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Gold Price Forecast for 2020

The Gold Market: The Time of Gold to Shine Has Come in 2020

2020 is the right time to invest in Gold: Here is why

Gold is a precious metal that gives wonderful benefits not only to an individual but to the whole country. Whatever people intend to use it for, there is a good value to get back in return. But the sad truth is that it is impossible to have everyone own much gold. 

So, the question usually falls on gold’s real essence. Many gold owners are aware of gold ownership benefits. Yet, it is still quite difficult to list everything. Thankfully, there are reliable online resources established to help everyone around to understand everything about it. 

The Gold Standard

There are many terms to encounter and learn when dealing with the gold market. One of them is the gold standard. So, what really is it all about? Does everybody use this term correctly? These are only two of the many questions that may pop up in your mind every time you bump into this term. 

The gold standard refers to the condition when one country has tied its monetary value to the gold amount it has possessed. Those who hold the paper money of the nation have the right to present it to their government. They can receive the gold amount as agreed by the gold reserve of the country. Such amount is known as the “par value”. 

There can be both pros and cons of using a gold standard. It is paramount to be familiar with them to determine how a country would have to manage such a condition. 

So, to delve deeper into this gold market term, then it works better to start with the advantages. 

The key advantage of a gold standard is centred on the fixed asset which backs the value of the money. The proponents state that a gold standard is self-regulating. This means that it is capable of stabilizing the country’s economy. 

Moreover, in this standard, governments should print money as they have in gold. Such a rule discourages inflation and it usually happens when there is a lot of money chasing very few goods. This is also discouraging debt and deficits of the government budget. As a result, it is impossible to exceed the gold supply. 

The gold standard serves as the reward of a very productive nation. One proof is that it receives gold every time the country exports goods. Having that said, they can reserve more gold and be able to print much money. Thus, it will help boost the country’s investments in various export businesses. 

On the other hand, there may be some issues when using a gold standard. First, it may affect the economic health and its size as these two aspects will rely too much on the gold supply. Experts agree that a nation’s economy does not completely depend on the business and the people’s resourcefulness. For countries without gold in their reserves get this disadvantage. 

In fact, the US has never experienced this kind of problem. The Americans own the biggest gold mining company next to Australia. They mine gold in twelve (12) western states which are all federally owned properties. Based on a reliable source, this country’s primary source is in Nevada. Nowadays, several developing countries are already recognized as major producers of gold. 

A gold standard is known to make a country obsessed with its gold reserves. The government suddenly ignores the significance of innovating business climate. Their actions in protection of the gold can cause a great fluctuation in their economies. 

The Gold Price Forecasts 2029

As the experts say, the time for gold to shine has finally come. In the report made by in July 2019, the gold price earned about 10% to $1, 404.30 per ounce. The projects involving precious metals have moved substantially higher as it hits a new market. In the next few months, the technical and fundamentals will be in line to maintain gold’s upward trend for 2020. 

Gold As An Investment in 2020

Many people love to collect gold items and keep them in their reserves because the concept of gold ownership is so simple. Investors can buy gold coins and bullions. Then, they can update themselves with their corresponding prices easily. 

When talking about sales, it has a straightforward and convenient process: 

  1. Gold coins are collectable. They can be passed down so easily from one generation to another. 
  2. Gold is easy to purchase since it comes in different forms such as coins, bars, and pieces of jewellery. 
  3. For those who intend to earn a profit, keeping gold with them is easy. It is very easy to sell and owners can sell them to any gold dealers at a good price. 
  4. Another impressive quality of gold is that it is tactile. Every owner can feel, touch and enjoy its presence unlike most types of investments. 
  5. What makes gold truly precious is that it is indestructible. It cannot be destroyed as to compare to properties and cash which can be burned and torn, for example. 
  6. The gold pieces have low volatility but got finite supplies. Because it is rare, this metal becomes one of the most sought-after commodities. 
  7. Gold keeps everything balanced. It can reduce a portfolio’s overall volatility. 
  8. Lastly, this precious metal is for global use. Investors can trade gold items in all countries across the globe. 

Final Thoughts

History can tell that the financial industry moves in a cycle. During a certain period, an asset class may perform really well. However, in some circumstances, it may be at loss. Even experts cannot distinguish these cycles exactly. 

According to IFA (Independent Financial Advisor), it is best to spread the risks across different asset classes. Then, it shifts the percentage of holdings based on the present economic status. 

This is an effective method to have investors own various assets. As mentioned earlier, a gold bar of physical gold can reduce the volatility of a particular portfolio. In these uncertain times, professionals are convinced that around 20 % of holdings must come in the gold form with 5 to 15 % during greater economic times. 

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