Scrap Gold Price Calculator: Estimate your scrap gold price

Check our gold price per gram with our scrap gold price calculator. The scrap gold price is based on the gold price today. Our gold value calculator is accurate and calculates the scrap gold price based on the gold market value on the day. Enter the gram you would like to get valued and the gold calculator will multiply the total for you. We pay the prices shown online when you sell scrap gold to us. No appointment need to visit us.

We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item | No Risk : You can value your product with us for free with no obligation. 

25,000+ Satisfied Customers | X-Ray Testing | Certified Scale

Excellent service from start to finish - would definitely recommend!
Great customer service!Quick , friendly, professional staff!Great price for scrap gold and silver!
Fantasy service with a loyal based team. I couldn’t ask for more!! Brilliant
Had some inherited gold jewellery sat in a drawer for 5 years with no intention of ever wearing it. I came across this company on line and what a brilliant find it was! Just filled out the form, posted it off and got a call from a lovely man the very next day to inform me of it's value. The money was in my account instantly. I was a bit sceptical at first but this company is absolutely genuine and gave me the very best price for something just sat in a drawer. Amazing service, very efficient and one happy customer that would highly recommend. Thank you so much.
Really easy to sort out selling gold jewellery, just a simple form to fill in. Posted it all special delivery next day. Got a phone call in the afternoon, very professional and polite. Money transferred straight away. 100% would use again, great service.
I discovered the London Gold Centre online purely by chance. I had traded in my sovereigns at Hatton Garden Metals the day before and whilst their service and price was acceptable, it didn’t want to go back there to sell my jewellery.I thought I would shop around to see if I could find somewhere better.Many jewellery businesses will not see customers face to face at present (due to Covid) and insist that they post everything to them. I don’t trust this approach as everything is totally hidden from the customer. I had a very frustrating conversation with the owner of one such business in Hatton Garden whose name escapes me. He thought he was being friendly and couldn’t understand why I would even want to come to his shop.He was just rude. If he keeps this up after Covid is over he deserves to lose business.I am really pleased that I decided to go to the London Gold Centre instead. Not only were their prices better, I felt that the gentleman who dealt with me gave me better service and was more open in the way that he priced things, he even had a special x-ray machine to show me exactly what carat gold I was selling. It turned out to be a higher (more valuable) carat than I expected. I really appreciated his honesty and friendliness.I am very impressed with the London Gold Centre and will definitely return there if I find anything thing else to sell.
After buying new wedding and engagement rings, I thought I would trade my old ones along with some scrap earrings and a broken necklace.Posted by special delivery on the Thursday afternoon, phone call on the Friday afternoon from the LGC and money transferred into my account within 5 minutes.A good fair price for the gold, overall a brilliant service.
I was initially quite nervous about posting my scrap gold. But I spoke to a very helpful gentleman on the phone at LGC who explained how to do it and how to insure my parcel via royal mail recorded delivery. I followed his instructions and sent the packages through. I split my packages to ensure I could fully insure the goods and to limit the risk if something got lost. I posted on Tuesday, they had arrived by Wednesday late morning (I was able to track on royal mail's website). By Wednesday afternoon I'd received a phonecall from LGC confirming the weight and confirming the amount to pay me and by Wednesday late afternoon I'd received funds into my bank account. Incredibly smooth process, fantastic customer service and a very pleasant phonecall and confirmation by text of the transfer of monies. Delighted by the professionalism and speed. If you're wondering whether to sell your scrap gold, go for it, it's very simple and easy. Thank you LGC!
I highly recommend London Gold Centre. I researched online and then selected them. They offered the BEST prices for gold and silver. I filled in their online form, received a reference number, printed it off and posted everything by Royal Mail Special Recorded Delivery. I got a phone call the following day with a great offer which I accepted. The payment was in my bank account 5 minutes after the phone call ended. The whole process was completed in less than 24 hours. What fabulous service/
Great price excellent service and super-fast payment received
Thank you very much again.It was my first time to send gold and silver by postFirst of all, l worried to send by post but l felt trust for this place and my thoughts came is absolutely safe place, good customer service and professional. They payed straight away in to my bank same day. If anyone has concerns about posting - don't, this is a completely trusted company and I will happily use again.
Highly Recommend!!!
Was really worried sending gold in the post....if it got there safely would it be stolen?? Nowhere to go because lockdown. It got there safely and wasn't stolen, first time I got a call at lunch, and money sent to account straight away. Piece I didn't want to sell sent back free of charge. Next time sent more and was able to do everything by WhatsApp, which I prefer. Again money sent soon after.Would recommend
To do business with LGC is a calm and pleasant experience, recommended!

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Scrap Gold Price Calculator

  Gold   £ 1,264.21 / oz April 20 2021 02:50 am
Grams Description Total Amount
9k Gold £ 15.01
10k Gold £ 16.68
12k Gold £ 20.02
14K Gold £ 23.35
15k Gold £ 25.02
18K Gold £ 30.03
21K Gold £ 35.03
22K Gold £ 36.70
24K Gold £ 40.04

Scrap Gold Price Calculator: Estimate your scrap gold price

Check our gold price per gram with our scrap gold price calculator. The scrap gold price is based on the gold price today. Our gold value calculator is accurate and calculates the scrap gold price based on the gold market value on the day. Enter the gram you would like to get valued and the gold calculator will multiply the total for you. We pay the prices shown on line when you sell scrap gold to us. No appointment need to visit us.

We use the latest technology to accurately test gold without damaging the item | No Risk : You can value your product with us for free with no obligation. 

25,000+ Satisfied Customers | X-Ray Testing | Certified Scale

Sell Scrap Gold with London Gold Centre

Want to estimate or sell your pre-owned and unwanted jewellery using our gold price calculator?

scrap-gold-price-claculator-300x300 Gold Price CalculatorIf you have 9-carat gold ring, 9-carat gold bracelet or other scrap gold jewellery, you would like to sell for cash. You can use our scrap gold calculator, which gives you the gold price per gram in United Kingdom based on live gold prices. You will be paid the highest rates based on the current market prices today.

We are always updating our live gold prices based on the gold price today. Which give our customers an actuate valuation, when they use our 9, 14, 18, 22-carat Scrap gold price calculator. Use our 9ct gold price calculator to calculate the accurate value of your 9-carat scrap gold, Gold Coins.

The recent development in technology and the ability to update the scrap gold prices today constantly we can assure our customers an accurate estimate on our scrap gold price calculator.

Traders price your items of 9-carat gold ring, 9-carat gold bracelets and other scrap jewellery based on the gold content and not on the potential resale values. The simple process is that we pay high prices for the gold content of your article based on the scrap gold price today.

In some circumstances, we may have to melt down your gold in our well-equipped melting laboratory. From here, we make accurate assessments of this metal’s purity and determine the value using our scrap gold price calculator and the scrap gold price today. We do not ask charges for this process your payment the same day.

Testing Jewellery’s and gold purity

The old process of testing your gold was through filing and acid test. It’s done by scratching the surface of the gold and applying a little amount of acid to it to determine if the gold content is 9-carat, 18-carat or 22-carat, based on the acid reactions.

We take pride in having the best technology and industry expert professionals when it comes to gold testing and valuing. We got the latest technical equipment to test all kinds of metals. Use our scrap gold price calculator, which is updated based on the gold price today. You can get an accurate value for your 9-carat ring, 9-carat gold bracelet or other scrap gold.

What Makes Us the Best Scrap Gold Buyer? 

As a company serving in this business for many years, we completely understand how much you value your investments of Gold jewellery, coins, and bars. We also appreciate you for entrusting us with your precious items.

We work hard to give you excellent service and the best prices based on the gold price today. In every customer we receive, our friendly professionals do their best to provide an accurate value for your scrap gold jewellery. We guarantee an efficient and smooth process when selling your scrap gold. We will transfer funds directly into your account on the same day or pay instant cash.

How does our Scrap Gold price Calculator UK work?

First, you need to enter the weight of the items you want to value and if you know the carats, enter them into the dedicated fields. Once you enter the wight and the related carat value, you will get the market scrap price gold based on the scrap gold price today. Use our 9ct gold price calculator UK to find the accurate value of your 9-carat gold items.

What are Hallmarks?

Hallmarks identify the carat of the gold. The all marks directly gives the percentage of gold in a given item.

The different Hallmark and its representing carat and percentage of gold are listed below:

  • 375 Hallmarks : 09 carat : 37.5% Gold
  • 585 Hallmark : 14 carat : 58.5% Gold
  • 750 Hallmark : 18 carat : 75.0% Gold
  • 916 Hallmark : 22 carat : 91.6% Gold

Most traders will only consider British Hallmark as other making made by the jewellery maker are not valid. They are not industry standard. One can identify the apparent correlation between the Hallmark and percentage of gold in an item. 375 British Hallmark indicates gold in a piece of 37.5%. Meaning that the price of 1g is 37.5% of the value of 24-carat gold in grams. 

Gold price Updates: 

16/10/2019 Gold Price Updates:  

Week 42

The current Gold price reaches 47,663 Dollars, and this weeks High is just above $48,768. This week’s low price is $47,404 per KG of Gold. The ounce of gold sells for only under $1500 in week 42.

With unsure financial markets, scrap gold prices have recently risen. Subsequently, we’re always ready to offer you incredible rates. To get the best price for your scrap gold, give us a call to get an accurate estimate for the price of your scrap gold. We base our gold price accordingly to standards and LMBA association.

Convenient Online Scrap Gold Price Calculator

Welcome to the London Gold Centre online scrap gold price calculator. Thanks to this handy tool, you can easily and quickly calculate the gold price in grams before you sell gold. Our calculator is based on spot gold prices and you can view all rates in London local time. On the London Gold Centre website, you can calculate the price of your scrap gold of any carat:

  • 9K Gold Price
  • 10K Gold Price
  • 12K Gold Price
  • 14K Gold Price
  • 15K Gold Price
  • 18K Gold Price
  • 21K Gold Price
  • 22K Gold Price
  • 24K Gold Price

You will receive the actual value of your gold for the current date and time in pounds sterling. To do this, you do not even need to call and communicate with a specialist from London Gold Centre. The whole procedure is performed automatically to save you time.

What is a Gold Price Calculator?

The gold price calculator available on is a very handy and useful tool for estimating the value of gold per gram in real-time. You can use it if you are going to sell gold scrap or even if you just want to track the daily change in the price of scrap gold.

If you have gold jewellery that you are not wearing (for example, if it is out of fashion), and you want to sell it for scrap gold at the maximum price, this gold price calculator will help you. Just visit the site every day and see the price of your gold. And when the price reaches an acceptable value for you, you can sell scrap gold by posting it to the London Gold Centre or by coming personally to our company.

How To Calculate The Scrap Gold Price?

If you know the purity of your product that you want to sell as scrap gold, for example, 9 carats, 12 carats or 22 carats, as well as its weight in grams, just enter this information in the desired cell of the table located on the London Gold Centre website. You will see the latest live gold rate calculation in real-time in pounds sterling.

What Is A Carat Of Gold?

Gold jewellery comes in a variety of purity levels – carat of gold. For example, 24k gold is the purest form of gold, while 22k gold is composed of small impurities that make gold ideal for jewellery such as:

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets

22k jewellery is made of standard quality gold, but some of them contain a low carat or level of purity, such as 18-carat, 15-carat, 21-carat, etc. To calculate the value of these types of gold when selling scrap gold, you need a scrap gold price calculator.

The 24-carat gold level is 99% pure and the 22-carat gold is ideal for jewellery. Its formula for calculating the percentage of gold to other metals in the alloy looks like this:

Carat / 24 Gold Price

For example, 22k gold can be calculated as = 22/24 = 0.916 = 91% pure gold, which can also be called 916 gold. Therefore, 916 were minted on 22k gold coins and other items.

How Can I estimate and sell my gold?

It depends on the nature of the gold you own. If you are planning to sell gold, these items can be:

  • Golden coins
  • Gold necklaces
  • Rings made of gold
  • Bracelets
  • Gold earrings

There are many places in every country to sell these gold items. However, the selling price may vary depending on location, time and other factors. London Gold Centre invites you to sell gold at the most profitable prices in London.

Why Sell Scrap Gold?

If at the moment money is more important to you than your jewellery, or if your jewellery is out of date, out of fashion and is in the jewellery box, you can sell scrap gold at the London Gold Centre.

Just post your items to the specified address on the company’s website or bring gold jewellery to us in person. An expert from the London Gold Centre will quickly check and evaluate your gold products and provide a quote. At London Gold Centre you can sell scrap gold at the highest prices in London.

How Can I Buy Gold?

London Gold Centre invites you to buy gold as well. Here you can buy any gold products of the highest quality and purity, such as:

  • Ingots of gold
  • Golden coins
  • Gold products or jewellery

If you still have questions, just contact a specialist of the company in any of the ways available on the site. London Gold Centre is your reliable partner and advisory for the sale or purchase of items made of gold and other precious metals. With over 15 years of experience in the market, we are trusted by clients from London and other cities. Long-term cooperation with clients and high quality of services provided are the main priorities in our work.

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LGC-Logo-Transparant Gold Price Calculator

Scrap Gold Price Calculator

Our up-to-date gold price calculator based on the gold price today will give you an estimated price on how much instant cash you will receive for your scrap gold. You can calculate the price based on the gold jewellery hallmark. 24k gold bars are 999.99 hallmarked, which carry the highest value.