Ring Resizing by London Jewellery Repair in Hatton Garden

London Jewellery Repair offers ring resizing services at a very reasonable cost. We prioritise each of our clients and cater to their specific demands.
As a trusted company in Hatton Garden, London Gold Centre provide the fastest and best quality results for different ring jobs you have for us. We can give same-day or next-day ring sizing and resizing service. Every ring will be subject to examination before we work on it.

Note: We can’t resize Tungsten Rings

Cost of Ring Resizing
Price depends on the number of size you would like to resize and the metal used. £25 - £120

London-Jewellery-Repair-300x200 Ring ResizingOur Line of Ring Repair Services

We want to cover all your needs and deliver them on time without compromising the overall quality of our service. We proudly offer the following:

  • Ring adjustment
  • Golden ring compressing
  • Ring correction and impression
  • Ring enlarging
  • Resizing engagement and wedding rings
  • Downsizing and up-sizing
  • And much more including buying Gold

We can perform all those jobs for your antique, platinum or gold rings. You can let us know what you want us to do with your item.

Furthermore, we have experts who perform well on resizing diamond rings, too. Whether it is an antique family ring, a wedding band or a wedding ring, you can count on us.

We use some techniques and the latest technology in performing all these ring sizings and resizing jobs. We can resize diamond set and engagement rings of all types. These can be:

  1. 14K gold ring repair
  2. Silver ring repair
  3. Platinum ring repair
  4. 375 ring repair
  5. 18Kt White Gold repair
  6. 18 Karat yellow gold repair
  7. 18 kt white gold repair
  8. 18 kt gold ring repair
  9. Pink and rose gold repair
  10. Yellow and white gold ring repair
  11. 10k ring
  12. 750 Carat repair
  13. 22ct ring repair
  14. 9 Carat gold ring repair

Ring-Resizing-300x200 Ring ResizingIn addition to these sizes and types of rings, we can also resize your Edwardian or Victorian precious rings. We perform platinum laser resizing and gold soldering.

On the other hand, our Hatton Garden Ring Resizing workshop team can manage even the trickiest resizing jobs. Our state-of-the-art laser techniques can accomplish complicated and complex ring repair tasks.

You may have heard about shank replacement on your ring or band. If it is worn out or weak, we will be the one to replace it. , and our team can explain them to you if you wish. We will only remove the damaged section of the shank. Then, we will laser or solder the new piece in your ring.

Non-Precious Metals Ring Repair

We can also help you preserve your non-precious jewellery. We can expand and resize them except for titanium, cobalt, and steel. For example, your old ring can still look brand new and change its size. We can make alterations on your jewellery as well.

Urgent Resizing Jobs for Your Rings

We offer next-day jewellery repairs, especially for your rings. Whatever urgent jobs you have, we can accomplish them in the time frame we have agreed upon.

We offer free estimate here in Hatton Garden to know how much to pay for a specific ring repair job.

Online Ring Resizing and Repair

We are happy to inform you that we deliver ring sizing services online. Wherever you are in the UK (Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, and Wales), you can reach us out.

We do online resize for platinum, gold, silver, and vintage rings. We will post your parcel in special delivery as it is the safest way to guarantee the safety of your items.


Our price rate for the ring sizing and resizing jobs depend on certain factors, ring type, metal and work required. We give a free estimate once you show your rings to us. Our experts will provide a timeline when we can finish the job while waiting for the exact price of the service.

Some Tips to Ponder

  1. Check if the ring size fits over your knuckle well. Make sure that it sits comfortably at your fingers base.
  2. Your finger size can be affected by humidity and temperature. We suggest that you get your fingers sized at room temperature.
  3. You must know that your left and right hands are not the same. The one you often use in writing is larger than the other hand.
  4. For rings having heavy tops, the tendency is that they move and spin on your finger. It is because the fingers base is smaller than its knuckle. Find the size that will balance this difference and prevent the ring from spinning.
  5. Some band sizes may be more than 10 millimetres. If so, you must add half to one size more (depending on its width) to make it more comfortable on your fingers.
  6. If you are wearing a tight ring, getting it on and off may be difficult. The most effective lubricant is hand soap (liquid). You can rub a small amount of soap over the knuckle, and your ring slides off easily.
For Your Information

The term karat or carat, with K or kt symbol, refers to gold metal purity. We measure it in the following ways:

  • 24-Karat which means it is 99.9% gold
  • 18-Karat means 18 parts of gold while there are six parts of another metal (75% gold)
  • 12-Karat means there are 12 parts of gold and 12 parts from another metal)

In England, this Carat system is read differently. For example, gold with 99.2% purity may be described as 23 carats, 3 grains, and 1/4 gold.

On the other hand, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has resized the engagement ring of Princess Diana since it was loose. This ring was made of diamond and sapphire stones which were worn by Princess of Wales, the late Diana. This was given to Kate by his Prince William as he proposed to her. Miss Middleton made a ring alteration thinking that it might fall during their wedding ceremony.

Our jewellers and goldsmiths can perform the same job to your rings with these precious stones. We know that selecting the exact size of your ring is not an easy process. Your finger size varies at a different time of the day. You can try our complimentary ring size gauge by entering your address and full name.

As a recommended Hatton Garden jeweller, we are here to protect and preserve your investment and treasures. Your ring may be precious or not, but its value is priceless. Thus, you should find the best service provider to assist you.