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Restoring Ornaments: Questions to Ask at a Jewellery Restoration Shop

Unlike a vehicle or piece of equipment, jewellery doesn’t require regular servicing to keep it in tip-top shape. Unless a piece has come loose or it’s beginning to lose its brilliance, you can usually limit having your jewellery looked at to every six months. Whether locks have become bent, dust and dirt are beginning to build up, or screws have loosened, here’s what you should ask a repair service before choosing a shop. 

1. Are they reliable?

Ask any jewellery repair service and the answer will likely be yes. After all, they’re still trying to sell their services to you. However, if you can lock them down with a time-bound commitment and determine whether their prices match the quality of their services, you’ll know you can count on them. 

An easy way to determine whether a repair shop is tried and tested is to look up reviews online. Better yet, check out whether they’ve published any case studies or testimonials on their website. If you’re on the fence about a shop or have spotted any complaints, take a look at how they respond to customers and whether or not their needs were met afterwards. 

2. Do they offer a wide range of services?

Believe it or not, jewellery repair isn’t simply limited to wiping down an accessory and restoring its shine. You can also be on the market for a ring resize or a more complex watch repair, so an all-in-one repair service can save you loads of time, money, and effort. If you’re having a piece restored, you don’t want to have to shop around for another service that can polish it for you afterwards. 

However, some of these more trustworthy shops may be a ways away from your home. Fortunately, on occasion, reliable jewellery repair shops can send on-site mechanics or experts to your home in order to clean or fix your pieces. This is especially useful during the pandemic and can be far more cost-effective than having to travel. 

3. Do they sell certified diamonds?

While they may look totally identical, certified and uncertified diamonds couldn’t be any more different. Unlike certified diamonds, uncertified diamonds are either smuggled or impure. If you’re taking a trip down to a jewellery repair shop to have a diamond refitted into a socket on your accessory, it’s important that you’re purchasing a genuine diamond. 

A dependable repair shop will work in tandem with a gemological lab and can test a diamond and its quality by means of colour, carat, cut, and clarity. Not only does this ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth but also that you won’t have to worry about your diamond potentially tarnishing due to it being ingenuine. 


Jewellery repair can be expensive so you’ll want to make sure you’re going into business with experts who know what they’re doing. By asking the aforementioned questions, you can guarantee that the specialists you’re counting on can get the job done and done well. 

Whether you’re in need of a repair or looking to buy and sell gold, we at London Gold Centre have an abundance of options for you. You can get your jewellery appraised, post them for selling, have them restored, or whatever suits your fancy! 

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