Halo Engagement Rings - More Bling for Your Buck

While your big day could be upon you and you need to choose the perfect engagement or wedding ring, they come in so many different styles that you could get overwhelmed with the options you need to choose from. One of the most loved ring styles is the “Halo” ring which is brilliant, beautiful and glamorous. It enhances the beauty of your centre stone. Once you’ve chosen the style of your ring, you need to know that there are different type of halo setting rings such as the “classic halo” which is made of a single halo of diamonds which amplify the beauty of your centre stone. There are “vintage-style halos” as well as “floating halos” and “three-stone halos”. When you have such variety of rings and styles, you can choose easily the a halo setting that complements your exact style.

The Perfect Ring: Halo Engagement Ring

One of the most popular styles of engagement rings is the “halo style”. Since they have so many variations which may confuse you, here is all you need to know about choosing the best options for “halo” engagement rings.

What Makes A Halo Ring?

A halo engagement ring is basically a kind of ring that has a centre stone which is encompassed by a halo. Usually, in most case halo rings have a single row of diamonds which encircle a larger diamond. It is not necessary to use a diamond as your centre stone; you can opt for other jewels or gemstones. You can also create your own version of halo engagement rings by blending split shank rings with halo rings or using a three-stone engagement ring set in the way of a halo ring.

You can have any ring style of your preference, but halo is designed to highlight the centre stone and make it seem bigger. Even if you have a smaller centre diamond, a halo setting will make it look larger too. Halo engagement ring settings provide the most bling and sophistication for the price they are made of or bought at.

Different Styles of Halo Engagement Ring Settings

If you want to know diamond halo engagement ring types or how it is supposed to look, you need to know that most engagement rings are found in four basic colours of metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. If you want your halo ring to have a silvery-shine then you could choose either white gold or platinum halo rings. If you want a more unique and customised look you can use yellow gold or rose gold. There is also a new trend emerging in halo engagement ring settings that showcases a two-tone look. For this, you would need to choose different metals for both your ring band and ring metal that encases the centre diamond. This will allow you to customise your ring as per your own specifications and preferences.

The Perfect Halo Engagement Ring

There cannot be a standard halo engagement ring style as engagement rings vary from person to person and are very personal to its wearer. To balance your halo ring feel you need to choose the type of metal that would complement your centre diamond stone as well as the size of the stone to give you the perfect halo engagement ring. If you want to use larger centre diamonds, split shank halo rings, pull the eye to the centre and make the centre stone appear massive. When it comes to halo engagement ring settings, the options are nearly endless!

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