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Going for Gold: What You Need to Know About Selling Your Gold

When you want to sell your gold scrap, then you will want to make sure that you get to bank a significant amount of quid. After all, you aren't just selling something that is ordinary or easy to find! In fact, if you're smart, then you can even become more financially stable by selling your scrap gold at opportune prices at the best timing. But what exactly does it take to be one of the best gold sellers in London?  

The main achievement that you should strive for as a seller is to become reputable enough among the buyers—mainly because you can eventually become a gold buyer yourself! To help you out in this regard, this article lays out some of the basics of selling gold items. By keeping these steps in mind, you can take your first step towards the life of luxury that you’ve always dreamed of.

Know the Karat or Purity of Your Gold Items

The first step to any successful gold sale is knowing about the karat value of your product. Of course, the rule of thumb is that if the karat is high, then that means it’s more valuable and can be sold for more on the market. You need to look out for those kinds of high-quality karat items when you sell gold scrap. 

Now, you have to remember that all kinds of gold from any karat range is viable for sale. You may not make as much as the next gold seller, but you can easily rack up in pounds if you sell as many items as you can. As such, be on the lookout for any kind of gold scrap or item that you can find. If you keep doing this, then you can start establishing yourself in the market as a reputable gold seller. 

Compare Your Gold Items to Others in The Market 

After knowing about the karat, you also need to compare the gold scraps that you have with other competitors. Always remember that the scrap gold prices today can easily fluctuate depending on the demands of the public. It can even come to a point that you can sell your items for a higher price compared to past prices—so learn about the timing when it comes to selling your stock. Additionally, you can look towards using gold-selling tools to price it properly, such as a scrap gold calculator. 

Another technique is to consider the price range given by other gold buyers in the market, especially if you are selling gold items that are high in demand. If your competitor is selling the same item for a higher price, then either match them or sell it for just a bit lower. This strategy will help you bank money easier and make sure the healthy momentum of selling is kept. 

Consider Your own Preferred Price for Your Gold Items

With the other gold sellers in mind, you should lock in a certain price that you have as well. Doing this will help you avoid falling victim to buyers who haggle too unreasonably. That’s why it’s always important to be mindful of competitive prices for certain items. If the buyer is still haggling even after you’ve set a just price, then it’s best to look for other buyers. 

Do a Background Check on Your Buyer

Now just as there are shady gold sellers out there who have overpriced gold or sell fake gold scraps, the same can be said about buyers. As previously mentioned, there are buyers who are unfair or can treat your gold items like rubbish. Be wary of these kinds of buyers by doing a quick background check. Just as you are striving to be a reputable seller, there are reputable buyers as well—so pick whom you sell to wisely.


The key to selling gold is knowing your product, the market, and what you can do to stay ahead of your competitors. Remember that this product falls under the luxury market—meaning you can smartly sell gold scrap without having to lower your price to make easy sales. Overall, the best way to sell your gold is always to make informed decisions about your set price and finding the right tools to keep you as a reputable and reliable seller. 

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