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The above price are based on accurate sizing and indication. The prices are based on G.I.A Certified stones. Prices may vary depending on cut, polish and fluorescence level which will affect the quality of the diamond. 

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Sell Your Diamonds In Hatton Garden

We Pay High Prices for Your Diamonds

Your diamond jewellery can be something you treasure in your life. It may have a sentimental value that you cannot let go of it. Moreover, a diamond ring or a diamond pendant can be a significant addition to your investment.

Now that you are ready to sell it for real, we can help you. Here at London Gold Centre, we consider some factors that may affect the overall price you get. These include the shape, carat, colour, and clarity of the diamond piece. Furthermore, we also check if it is GIA Certified.

Why Sell Your Diamonds to London Gold Centre?

The primary reason why you should sell your diamond jewellery pieces to us is that we are a high-paying buyer of precious stones and metals. We help you identify the value of your stone through our  diamond price calculator. Please provide the details being asked for to get a free estimate.

Another reason why we are so confident to accept your precious stone is that we work with integrity and honesty. We do not have hidden fees in our transactions.

If you have further questions about diamond selling or Jewelry repairs , we will be happy to answer them.

Selling your diamonds in Hatton Garden:

Hatton Garden is a famous district in London for selling all types of metals including jewellery and diamonds at an affordable price. Since the beginning of the 19th century companies and people have been exchanging metals and jewellery in Hatton Garden. A lot of big names in the jewellery business have started their business in this area of London. There’s a wide range of choice when it comes to buying or selling diamonds with more than hundreds of shops. The history and expertise of this area makes Hatton Garden the perfect place to either buy or sell diamonds. 

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1)     How selling diamonds in Hatton Garden?

It a simple process that everyone can easily follow. It’s similar to when you sell gold or buy gold online. First thing you need to do is identify the amount of diamonds you would like to either buy or sell. Afterwards, you have to estimate its value. The idea would be to get as many quotes as you can in order to get the most interesting and accurate estimations of the piece of jewellery. After having found the right quote and therefore the right company to work with, you will simply have to give a few personal information.

Evidently, every legitimate company will have to check the veracity and authenticity of the products that are either being sold or bought on the website. This is a very important step in the process because it fights counterfeiting. We have a very thorough and rigorous process in order to provide the best quality service and customer satisfaction. Afterwards, a wireless bank transfer will be done from the buyer towards the seller. It’s never been easier for a person that wants to buy or sell diamonds. 

2)     Different types of diamonds

A diamond is considered as one of the most precious metals in the world. Indeed, many have been fascinating with the beauty and uniqueness of some diamonds. They are often expensive depending on the clarity, history, colour…. It plays a huge part in international commerce with huge producers of diamonds in the world including Russia Australia or even South Africa.

There are different categories of diamonds. Just a reminder that not every diamond is natural. Indeed, you have diamonds who are natural therefore who haven’t been tampered with. Mainly the white and transparent ones are the most valuable. Then you have the diamonds who have been treated, in some cases their colour can change. In this case, some pieces of jewels have been modified to improve them. Finally, you have the diamonds who are synthetic which have been made by mankind in labs.

It needs to be noted there are many ways to identify and classify diamonds. You can do it by colour, shape, clarity or even purity. You can have orange, white, blue and many other types of diamonds…. We will explain how to identify the type of diamond in order to estimate its value before you sell diamonds. 

3)     How does pricing work and how to sell diamonds?

One of the most important aspects of this article will be to understand how to estimate the value of your jewellery before you sell your diamonds in Hatton Garden or buy them online. Understanding the different criterion that influence its value. Diamonds are not like every other metals. Indeed, they are considered as one of the most precious metals in the world and many are willing to spend large sums of money to purchase the rarest ones. There are 4 factors to take into account before you sell your diamond online. The first one is shape, there are many shapes therefore the pricing will differ. Then we have the karats it’s the same principle, the more karats you have the more valuable your piece of jewellery is. Then we have the colour, which follows a specific grading system. Finally, you have the clarity of the diamond which also has a ranking scale.  

You have different shapes and sizes of diamonds. We will briefly mention them. The round diamond is the most famous and common. The round one is the most common and popular people often associate diamond with this particular one. They are often improved. There are many others such as the princess diamond (rectangle shape with unique colouring) the marquise cut, the cushion cut, emerald cut (pavilion shape), radiant cut, pear shaped (teardrop shape), oval cut (often use for wedding proposals), asscher cut (square shape). You can’t really say than one shape is better than another because it depends on the person and the item itself (clarity, karats…). It’s important to know the difference between them but they don’t have much incidence on the value itself.

What price per Karat?

When you think of diamonds you often think of karats. They represent the weight of the jewellery. You have to weigh the diamond in order to estimate the karats. If your diamond is x grams then you simply have to do a division of 0.2. (x/0.2). Keep in mind that 1 gram represents 0.2 karat. It’s the most important factor, indeed the more karats the more chances you will have to sell it at a higher price.

When it comes to identifying the clarity, you will have to use a tool because you won’t be able to see it directly with the untrained eye. Often you use microscope or a loupe to check the evidence of flaws and imperfections in the diamond. There’s a specific scale associated with it. In most cases, your diamond will have a clarity of FL, IF, VVS1 OR S2.

You can follow the ranking system provided by the GIA. You can have the FL which means flawless, IF (internally flawless), VVS (Very very slightly included which can be VVS1 OR VVS2), SI (slightly included) and finally Included for I.

If you notice any faltered aspect within the diamond like change of colour or, a dark spot (black) you will often have a FL, IF, VVS1 OR S2 diamond. If you can’t notice any imperfections with the loop, the diamond is more likely of higher clarity and therefore of higher value which is better when you sell diamonds.

Does the color impact the price of selling my Diamonds?

Finally, we have the colour of the diamond. You have got to remember that the aim for all diamond enthusiast would be to get the most colourless diamond possible. There are some cases where fierce blue or even pink can be quite valuable. Consequently, the whiter the better, if your diamond has evidence of yellow or even brown it means its less valuable. To the naked eye it might hard to tell the difference that’s why you use a magnifying loupe than many jewellers use. 

The diamond grading system is letter based starting from the letter D to the letter M. They put in place a totally new way of grading the different types of diamonds with a specific grading system starting from the letter D to make sure there’s wasn’t any more confusion. D being the most colourless and hence the most valuable as it’s near to perfect. However, on our website we have put in the other way in order to decrease the amount of mistakes as people tend to think that the letter D implies lesser quality of diamonds.


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