Getting a Good Price for Your Gold – Is It Really Difficult?

your scrap gold online

How to sell your gold jewellery:

You can find a lot of online services that will value the worth of your scrap gold by asking you to weigh the item and evaluate the gold by its carat. You will find that a lot of websites will ask you to send your gold items to them via post without giving you any payment beforehand. Usually these online services deal in raw or scrap gold. You should avoid sending any jewellery item that has intricate gemstones as these companies will melt your gold down and your precious gemstones will go to waste.

You can always take your scrap gold to a gold jeweller who is most likely to tell you if your gold is real or fake. Some jewellers might also buy your gold from you on the spot. This will save you from postal cost of mailing your gold to any online company or gold vendor.

There are auctioning companies such as the “Hansons” which offer to give you the valuation of your gold for free. If you want to sell your scrap gold online, you need to understand that scrap gold prices vary depending on which website you choose. It is advisable that you always compare the websites to get the best price of your scrap gold.

Here are top four-online services that you can sell your gold on:

London gold Centre:

They are known as one of UK’s top-rated posted service for buying/selling gold. You can sell your scrap gold, jewellery, coins or gold bars at the best rates. You can use their postal service or go to their stores in-person. Their exquisite London store will offer you trustworthy services every time. They have expert gold testers who can test and weigh your gold and give you the correct estimate of the worth of your gold. They also offer you the service to melt your gold and pay you for it on the same day.

Lois Bullion Jewellery:

They have the experience of over 30 years. They specialize in jewellery, wholesale and precious metal buying. It is a family-run business established in 1985 and is considered as one of the top gold traders of the industry.


It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lawrence Group. It has over 50 years of experience in dealing with jewellery and precious metals. They offer purchasing services to retail jewellers. They are always willing to buy metal scrap in any form like scrap gold. They offer full confidentiality and fast service with comparatively better rates for your gold scrap.

Scrap Gold UK:

they are a family-run business that has a history in gold jewellery manufacturing, buying and selling. They hold customer satisfaction as their top-most priority. They understand that the price of gold changes almost daily. They deal with gold scrap prices based on London LBMA pricings. Scrap gold prices may vary from gold jewellery prices, and you need to understand that the pricing offered online for scrap gold will often be higher than street prices.  

If you want to sell your gold, you need to understand that you can sell anything that is gold, broken jewellery, gold and silver coins, old gold watches, gold teeth and precious metal. You can also sell items which are hallmarked gold or non-hallmarked gold, silver or platinum. At the same time, you cannot sell custom jewellery, or gold/silver plated items as they hold no value. If you have anything that is 24-carat pure gold, you are likely to get higher prices.

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