Ring Repair and Restoration in London | Hatton Garden

Give your damaged or old rings a fresh look with our ring repair, restoration and adjustment service. We guarantee a fast turnaround of your jewellery items. No matter what type of jewellery repair you need from us, we have specialist repairers to work on it. Use our Ring Repair London service today!

Cost of Ring Repair & Restoration
Price depends on the complexity of the ring repair and the metal used. £25 to £400

We have been performing broken antique or vintage ring repair since 2000. Thus, we are trusted and recommended jewellery repair not only in Hatton Garden but also from other parts of the country.

Ring-Repair-300x188 Ring RepairMissing Stones on Your Ring?

Don’t worry. Let our team of specialists replace those missing diamond stones on your wedding or engagement ring. Please take note that we deliver the finished job as quick as we can. Thus, you can wear your ring with its new look.

We will also replace and source any missing diamonds and gemstones in your jewellery. We got facilities for setting gemstones, diamonds, and even semi-precious ones. We can adjust them into a smaller or bigger fit.

We have also served some clients who want to re-solder the damaged claws and shanks in their rings. If you have the same issue, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can replace those missing or old claws as you desire. We also buy second hand diamonds

The Shank

Probably, you do not have any idea on the parts of your ring such as the shank. This ring part refers to a band surrounding your ring. It may be worn out and damaged, but can be replaced so easily. You can find shanks in various profiles and sizes such as flat band, court shape, and D shape. The shank is supplied in the following forms:

  • Pink or rose gold
  • 9 carat Gold (375)
  • Platinum band
  • Palladium bank
  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • 22 kt silver
  • 18K gold


Ring re-tipping is when your diamond or gemstone is placed in a ring with a claw on top of it. If it is damaged, we can do claw re-tipping. We will strengthen the claws to prevent and protect the stones in your ring.

Other Jewellery Repair & Services We Offer

Aside from re-tipping of claws and replacement of shanks, we also accept the following jobs:

  • Alignment of damaged shanks
  • Improving the overall physical features of your ring
  • Overhauling your rings
  • Rectifying broken bands and shanks
  • Renovating any worn setting
  • Tightening claws
  • Enhancing dull rings
Total Enhancement of Rings

This job covers adjustment, modification, improvement and mending of your broken or damaged ring parts if necessary. We are confident to introduce our talented craftsmen who have mastered jewellery repairs from many years of experience.

Our goldsmiths and jewellers will assess your ring and spent several hours in repairing and refurbishing your rings to make it look new and beautiful again.

There are more ring repair jobs we can perform here in Hatton Garden London UK. If you have questions about other ring services we accept, please contact us.

London Laser Ring Repair Services

We proudly introduce to you our latest innovation in jewellery repair services – the laser repair technology. This feature provides a superb quality of repair with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The laser welding is an alternative approach to repair the most delicate and intricate rings.

With this advancement, we guarantee faster and more efficient ring sizing and repairing of your jewellery. The concentrated heat of the laser is effective enough in performing complicated repairs without occurring damage even to fragile jewellery like antique rings.

This technology utilizes a light beam which is sharply focused on emitting an intense heat even in a smaller area. Using lasers, we can complete complicated ring repairs in a short period.

Additional Information from Jewellery Repairs London

Aside from ring repairs, we also perform laser repair of designer glasses in London. We deliver efficient repair of glasses and their frames regardless of the make of their spectacles. Now, you can preserve and use your treasured glasses and make them good-looking again.

We have also laser repaired different sunglasses and reading glasses from the top designer brands such as Gucci, Armani and Rayban.

We have skilled and professional technicians who have been doing this job for a couple of years. We take pride in our service features like:

  • Electro-plating techniques
  • Precision soldering
  • Microlaser welder

With all these latest technology features combined, rest assured that your spectacles will look so good and sturdy. We do our laser repair of glasses like how we do with your rings.

How To Get Started?

You may also download our post Gold form for your ring, and we will conduct an examination. We have a complimentary checking service of your rings and feel free to visit our offices and workshop for any problems regarding your jewellery.