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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring Based on Her Style

At some point in their relationship, couples come to the decision to get married. While mostly a very tradition-based ritual, one of the most prevalent and highly-awaited parts of it is the proposal. While many focus on the actual proposal itself, many don’t realise the difficulty of the preparation needed beforehand—particularly when it comes to choosing a ring.

It’s crucial to get the engagement ring right, as it’s a pretty hefty investment to consider. Aside from the cost, however, what’s essential about ring shopping is knowing that your soon-to-be-fiancé will appreciate how it looks and feels once they finally put the ring on. There are many factors to consider in this regard, but the true king in this relies on the cut of the diamond.

Keep reading below to find out the various engagement ring cuts to pick from when buying one for your soon-to-be wife.

If She Prefers a Classic Design 

If you believe that your future spouse likes wearing jewellery that offers a timeless and traditional style, then they will be sure to love a round cut engagement ring. The design is known to survive the years, remaining relevant and matching almost any season effortlessly. 

If She Prefers a Modern Look 

When the love of your life wants to live in the moment, one way they can remain in the present is by receiving a princess cut engagement ring. It has a square-shaped diamond on top and four bevelled sides that finishes at a point below it. With its flawless contemporary lines, the ring maintains its maximum shimmer, making your future wife feel like a certified princess.

If She Prefers an Underrated Finish 

For women who have a unique taste and prefer to carefully choose what they own and wear, you can go for an emerald-cut ring to match their sophisticated interests. Its cut surpasses style and grace due to its elongated shape, distorting classic design with a distinct edge.

If She Prefers a Faint Appearance 

You can opt for a ring cut that leans towards feminine features and that are up-to-date with the latest styles—better known as a cushion cut. Its curved corners and bright features are sure to sweep your fiancé off her feet and say yes in a heartbeat. 

If She Prefers the Latest Fashion

Oval cuts are some of the most prevalent diamond cuts in today’s market. It is a famous diamond-shaped ring that showcases a classic and refined cut that your significant other will surely go head over heels for the moment she lays her eyes on it.


Whether your partner wants a classic design, a modern look, an underrated finish, a faint appearance, or the latest fashion, you can be sure to find the perfect engagement ring before long. There are plenty of ring cuts to choose from—all you have to do is figure out what she loves, and you’re well on your way towards hearing her sweet response. In the end, nothing else matters the moment you get down on your knees, present the much-awaited ring, and finally ask her to marry you. 

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