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Send us your items today & get paid tomorrow (Mon to Fri).

Selling Gold and Jewellery has never been easier.

Don’t settle for a low price from your local dealer, post you gold from the comfort of your own home and get paid the highest amount you items can get!

Due to a high demand on customers wishing to post their gold to us and to keep up with the high demand we have opened up  a trade counter at the following address : London Gold Centre, 5 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8AA

Please ensure you bring with you photo ID (driving licence or passport) 


Feel free to compare our prices to with other high street and online merchants and you will realise the high price we pay our customers. 


We process all gold posted to us the same working day and we value and price the goods. We then get authorisation from the customer before transferring the cash


The price are paid in their entirety to the price we quote here are no hidden charges of fee.


We do not charge the customer for testing and valuing their gold. We use the latest equipment.

Sell Gold or Jewellery online

There are a number of gold dealers who are willing to buy your gold. The main question you should ask yourself is “AM I GETTING THE BEST PRICE AND AM I BEING TREATED FAIRLY?”. We at London Gold Centre take customer satisfaction very seriously and try to maintain the best service we can provide at all times.

Complete our form below when your are ready to sell

  1. Fill Out the Form
  2. Print and sign the agreement & Post it with the Item. NOTE :- If you cant print the form, just write down the reference number given once you complete the form and your full details in a peace of paper and post it with your item.
  3. Post Through Special Recorded Delivery
  4. We value the items and get customer approval
  5. Get Paid via Bank Transfer

Please Note:

1% Service Charge Including Bank Transfer from our Calculator Price (Sorry!)

Insuring the parcel is up to the customer. Remember to add your return address on the envelope.

The pay-out amount is calculated with the metal price on the day we receive your post.

We only receive posts Monday to Friday. Post sent on Friday will be received on Monday.

Customers opinion!

google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Chris Chinn
Ring was resized for me perfectly. Arrived in immaculate condition, I can see my own reflection in the 9ct gold. Would recommend to anyone interested in gold products.Had it paid for, resized and delivered within days.Perfect.
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Wonderful service! I inherited three rings from my fiancé’s grandmother and they were way too big for me. I brought them here and they were resized for me in a couple of days. They now fit perfectly and the team even went above and beyond and polished them beautifully. Thanks so much London Gold Centre! You’ll now be my go-to place for jewellery repairs.
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Reece Hilton
Great experience buying from Mafaz who sold me some great quality gold at a fantastic price. There are many pawnbrokers in this area and these guys seemed to be amongst the cheapest whilst still also providing good quality gold.They were straight forward and didn’t make you feel uneasy like some pawnbrokers do. Many thanks 🙂
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Jenny Roberts
Like other reviews I was a little nervous about posting my gold necklace & bracelet but wow I didn’t need to worry! What a fantastic service! Sent it off Royal Mail special delivery and the next morning I received a call from a lovely friendly guy who confirmed he had received my jewellery and confirmed the price and that he would bank transfer the amount straight after the call and he would send me a message to confirm! And within a few minutes the message came through confirming bank transfer done and my money was in my bank! Absolutely brilliant!!!! I would highly recommend great service and quick & easy! Please don’t be worried or concerned this is a genuine business and a first class one too! I would definitely use them again! A*****
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Ranjit Ameresekere
Excellent service for the sale of my bangles. Ruth Ames
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Rob “RobDog10000” Dog
I was a bit weary at first with sending my 9ct gold belcher chain in the post, but sending royal mail special delivery was no problem, LGC phoned me the next day to confirm they had recieved my chain and said they would send the money straight away! £595 deposited into my account! Nice and easy! Very good service and will do business with them in the future 👍 thank you!
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Mark Brackenbury
As most people I was worried about sending my gold.Are they trust worthy?Will I be ripped off?Will they try and mark me down?I believe are all genuine questions we all will have especially if like myself you had not done anything like this in the past.Well, rest assured it could not have gone any better in fact it exceeded what I thought my experience was going to be like. The service was swift, professional and did not rush me at all. I even asked for time to consider my options, once again no pushy questions, no pushing for me to make a rash decsion.Upon accepting their very fair offer I was told money would be transfereed in the next 20 minutes or so. A text arrived not soon after to confirm payment had been made by themselves. I logged onto my account and can confirm the money was transfered and was sat in my account.Excellent service.
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Debra Collins
Excellent service from start to finish – would definitely recommend!
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Dam Naz
Great customer service!Quick , friendly, professional staff!Great price for scrap gold and silver!
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Nirav Patel
Fantasy service with a loyal based team. I couldn’t ask for more!! Brilliant
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Lien Rakuscek
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Beverley Brayford
Had some inherited gold jewellery sat in a drawer for 5 years with no intention of ever wearing it. I came across this company on line and what a brilliant find it was! Just filled out the form, posted it off and got a call from a lovely man the very next day to inform me of it’s value. The money was in my account instantly. I was a bit sceptical at first but this company is absolutely genuine and gave me the very best price for something just sat in a drawer. Amazing service, very efficient and one happy customer that would highly recommend. Thank you so much.
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Bec Le Fleur
Really easy to sort out selling gold jewellery, just a simple form to fill in. Posted it all special delivery next day. Got a phone call in the afternoon, very professional and polite. Money transferred straight away. 100% would use again, great service.
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Charles Segal
I discovered the London Gold Centre online purely by chance. I had traded in my sovereigns at Hatton Garden Metals the day before and whilst their service and price was acceptable, it didn’t want to go back there to sell my jewellery.I thought I would shop around to see if I could find somewhere better.Many jewellery businesses will not see customers face to face at present (due to Covid) and insist that they post everything to them. I don’t trust this approach as everything is totally hidden from the customer. I had a very frustrating conversation with the owner of one such business in Hatton Garden whose name escapes me. He thought he was being friendly and couldn’t understand why I would even want to come to his shop.He was just rude. If he keeps this up after Covid is over he deserves to lose business.I am really pleased that I decided to go to the London Gold Centre instead. Not only were their prices better, I felt that the gentleman who dealt with me gave me better service and was more open in the way that he priced things, he even had a special x-ray machine to show me exactly what carat gold I was selling. It turned out to be a higher (more valuable) carat than I expected. I really appreciated his honesty and friendliness.I am very impressed with the London Gold Centre and will definitely return there if I find anything thing else to sell.
google_avatar Sell Gold or Jewellery online
Christine McArthur
After buying new wedding and engagement rings, I thought I would trade my old ones along with some scrap earrings and a broken necklace.Posted by special delivery on the Thursday afternoon, phone call on the Friday afternoon from the LGC and money transferred into my account within 5 minutes.A good fair price for the gold, overall a brilliant service.

If you are looking to sell your unwanted gold or jewellery, you can now do it online. We at London Gold Centre offer you a comfortable, easy, safe and secure online portal through which you can post your gold and jewellery for cash. Send your gold and diamond jewellery through mail to us, and we will value and pay you immediately through bank transfer or cheque.

Post Gold for Cash: Sell Gold Online

London Gold Centre prides in providing its customers and clients with the best services and the highest market price when they sell gold online to London Gold Centre. The gold price calculator will help the customer calculate the exact value the customer will receive when they post their gold based on the LBMA gold fix. 

  1. We provide reasonable and competitive prices presented in the gold market, along with quick and efficient services.
  2. Our post gold service gives our clients an easy way to sell their gold at the highest price possible from the comfort of their own home if they live far away from London.
  3. Our staff is always ready to help and guide you when it comes to examining the gold that you want to sell. 
  4. We provide you with the fair prices after examining the gold with the latest machinery and techniques.

Fill out the required details in the form above and submit it. Then print and sign the confirmation form and send it with the gold you post. Make sure to insure and securely package your items before posting them.

  • Please make sure you send us accurate information when you fill out the form. We contact you and make a payment arrangement with the information you provide us.
  • Double-check the address you are posting your gold to and send via secured registered post.
  • You can leave the estimated weight and value section area blank if you have no idea of the information. We will provide you with the value after examining your gold by contacting you from the information you provide.

We assure you of the security and safety of your personal information under our upgraded security systems also that your data will be kept confidential and not leaked to any third party.

Now! With the few simple steps, you will be able to get cash for your gold right in your account through bank transfer or a cheque as per your request.

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Sell Gold Online

Looking to get paid at the comfort of your home selling your old Scrap Gold or Jewellery. Just post your gold to London Gold Centre and get paid instantly

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