Check our gold price per gram with our scrap gold price calculator UK. The  scrap gold price is based on the gold price today. Our gold price calculator is accurate and calculates the gold price based on the gold market value on the day. 

We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item | No Risk : You can value your product with us for free with no obligation. 

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We Pay : Gold Price Calculator UK

Gold June 5 2020 01:43 local
Enter WeightDescriptionGBP £ 1,322.76 / oz
  g 9K Gold GBP £ 15.47 /g
  g 14K Gold GBP £ 24.06 /g
  g 18K Gold GBP £ 30.94 /g
  g 21K Gold GBP £ 36.10 /g
  g 22K Gold GBP £ 37.81 /g
  g 24K Gold GBP £ 41.25 /g

Sell Scrap Gold with London Gold Centre

Want to sell your pre-owned and unwanted jewellery using our gold price calculator?

If you have 9-carat gold ring, 9-carat gold bracelet or other scrap gold jewellery, you would like to sell for cash. You can use our scrap gold calculator, which gives you the gold price per gram UK based on the scrap gold prices today to get the value of your scrap jewellery. You will be paid the highest rates based on the scrap gold prices today. We are always updating our live gold prices based on the gold price today. Which give our customers an actuate valuation, when they use our 9, 14, 18, 22 carat Scrap gold price calculator. Use our 9ct gold price calculator to calculate the accurate value of your 9 carat scrap gold, Gold Coins.

The recent development in technology and the ability to update the scrap gold prices today constantly we can assure our customers an accurate estimate on our scrap gold price calculator. Traders price your items of 9-carat gold ring, 9-carat gold bracelets and other scrap jewellery based on the gold content and not on the potential resale values. The simple process is that we pay high prices for the gold content of your article based on the scrap gold price today.

In some circumstances, we may have to melt down your gold in our well-equipped melting laboratory. From here, we make accurate assessments of this metal’s purity and determine the value using our scrap gold price calculator and the scrap gold price today. We do not ask charges for this process your payment the same day.

Testing Jewellery’s and gold purity

The old process of testing your gold was through filing and acid test. It’s done by scratching the surface of the gold and applying a little amount of acid to it to determine if the gold content is 9-carat, 18-carat or 22-carat, based on the acid reactions.

scrap gold price calculator

We take pride in having the best technology and industry expert professionals when it comes to gold testing and valuing. We got the latest technical equipment to test all kinds of metals. Use our scrap gold price calculator, which is updated based on the gold price today. You can get an accurate value for your 9-carat ring, 9-carat gold bracelet or other scrap gold.

What Makes Us the Best Scrap Gold Buyer? 

As a company serving in this business for many years, we completely understand how much you value your investments of Gold jewellery, coins, and bars. We also appreciate you for entrusting us with your precious items.

We work hard to give you an excellent service and the best prices based on the gold price today. In every customer we receive, our friendly professionals do their best to provide an accurate value for your scrap gold jewellery. We guarantee an efficient and smooth process when selling your scrap gold. We will transfer funds directly into your account on the same day or pay instant cash.

How does our Scrap Gold price Calculator UK work?

First of all, you need to enter the weight of the items you want to value and if you know the carats, enter them into the dedicated fields. Once you enter the wight and the related carat value, you will get the market scrap price gold based on the scrap gold price today. Use our 9ct gold price calculator UK to find the accurate value of your 9-carat gold.

What are Hallmarks?

Hallmarks identify the carat of the gold. The all marks directly gives the percentage of gold in a given item.

The different Hallmark and its representing carat and percentage of gold are listed below:

  • 375 Hallmark : 09 carat : 37.5% Gold
  • 585 Hallmark : 14 carat : 58.5% Gold
  • 750 Hallmark : 18 carat : 75.0% Gold
  • 916 Hallmark : 22 carat : 91.6% Gold

Most traders will only consider British Hallmark as other making made by the jewellery maker are not valid. They are not industry standard. One can identify the apparent correlation between the Hallmark and percentage of gold in an item. 375 British Hallmark indicates gold in a piece of 37.5%. Meaning that the price of 1g is 37.5% of the value of 24-carat gold in grams. 

Gold price Updates: 

16/10/2019 Gold Price Updates:  

Week 42

The current Gold price reaches 47,663 Dollars, and this weeks High is just above $48,768. This week’s low price is $47,404 per KG of Gold. The ounce of gold sells for only under $1500 in week 42.

With unsure financial markets, scrap gold prices have recently risen. Subsequently, we’re always ready to offer you incredible rates. To get the best price for your scrap gold, give us a call to get an accurate estimate for the price of your scrap gold. We base our gold price accordingly to standards and LMBA association.

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Gold Price Calculator

Our up-to-date gold price calculator based on the gold price today will give you an estimated price on how much instant cash you will receive for your scrap gold. You can calculate the price based on the gold jewellery hallmark. 24k gold bars are 999.99 hallmarked, which carry the highest value.