Quality Gold Plating Services from top Hatton Garden Jewellers

We are one of the respected jewellery repair shops in Hatton Garden that has been serving for over 20 years. Back in 2000, we have performed different repair and replacement jobs for rings, necklaces, bracelets and bands. Contact us or book for jewellery gold plating.

Cost of Gold Plating
Price depends on surface area, metal used and plating depth. £30 to £1500

Jewellery-Plating-300x143 Jewellery ReplatingIf you are worried that your wedding or engagement ring has lost its brilliance, our team of expert goldsmiths and jewellers is here. We know how valuable your jewels are. Thus, we will give them a new spark.

We can do many ways to bring back your treasure into life. With the help of advanced technology, no repair job is so difficult. One of these ways is jewellery gold plating.

We are using an ultrasonic cleaner to eliminate dirt and grime from the jewellery set. We also have a high-precision steam cleaner. It is used to make your gems, metals and diamonds sparkling and gorgeous again.

There are so many types of gold plating. Here at Jewellery Repairs London, we give you an idea on how we take care and restore your rings or precious gemstones. To show you a better picture of what we do, let us provide some general information about various kinds of gold plating and restoration we perform.

Silver Plating

There is a wide range of silver-plating jobs for both small and large silver pieces. We make use of fine silver as we go through the process called electroplating. The final output can be in satin, antique, matt, or high-gloss finish.

As we always say, we carry out an excellent quality for silver cleaning, restoration and repair. Our up-to-date micro laser welder, special electroplating and precision soldering techniques help us guarantee that all jewellery pieces will be in their best condition.

What is Electroplating?

This term refers to the method of putting a particular metal coating on an object. It uses a solution with the metal to get plated. Then, the solution and the item receive an electrical current. In this content, we will tell you about electroplating rhodium, gold alloys and gold.

Electroplating is an easy and quick process. It is not also a costly investment. For finish gold jewellery, these can be electroplated with a carat of gold for the following reasons:

  • For more uniform distribution of colours and hide those variations
  • To enhance properties and hide any surface defects
  • To apply a better gold colour
  • To achieve the desired colour

We deliver hard gold plating services on various pieces – gold bracelets, earrings, cuff-links, rings, and necklaces. We also create rose gold plating, 9kt and 18kt gold plating.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is applicable to white gold jewellery wherein rhodium is used to enhance the white colour to the pieces. Rhodium is described as a white metal characterised by a brilliant surface which belongs to the platinum category.

If you apply this metal to white gold, you will see only rhodium’s brilliance. However, once the plating peels off, you will see the true colour of the ring. This takes place over time, and it is normal. If you want to improve the faded colour of your ring or necklace, we can do rhodium plating for you and make it look brand new again.

Some Important Points to Remember

When you buy an 18ct white gold jewellery piece, there is a chance that you are not purchasing the real white gold 18K. What you may be seeing on its external is rhodium which covers yellowish, greyish or dull white gold underneath. So, it would help if you were careful in purchasing jewellery pieces from elsewhere.

Jewellery Repairs London workshop can assist in the entire rhodium plating process. We will polish the item first to get rid of traces and scratches of its old plating. After polishing, we will immerse the piece into our electrolysis chemical jewel cleaner. Then, we will coat it with rhodium plating to restore its original shine.

We utilize ultra-bright rhodium plating for better quality over the standard plating. We also rhodium plate earrings, necklaces, brooches, chains, charms, bracelets, pendants and rings.

Electroplating and Gold Plating for Precious Metals

Aside from the services mentioned above, we also specialize in tank electroplating and brush plating. We serve both private and trade sectors.

For our gold plating service, deliver a maximum of 10 microns while silver plating is 15 microns thickness. In addition to this, we also conduct two-tone plating for bracelets, earrings, etc.

We are also plating on the console, iPad, tablet, iPhone and smartphone covers. Other services covered include tank and brush plating on motorcycle parts, trophies, golf items, musical instruments, coins, bracelets, rings, bar equipment buckle, cocktail shakers and more.

Watch Plating Hatton Garden

Jewellery Repairs London does not only focus on repair and restoration of jewellery pieces. We also perform plating on watch bands, modern and vintage watches, watch crowns, and case backs. Furthermore, we also replate on horological items, watch bracelet link, and clocks.

The most common non-precious metals often used are chrome and nickel plating. If you want to keep your scratched, worn or old watch, there is nothing better than contacting us. Watch replating process involves polishing and stripping your watch before electroplating some precious metals over its base metal.

We are pleased to inform you that we use hard wearing electroplates. This way, we can assure you of many years with your treasured watch.

Gold Plated Jewellery Piece

After learning about how we transform your jewellery pieces and accessories into a new one, you probably have some questions in mind. The first question can be “how do I take good care of my gold-plated jewellery? The second one is “how much would it cost to do plating?”

The truth is, we cannot provide an assurance of until when your piece’s plated surface lasts. There are some factors affecting the quality of the plating:

  1. Wear and Tear. The way you wear jewellery and its exposure to chemicals can be one factor. Chemicals like hair spray, perfume, solvent and other cleaning solutions can make the plated surface fade and peel.
  2. Lifespan. Plating surface has also its lifespan. Thus, you need to pay attention to its maintenance. Constant friction or wear like plated rings reduces their time frame.

If you want to prolong the life of your silver or gold-plated jewellery, you must handle it with utmost care. Avoid polishing the plated surface with any harsh chemicals and cleaners to prevent it from being damaged.