Laser Jewellery Repair in London

The most stunning jewellery pieces and artworks worldwide are made of skilled hands, creative minds and advanced Laser Jewellery Repair technology. Every part of a jewel piece is meticulously crafted and designed with passion by the best jewellers and artisans.

Cost of Ring Resizing
Price depends on the number of size you would like to resize and the metal used. £25 to £120

laser-jewellery-repairs-150x150 laser Jewellery RepairsBut, what if they get worn out or damaged? Can you still bring its original glory and shine? The answer is yes. Only Jewellery Repairs in London is the most trusted and most experienced jewel repair business that has been serving for more than 20 years.

We are working on a variety of jewellery repair and replacement jobs from in the UK. We take pride in our track record in this industry. What makes us more efficient is the use of technology. For jewel repairs and designs, we use laser repair as it is quick and efficient.

Laser Technology Jewellery Repairs

Our laser technology guarantees the superb quality of jewellery repair and restoration jobs. To create and manufacture the best jewellery designs, it takes state-of-the-art and advanced equipment.

Here in our workshop, we have laser technicians and specialist goldsmiths who can create sophisticated repairs of broken jewellery. We count on our laser apparatus, which is sometimes accompanied by proven traditional methods.

In the past, we have already handled tricky and complicated laser repairs for antique and vintage jewels without compromising other parts of these pieces. Our laser beam technology allows us to work closely on various stones.

With other old repair methods, they may have changed the appearance of jewellery pieces. However, it is different from laser welding as it stays on the same physical features.

On the other hand, damaged antique jewellery pieces may be fixed with local heating. This way, we can preserve the overall appearance and quality of your jewellery.

Other related services we offer include:

  • Laser ring resizing
  • Laser re-tipping claws
  • Laser porosity
  • Laser dents
  • Laser restoration
  • Laser re-claw
  • Laser flooding
  • Laser size line

We perform laser re-tipping on precious stones, including emeralds. We have an in-house workshop Hatton Garden for your jewellery laser repair needs. Please visit us from Monday to Friday.