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How to Get the Most Value When Selling Silver Jewellery

Selling silver jewellery may sound like a walk in the park, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s not just a simple matter of selling it; it’s more of showing buyers the value of your jewellery based on its overall appearance. If you have a few pieces of silver vintage jewellery that you’d like to sell, here’s what you need to do to get the most out of it.

Make Your Jewellery Look More Presentable

Over time, silver can become tarnished and look unappealing. When silver is exposed to the elements for quite some time, it can become enclosed in a layer of tarnish, a dark, black discolouration that covers your silver jewellery. The process of tarnishing happens when silver is exposed to sulfur-containing gases in the air.

If you see your silver jewellery covered in tarnish, you need to clean it carefully. A lightly tarnished piece of silver can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Use a very soft cloth to avoid damaging the piece. Remember, cleaning silver can actually damage it if you’re not careful. It’s best to seek professional advice if you want to make your jewellery look brand new again.

Using polish to make your silver look more presentable is optional as it can actually scratch the jewellery’s surface. These fine scratches may not look clearly visible, but a specialist can see if you use a polish on a silver piece. Use it with caution.

Getting the Best Price for Your Silver Jewellery

Before attempting to post the jewellery on sale, you first need to determine its value. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to get the same resale value because most silver jewellery is made with alloys and other decorative pieces. Determining the value of pure silver is much easier and less subjective.

Looking up the current market price of silver will help you gauge what price would work best for you. Since weighing your jewellery will not accurately tell you the weight of purely silver, it’s best to have your jewellery appraised by a specialist.

Take Clear Photographs of Your Jewellery

Taking elegant-looking photos of silver jewellery isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes some level of ingenuity and patience to ensure that your photos will make your jewellery look sellable. Here are some tips you should consider when taking pictures of your jewellery:

  • Use a plain white or black background when taking photographs of silver jewellery.
  • Natural light works best when taking photos as it brings out the splendour of the metal.
  • Take plenty of close-ups of any markings, unusual scratches, or even damaged parts. Let potential buyers know that they’re buying.
  • Take a picture of your silver placed on a weighing scale with a readout sensitivity of 0.1g. This will give buyers an idea of how much the piece weighs.
  • Take a picture of your silver jewellery next to a ruler or any measuring instrument to show its scale and size.


If you’re planning to sell silver jewellery, you have to make a couple of considerations. Making your jewellery look presentable without any traces of tarnishing is essential to attract potential buyers. Treat your jewellery with care to ensure you get the best value out of it.

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