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Sell your gold to London Gold Centre for the fairest price in the market!

London Gold Centre prides in providing their customers and clients with the best services in the Hatton Garden gold market with their gold calculator, reasonable pricing charts, competitive prices present in the market along with quick and efficient services.

Our staff is always ready to help and guide you when it comes to examining your gold that you want to sell or with any questions that you might have in mind while providing you with the fair prices after examining the gold with the latest machinery.

If it is too much of a hassle for you to come to us then why not sell gold through the mail? With the London gold centre now offering you online gold selling services selling gold has never been easier.

If you are looking for selling your precious and valuable but unwanted gold you can now do it online. We offer you an easy, smooth, safe and secure online portal through which you can post gold for cash or send gold through mail to us and we will pay you through bank transfer or cheque (check).

All you will have to do will be print the form present below and fill the information asked. You will have to provide us with your personal details such as:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Contact number
  4. Address (For sending a cheque)
  5. The Items you are sending
  6. Estimated weight
  7. Estimated Value
  8. Payment Method
  • Make sure that you are accurate with the information you provide since it will be used for sending you a cheque and ensuring that you receive the payment without any issues. Also ensure that the package you are sending which includes your gold is properly sealed, taped and closed so that no misplacing occurs.
  • Double-check your address when selling your gold through the mail and posting it since any mistyping can lead to major problems in sending you the payment at your house.
  • You can leave the estimated weight and value area blank if you don’t have an idea. We will provide you with the value after examining your gold on your given email address.

We assure you of the security and safety of your personal information under our upgraded security systems. Also that your personal information will be kept confidential and not leaked to any third party.

With the few simple steps, you will be able to get cash for your gold right in your account through bank transfer or a cheque as per your request.

To sell gold online to London Gold Centre just print out the contract, enter your information while including the gold that you are selling and signing it at the end and send your gold through special deliver registered mail. You will receive the payment in a timely manner without any issues or hassle.

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Looking to get paid at the comfort of your home selling your old Scrap Gold or Jewellery. Just post your gold to London Gold Centre and get paid instantly

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