Selling the Diamonds for Cash

Diamond is the most precious stones in the world. These stones are most commonly used to decorate the jewellery. Diamonds increase the beauty of the jewellery or anything that resist it. You may find several kinds of diamonds but the best and the most expensive diamond in the world is Kohinoor. This diamond is the only present diamond that acquires all the qualities best diamond in the world. This diamond is the part of the queen of England crown. The only diamond present in its original form.
People usually buy a diamond to decorate them in their jewellery and give them as the most precious gift to their loved ones. You have to pay too much to get a good quality of diamonds. But you can also get something from diamonds as you can sell your rough diamond for cash to different stores. Or some of the people are getting bored from using old diamonds so they can also exchange these diamonds with the new one. The most difficult question arises is where you will sell your diamonds or what are the trustworthy places that can assure you to get maximum money. For this purpose let’s see the following list.

Selling the Diamonds on London Gold Centre

Living in London provide the best facility to enjoy every aspect of life. The place is full of interesting things. Same as there are a lot of the things which assure you the best life. Living in London you will also find some of the places that allow you to sell your old things and get the new one or get some cash instead. One of this kind of place is the Gold Centre of London. If you are bored of using the old diamond set then you can exchange it with the new one then the best place for this purpose is Gold centre. Here you can find some different variety of new diamond sets and also sell your diamonds at a good price. The Gold Centre assure you that you will get the best price of your item. You can get cash fast here so if you are in hurry and want to sell your item at a good price, must visit this place.

Hostage Shops

The next thing is the hostage shops. These shops try to influence those people who need cash in so much hurry. They also want to get the old diamond set at a good price so that in the future they can sell it at a big price and gain the profit. So who doesn’t care about the money and need some of the money at any cost than he can visit this kind of place. Always remember that you have to give them original thing with flawless so that you can get the maximum earning from it. They check your item in such a way that if any of the flaws are present, it will be surely shown to them.

The Small Shops

These are normally the small jewellery shops that can take your items if they find something interesting in it. They check whether they are able to get the maximum profit from your item or it will cause some losses. If it gives them some profit then they surely buy it from you otherwise you have to take back your diamond. These shops do not deal with online banking. If the diamond is verified from them then you can get the cash at the spot.

Online Platforms

The online platform is basically for those who do not want to sell their diamond to the shops or for those who do not want to buy these diamonds from the shops. They both simply find a way to reduce their effort or time. In this case, the pictures of the diamond are uploaded on the online websites and if the buyer finds something interesting in the diamond then he will come to your house and after the complete verification of the diamond, he will pay you at the spot and take the diamonds with him. In this case, you have to be vigilant to provide the complete history or background of the diamonds because some of the sellers used to give improper information that does not find interesting for the buyer and hence no diamonds will be sold

What Type Of Diamonds You Can


To find out the type of diamond you can sell you have to first find the complete background of the diamonds. Just try to search some of the facts that are essential for these diamonds. Here are the categories that can be sold.

  • Jewellery Diamonds
    The first category is the jewellery diamond the diamonds that are used in your gold sets. These diamonds are sold while putting out from the jewellery sets. These diamond may give big amount or may give small amount depending upon the quality of the diamonds. Just try to sell those sets that take the best quality of diamonds so that you can get more profit.

  • Rough Diamonds
    Pure diamonds are sold with a greater amount because these diamonds are not easy to be refined and the amount to be given is all about the working of the diamond that how perfectly is refined.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • How These Diamonds Are Refined?
    The first question arises in the mind of people is how these diamonds are refined? The answer is that when it comes out from the mines then it has been taken to the refinery industry where every worker is expertise to refine it with proper way or some of the industries has machinery that refines it.
  • How to Check the Quality of Diamonds?
    For checking the quality of diamond many of the professionals are hired and they search each and every aspect of the diamond to find any of the flaws in it.


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