London Jewellery Repair : Hatton Garden London


Want to resize your ring the same day? Our experienced Goldsmith are here to help! 

Repair Rings

Repairing broken rings is a very specialised skill-set which needs experience.

Antique Jewellery Repair

Value of an Antique Jewellery  is in the eye of the expert and so is repairing!

Re-plating Jewellery

Re-plating jewellery requires specialised equipment, skills and patience

Bored of the usual engagement ring or wedding bands? Then read more

Chain & Necklace Repair

Broke a link in your chain or broke a lock in your necklace,? Don't worry!


Want to Engrave a special message for that special person in your life?

Broke a side stone or a stone fell off accidentally; diamond or gemstone?

Broke that favourite earring your family got you for that special occasion?


Need the finest minute repair with very detailed repair? don't worry !

Costume Jewellery Repair

Broke that special costume jewellery you bought on that special trip?

Silver repairs

Have that silver ornament that you inherited , want to repair and re-plate?