London Jewellery Repair

We provide a London jewellery repair service in Hatton Garden. We perform a variety of services listed below. Visit our Hatton Garden Jewellery Repair workshop to repair or recondition your old jewellery.We provide professional and fast service. London Jewellery Repair has been operating for over 20 years, and we offer a variety of service, including buying gold

London-Jewellery-Repair-150x150 London Jewellery RepairRing Resizing And Reshaping:

resizing means convert it into a smaller or a larger shape according to your finger size. Reshaping means changing its style and turning into a unique and updated design.

Stone Supply and Setting:

It means changing or replacing the stone of a necklace or a ring by the new stones which are trendy and rare.

Pearl Re-Threading:

pearl re-threading revolves around the refining and grinding so that it can be turned into a diamond or some other shape according to the user requirement.

Pearl Polishing:

Scratches or abrasion on your pearls then they need to be polished, which will enhance their beauty and will attract others at first sight. Something does not look nice when they in their ugly look. Stones or beads are one of them which looks good when they shine.


Soldering is a commonly used repairing service that everyone needs. Some people solder their gold in houses too by a soldering tool. Soldering means joining the broken pieces of gold or diamond with the help of a glue. It joins them to give a proper shape.

Re-Tip Claws:

earring or a necklace has claws which are an essential part of every kind of jewellery which makes them wearable. Claws should be re-tipped to avoid further loss.

Neclace-Repair-150x150 London Jewellery RepairChain Repairs:

Is your chain Broken? If you have a pendant, but its chain is worn out, then the whole pendant becomes outdated. You can give it a new look by changing its chain.

Clean and Polish:

every gold, platinum and silver jewellery need polishing, necklace, earrings, bracelets, etc. should be cleaned with a polisher so that they can shine whenever you wear irrespective of the time and. Polished jewellery makes old-fashioned jewellery glamorous and fabulous which grabs the attraction of others.

Jewellery Safety Tips

Clean And Check – check your jewellery after every month and find out if it needs a quick service or not? Basic jewellery needs amendments within 6 months because fashion always changes its trends. Jewellery which is ornate basis like have pearls and chains then it should be repaired within 3 months.


pearls are the most sensitive part of jewellery because they are smaller in size and demand extra care while putting and taking off. Keep pearls away from moisture and perfumes because it fades up the beauty. Studs, bangles, earrings, etc. must be kept away from water.

Take Off-take your jewellery off whenever you find yourself in a house chore which proves to be heavy and can harm your jewellery. Metal with scratch with other items and may fall unintentionally.

Separate Different Pieces:

look at your jewellery and see which thing will scratch down and must be take off to avoid any loss. For example, if gemstones are removable, then remove them and store in a safer place.

Insurance Service :

Always keep yourself on a safer side. Have replacement of jewellery in case of its loss by gaining insurance services.

Frequently Asked Answer Question
  • Can My Costume And Jewellery Be Fixed? 
  • A long time ago, its answer was no but with the advent of laser technology technicians or experts are now have become capable enough to repair costume and jewellery. Laser technology has solved many welding problems too.
  • What Do They Add To Make Gold White? 
  • Gold is a yellow colour, and soft nature identifies pure gold. We mix different alloys to turn into a proper shape. They make use of nickel to make it white. People think that they use silver, but it doesn’t turn yellow gold into white.

London Jewellery Repair

Jewellery is a fun thing which should be enjoyed for generations. Take extra care and get repairing services so that you can hand over your jewellery to the upcoming generation. Repairing services include