautiful pieces of jewellery that many love for their uniqueness and beauty. The first that you need to remember is that diamonds are considered as a type of gemstone. This can be explained by the fact that gemstones originate from various types of crystals. Diamonds are considered as the hardest type of gem and therefore a type of gemstone. Gemstones are considered as compounds which means that they are made of multiple elements.

They are known to be as crystals that are polished. Some gemstones can be from organic materials and therefore not based on minerals such as the amber or the pearl stone. Each gemstone is unique and different. The difference is that diamonds are extracted much deeper from the surface whereas the most common gemstones can be found from rocks closer to the surface. Indeed, you would find them from sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. This can explain why most often, diamonds costs more than gemstones as it takes more time and work to make them. Of course, this can vary according to the clarity, cut and shape of the diamond. This rule also applies for gemstones. It’s important to understand what is gemstone before you either buy or sell gemstones.

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The Different categories of gemstones (from rare to most common)

It’s important to learn and know which types of gemstones are the most popular and the most expansive. This will help you if you want to either buy or sell gemstones in Hatton Garden.

·       Diamonds: Everybody knows what a diamond looks like. It’s one of the most popular forms of jewellery in the world. Indeed, it’s especially used for engagement rings. You can find both natural and synthetic diamonds. Of course, the most transparent your diamond the higher the value. Their value can vary according to the main 4C criteria’s such as clarity, cut, colour and carat.

·       Ruby gemstone: The ruby gemstone is known to be as of one the most popular gemstones in the world. Ruby gemstone is a stone based on the colour blood red. Of course, the pigment and type of red can vary from one stone another, some might have a pinker colour and others a redder colour.  It’s considered as a high quality gemstone because of its durability and vivid colour. It’s considered as a corundum mineral. Just to quickly mention every corundum gems that are red will be considered as rubies.

The best quality cut ruby gemstones are very hard to find on the common global market. Asia has always been known to be the biggest producer in terms of ruby gemstones like India. However, many other countries like Australia or the US have started to produce them. Of course, the overall value of the piece of jewellery will differ from its country of origin. Nowadays, you can easily buy or sell gemstones of this kind on the market.

·       Sapphire: The sapphire gem has always been a favourite amongst people. Its vivid blue colour has always grabbed the attention of people all around the world. The gem has many qualities, it’s known for being very durable and being a quality gem from the variety of corundum minerals. However, it needs to be mentioned that not every sapphires gems are blue. The colour can differ from time to time. However, it’s main colour remains blue. Therefore, you can have yellow or even pink sapphires.  One of the 4C that will considerably influence the value of your sapphire gem is the colour. The pigment and vividness of your sapphire will either help improve or deteriorate the value of your stone.

·       Emerald: The Emerald gem is famous for its vivid green colour. It’s considered as one of the big four most popular gems with sapphire, ruby and diamond. It’s used quite often for commemorating certain events like wedding anniversaries. The value and price of the stone can vary according to the 4’C (carat, cut, clarity and colour). Like with the sapphire; the colour of the stone hugely influences the value of the stone. The colour that you would want to get is slightly bluish green accompanied by a dark vivid tone.

There are many other types of gemstones, here is a list of a few common gems and a brief description.

·       Taaffeite: It’s not as popular and common as the other gems. Mostly made in countries like Sri Lanka, Madagascar or Tanzania. There are various types of colours for this gem, but it’s most popular one is light violet.

·       Black Opal: It’s a gemstone that originates from Australia. It’s known to be one the most expensive and popular types of Opal. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not entirely black They are high quality gems who remain rare on the market.

·       Morganite: The Morganite gem is not as famous as the other gems. This gem has a light pink beryl colour. Of course, the colouring can differ from one gem to another. For instance, you can get light orange gems. It was discovered only about a century ago and many associate it to a more special feminine colour. Some even consider it as a love stone.

·       Alexandrite: The Alexandrite gem is starting to become more and more popular in the field of jewellery. It was discovered in the emral mine near the Ur Mountains and it was gifted to the tsarist of the country at that time. The tsar was named Alexander the II therefore it was named the Alexandrite gem. It’s close to the blue-green colour associated with the sunlight but the colour changes into a red-purple when put near a more incandescent lighting.

·       Tanzanite:  This gemstone is from country Tanzania which the name originated from. The colour is a beautiful dark blue that became very popular in the late 60’s thanks to the American brand Tiffany & Co. You find a beautiful tanzanite gemstone for a reasonable price, however studies show that its value will grow with time.

The different factors that influence the value of your gemstone:

You’ve got to remember that there are numerous factors that can influence the value and therefore the price of your gemstone. The pricing is similar to the one applied for diamonds. Just like diamonds, the colour, clarity, cut (shape) and carat will influence the overall value of your gemstone. Therefore, you must take into account these criteria’s, also known as the 4’C, before you buy or sell gemstones in Hatton Garden. Of course, you shouldn’t think that these factors are independent from one another, therefore what happens is that if the cut is very good then usually the colour becomes more vivid and pleasant to look at.

Firstly, there is the colour. Some classifications may vary from one country or company to another. Combined with the cut and clarity, the colour of a gem can influence its beauty and therefore its value. There isn’t a specific colour you would want to get as the gems and stones can vary. The goal would to have a refined clear and well cut stone. In some cases, like the emerald stone you would want to lean towards a specific pigment of colour like a bluish green.

Then we have clarity, it represents the level of transparency that the metal will have. The idea, is to look into the gemstone to see if there are inclusions and blemishes. These are essential when determining the value of a gemstone. The closer to inclusion free the better, however it’s very rare to find a perfect gemstone with no imperfections. You can take your gemstone to the jewellery shop to check its clarity to estimate very precisely its value.

Another factor to take into account is the carat. They are known as the weight of the piece of jewellery. You need to know how much your gemstone weights, because the more carats you have, the more chances the value of your gemstone will increase. That’s why the carat count the more expansive the gem is. However, this is not the case for every time of gemstone.

Finally, you have the cut. The shape of the stone that will influence its value and price. Basically, the way your gem is cut will have a big influence of the overall price of your item. This can be explained by the fact that the cut affects the colouring of your gemstone and therefore its beauty. If you have a stone that is poorly cut, then that will tarnish the overall beauty of the stone and therefore the value of the precious metal.

These are key elements to take into account before you buy or sell gemstones in Hatton Garden.

How much does gemstones costs ?

Like we mentioned before there are multiple elements that influence the value of your gemstone. Therefore, it’s hard to give an estimation of how much a type of gemstone can be worth per carat as the colour, the cut, carat or even clarity can hugely impact the value of the gemstone. The type of stone you have and its quality can also affect its pricing. The quality can be estimated by the country of where its produced and the 4C’s factors.

However, some types of gemstones are known to be more popular and rarer which makes them more expansive. Indeed, gold is similar to a currency and its value can fluctuate according to many economic and political factors.

Here is a table to give estimations of how much you can expect to pay or sell gemstones on the current market.


Price per carat

Ruby (red)

From 400 £ to 3000£

Sapphire (blue)

From 25 £ to 11 000£

Emerald   (green)

From 15£ to 3300£

Taaffeite (light violet)

From 500£ to 1000£

Black Opal (dark black)

From 30£ to 13 000£

Morganite (light pink)

From 150£ to 800£

Alexandrite (blue-green)

From 2000£ to 14 000£


Tanzanite (dark blue)

From 150 to 1000£



Ways to sell gemstones in London at the best price

Some of you are maybe looking into buying precious and rare gemstones in order to sell them at a higher price later on. On paper, this can seem like the perfect plan as the value and price of gold, diamonds and gem stones have a tendency of increasing with time. However, this can be risky as you have to make an investment by paying a large sum of money at first and it can take time for you to find the right buyer. Indeed, finding the right buyer who is willing to buy very expensive piece of jewellery from you and not a jewellery shop is very hard. Most often, they will think you’re trying to scam them by selling counterfeit products. Therefore, we would recommend you remain cautious about this technique and try to avoid it.

If you own rare and beautiful gemstones you can also try to increase their overall value by investing in them. Like we mentioned before, the cut of the stone can help increase the value of the gem. Therefore, you could recut some of your gemstones and polish them. This could be a good way to sell gemstones at a higher price.

Another piece of advice we could give is try to compare and look into as many shops to sell your gem stone at the best price. Indeed, if you want to buy or sell gemstones in Hatton Garden then you have to prepare and collect as many quotes to increase of chance of selling at the best price. After all, everyone wants to buy products at the best price possible.