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Ring Resizing 101: What to Know Before Going to a Jeweller

In some unfortunate cases, a woman who has recently received a marriage proposal may find that the ring their fiancé chose does not exactly fit the size of her finger—it might be too tight or too loose. Whatever the case may be, a ring resizing is in order before you continue.

Unfortunately, ring resizing is not as easy as it seems. Depending on the ring style and the metal used, there might just be some limitations to the adjustment. 

If you find yourself stuck with an ill-fitting ring, then this guide might just be the one you need to help you out in the process of ring resizing.

The Limitations of Resizing

Resizing your ring down to a smaller size, for example, is much easier than resizing to a bigger one. This process usually involves cutting out a portion towards the bottom of the band and fusing the pieces together into a new and smaller circle. With sufficient skill, it might not even be evident that the ring was resized in the first place. 

Resizing up, on the other hand, involves stretching a portion of the base, and is limited to an increase of two sizes. With lighter and weaker metals, however, this is only limited to just a size and half!

The structure and design of the ring also play an important part in this, assome bands are more suited for resizing than others. Thin bands, as well as anything with a design running along the middle, can pose a challenge even for experienced jewellers. Rings with uniform bands or plain shanks are more easily adjusted, often containing fewer complications and intricacies to factor in the resizing process.

Aside from that, resizing your ring up can also be more costly than resizing a ring down because of the significant effort and skill it takes to make a ring wider. 

The Materials Can Affect the Resizing

Resizing down generally has little-to-no effect on the structural strength of a ring. Resizing up, however, can make a ring structurally weaker, especially in materials such as rose gold—which are known to crack quite easily. 

Platinum, on the other hand, requires more time, in addition to needing a different set of skills and tools to work with. As such, it can cost significantly more than your average ring to resize it upward.

White gold is more malleable than platinum, but the rhodium plating on the surface might melt during the resizing, regardless if it’s resizing up or down. In most cases, the entire ring is replated as part of the resize. 

Rose gold is incredibly difficult to work with, as it comes in many shades and is incredibly brittle—making it prone to cracks and fissures in the event of a resize. 

What Types of Rings Cannot be Resized?

Generally, any ring that is not made out of metal, such as wood, quartz, or glass, cannot be resized without replacing the entire ring. Thicker rings also prove to be more difficult to resize and may be refused by jewellers to handle.

Rings that have gemstones along the band are not impossible to resize, but the stones might have to be removed in the process to be reset later. Aside from that, there is also the risk of misalignment—but this depends on whether the gemstones are held in place by tension. In such a case, resizing your ring might be difficult.

Eternity bands, as well as other rings with complex designs, cannot be resized, as they will likely warp the whole ring in the process. 

It Might Just Need an Adjustment Period.

It might be completely possible that your fiance just needs a few days to adjust to the feeling of having a ring around their finger. If it still feels too loose or too tight after a few days, then it might be time to contact a jeweller for the resize.

What can I do if it can’t be resized?

If the ring is loose, temporary plastic ring guards, resizers, and spacers might make it fit better around the ring finger. Ring beads are also a viable option. Some couples decide to double up on rings, with a tighter style placed on top to keep the looser ring in place. 

If the ring is too tight, however, then it might be time to consider a different one. 

In either case, make sure to consult a professional to find the right style and size for you and your future spouse. 


It can be frustrating to find that your engagement ring or wedding ring doesn’t fit exactly the way it’s supposed to. Knowing the basics of ring resizing can help you figure out what to do next. Whatever the case may be, make sure to talk to different jewellers about your options. 

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