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Sell Gold Bars for Cash in London

Selling Your Investment Gold Bar for Cash or Bank Transfer has never been simpler. London Gold Centre is a UK based Investment Gold Bar Buyer paying some of the market’s Highest and most Competitive Prices.

We use the Latest Technology to check and analyse your Precious Metals without damaging your Gold Bar. Our Transaction process is quick and Simple.

We buy all Gold Bars, including but not limited to Metalor, Pamp, Royal Mint, Valcambi, Umicore, Suisse, Perth-Mint and more. We Buy Bullion, Ingot, Cast and Scrap Gold Bar based on the Spot Gold Price of the day.

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Our Live Gold Bar Buying Price

We Pay the Prices shown on our Gold Bar Price List at the time of sale. There are no extra fees or Commissions on the prices quoted. Get Paid Instantly in cash or via bank transfer. Our Gold Bar Buying prices are linked to the live Gold Market Price and are Updated every Few Minutes..

  • 0.50g Gold Bar £28.87
  • 1g Gold Bar £57.75
  • 2g Gold Bar £115.50
  • 2.5g Gold Bar £144.37
  • 5g Gold Bar £288.75
  • 10g Gold Bar £577.49
  • 20g Gold Bar £1154.98
  • 1oz Gold Bar £1796.00
  • 50g Gold Bar £2887.45
  • 100g Gold Bar £5774.91
  • 250g Gold Bar £14437.27
  • 500g Gold Bar £28874.55
  • 1Kg Gold Bar £57749.10

Tips to remember when Selling your Gold Bar.

  • Make sure you have a valid Photo ID.
  • Find a reputable Investment Gold Bar Buyer.
  • Determine the value of your Fine Gold Bar.
  • Understand the difference between Minted, Casted and Scrap Gold Bar.
  • Compare Prices with companies and make sure of the final payment.
  • Find out from the buyer if your Gold Bar has to be Certified before Selling.
  • Ensure your Investment Bar is 24ct as the lower carat can have a different Final Price.
  • Make Sure the Payment Method you prefer is available on the day of sale.

Why Sell your Gold Bar to London Gold Centre

We Pay the Highest 24-carat Gold Bar and Bullion Price in the UK. Check out our Live Gold Bar Price if you have Gold Bars for sale in London for cash or bank transfer. We pay the same price for Ingots, Scrap Bar and Fine Gold. We are among the Top Gold Brokers in the UK and easily accessible as we are in the city of London, close to all public transport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight and Purity determine the value of your Gold Bar. If it is 24ct Gold Bar, please check our Buying Price List

Divide the LBMA Spot Fix of Gold Price by the weight of Troy Ounce; you will get the price of 1 gram of 24 cart gold.

London Gold Centre Gives you instant cash pay-out when you sell your Gold Bar.

Yes! all Gold Products, including Fine Gold, can be legally sold in the UK. Provided you have proof of ID.

Any form of Photo ID, Passport or Driving License.

The price of Gold fluctuates constantly. Keep an eye on the market and sell when you feel the price is to your satisfaction. The price of Gold is bound to increase over the long term as it has been doing so historically.

Gold measurement is in Troy Ounce, which is 31.1g. Multiply the price of 1g of fine Gold by the weight of Troy Ounce to get the Fine Gold Price of an Ounce.

When selling Gold Bar to London Gold Centre, we pay the prices listed on our site. There are no extra charges or commissions on top.

Yes, we can buy a Scrap Gold Bar. We would have to do an assay by drilling the bar and testing the sample with an X-Ray machine. Customers can also get it tested by a third party if required.

Yes, Fill out our online form and follow the simple steps to post your Gold bars to us and get paid by Cash or Bank Transfer.

Post Gold Bar for Cash Now!

Unfortunately, it does not. The Weight and Purity of the Gold determines the value.

Yes. We pay the same price per gram, whether 1g or 100g of Gold Bar.

The Physical selling price of Gold will be a few % below the LBMA spot price as companies have to keep a profit margin and account for short-term price fluctuation.

No, it is not required. All we need is a valid ID, and we will check the Gold and make an instant payment.

It is Simple: visit the London Gold Centre at 5 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8AA and get paid by Instant Cash or Bank Transfer. Call us: 020 7404 7473

Yes, we purchased a non-standard and unmarked Gold Bar; we use an X-ray machine to test the Gold and determine its Purity.

Yes, we can buy 22 carat Gold Bar.

You can visit us, and we will use an X-ray gun to test your Gold and determine its value. The test is Free

Yes, we can pay you in cash.

It’s better to check multiple dealers before selling your Investment Gold Bars locally. Visit London Gold Centre to get paid the best Price.

The process is simple. Check our online prices, and if you are happy, visit us and get paid instantly.

No, we pay the prices on our website; there are no additional fees.

1g Live Gold Bar Price is £58.93
2.5g Live Gold Bar Price is £147.32
20g Live Gold Bar Price is £1178.55
1oz Live Gold Bar Price is £1832.65
50g Live Gold Bar Price is £2946.38
100g Live Gold Bar Price is £5892.77
250g Live Gold Bar Price is £14731.91
500g Live Gold Bar Price is £29463.83
1000g or 1Kg Live Gold Bar Price is £58927.65