Antique Ring and Jewellery Repair and Restoration by Jewellery Repair London

Antique Jewellery Repair London is a repair specialist of rings, bands and glasses in Hatton Garden that operates since 2000. This jewellery repair shop is also known in restoration and repair of vintage and antique jewellery including brooches, tiara, bracelets, bands, bangles, necklaces, chains and rings.

Cost of Antique Jewellery Repair
Price depends on technique used for restoration and the equipment used. £50 to £600

Antique-jewellery-repair-300x200 Antique Jewellery RepairWe also restore gold rings and Victorian jewels to the best standards of our craftsmanship. Thanks to the help of our experienced goldsmiths and jewellers who have been with us for many years.

As for us, the most reliable jewellery repair business should understand all the aspects of antique jewellery. These are:

  • Etherealness
  • Fragility
  • Frailness
  • Elegance
  • Exquisiteness.

The restoration process, especially of antique and period jewellery takes a lot of skills and training. We are proud to say that we have the best people in these aspects. We can carry out even the trickiest and most challenging repair jobs for our dear clients.

Antique Ring Resetting

The most common problem with jewellery is when they lost their lustre. For your diamond rings and other gemstones, you can bring back their best physical features again in no time at all.

Let our goldsmiths do the job for you, and we will distinguish the original metal used in your jewellery, which leads to the process called ring resetting.

We take every step carefully to give the most impressive results to you. We can bring back the glory of your rings and jewellery pieces – silver, palladium, gold, platinum, pearls, diamonds and other precious stones.

Entrust your precious pieces to us and let our goldsmiths accomplish the whole antique restoration process. We will be deciding on the right method to deliver each jewel back to you.

Costume Jewellery Repairs

Costume jewellery is vulnerable to damage because of the base metal qualities used by their manufacturers. We can make sizing and adjustments to these pieces. We ultimately know the vitality of well-fitted changes on your jewellery.

Many jewellery repair shops are hesitant to carry out restoration and repair to costume jewellery. It is because they require special attention and great expertise. Whether you have a model piece of jewel or a costly vintage one, we have the best craftsmen to do the magic. We are confident that you will be pleased with the result.

Meanwhile, we also re-silver and replace compact mirrors and re-enamel cases and repair latches and hinges. We can perform more than what you think. All you need is to call us immediately.


Jewellery Repairs London offers a checking service for free while waiting for your ring or jewellery piece. We suggest that you take the parcel to the nearest Post Office for faster transaction.

Feel free to download and fill out our antique jewellery repair form here. We guarantee a secure and fast repair service at a reasonable cost.

Special Delivery Services

To ensure the safety and protection of your jewellery pieces, we always them through special delivery which is Royal Mail insured which cost from £500 to £2500. Upon receipt, we will call you to notify that your item has arrived. Then, we are going to advise you regarding the final repair or adjustment cost.

We provide a Same-day jewellery checking service for free. We can give it to an insurance company you trust or to you directly. Furthermore, we are also experts in distinguishing the provenance or age of pieces of jewellery you bring into us.