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What our Customers think?

Shailesh Malde
15:34 31 Oct 19
Professional and Trustworthy Service.I had my gold valued by three gold buyers, two in Hatton Garden and one local in NW London. London Gold Centre offered a competitive price. To me it was important to deal with someone i could trust and are reliable. London Gold Centre proved to be reliable and exceeded my expectations.Thanks Aron and Ali, very happy with your service.
Nicole Jhonson
18:34 28 Oct 19
I have worked with them several times now, always with good results. They offer competitive pricing and are easy to deal with. Aaron offers good information when evaluating each piece and is a pleasure to work with.
Roberta Smanassi
07:56 16 Oct 19
I had an excellent customer service with Aron, who gave me great prices for my gold jewellery and diamond ring. The cash was paid out immediately! Aron was professional and courteous throughout.All in all a great experience and I would highly recommend this company. I will definitely use them again.Thank you
Freeman .
00:31 16 Oct 19
Excellent people to deal with. Friendly and professional. I have used them on two separate occasions and will do so again. Of course always shop around and compare prices but I highly recommend them… In my experience they are competively priced.
David Lummis
19:33 07 Oct 19
Friendly and helpful service. They gave me a good price for my sisters gold jewellery. So quick and efficient, I would highly recommend them.
Claudio de Giovanni
16:37 02 Oct 19
Perfect place to sell your used jewellery, gold and watches at fair prices. Professional and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend.
Robert Wade
18:05 26 Sep 19
RobertI visited The London Gold Centre today to sell gold sovereigns , I was welcomed by Aron who gave me top prices for the coins , I found Aron to be friendly , helpful and professional and would highly recommend this company .
Tasha D
20:16 03 Sep 19
I sent my items off yesterday special delivery, today i received my quotation which i accepted and received my money into my account within 10minutes of confirming. The quotation was very competitive and the customer service received was excellent. I highly recommend this company and will use them again in the future. Many thanks again Aron for your excellent service. Tasha
Tasha D
20:16 03 Sep 19
I sent my items off yesterday special delivery, today i received my quotation which i accepted and received my money into my account within 10minutes of confirming. The quotation was very competitive and the customer service received was excellent. I highly recommend this company and will use them again in the future. Many thanks again Aron for your excellent service. Tasha
Mazer Hussain
19:20 22 Aug 19
Absolutely excellent customer service gave me great prices on my gold bars after getting very low offers elsewhere in the building .Then came here and got brilliant prices on my bars and cash paid out immediately! Definitely will be going back there and recommend them highly 👍Definitely a 5 star outfit 👌
Michael Parsons
15:33 05 Aug 19
Hi, monitored their site & compared with other dealers. Called & spoke with Aron. Popped down there, weighed, tested & paid market rate on the spot. Professional & courteous through out. I would use them again & thoroughly recommend them. Thank you
Saranda Ramadani
09:21 01 Aug 19
Great experience. Would highly recommend Aron!!!!….very fair and professional and took his time with us
Ramesh Mahbubani
19:43 20 Jul 19
I visited last week and was welcomed by Aron. The service was exemplary and he listened to what I wanted and showed me items accordingly to my needs. Can’t recommend highly enough.
Tina Uttamchandani
18:51 20 Jul 19
Aron was very helpful. He had a great knowledge about the market and the prices. Extremely pleased with all the help that he provide and his expertise.
Mike McCormack
16:57 16 Jul 19
Both Ali and Aron were absolutely brilliant they are really friendly and gave me an excellent service. They even offered to price a large gem we bought in India on our next visit to them, I got a good price for my gold and certainly much better than I would have got locally, they were so easy to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone.
Annie Ani
20:58 03 Jun 19
Lovely service by Aaron and Ali. Highly recommend!! They are very helpful and give detailed response for any questions and doubts we have regarding transaction. And we got best price in the city. Thanks a lot.
Prabhuswami Kallur
20:54 03 Jun 19
Best service by Aaron and Ali. Highly recommend for gold transactions. They are very quick in responding emails and best rates in the city. Thank you so much.
Barbara Lodge
05:50 19 May 19
Excellent service and a good price. They were open on a Saturday when most gold buyers were closed, which was important to us. Many thanks to all the staff, particularly Arun and Syed who looked after us.
Mohamed mahmood Husain
12:26 17 Apr 19
Verry happy with the price and service. Sad to sell my stuff but was satisfied with the price. Arron was very professional and very experienced.
Hava Gadaborsheva
11:42 12 Apr 19
I sold my Rolex watch and some old gold to them and was very satisfied with their price. They gave the highest price in the area. Definitely will use them again!
Edward Maclain
10:55 05 Apr 19
Hi there.I just want to drop you guys a short line to say, a massive thank you, I don’t know much about gold but I am glad I walked into your shop, and thank you for your £££££ towards my GOLD.100% Recommending you guys keep up the honest work.Thank YouEd
Eshitha Singer
19:44 28 Mar 19
I have been to many places but this is so far the best place to sell gold jewellery… they had given me a good price and definitely would always come back to sell my jewels… Good customer service and friendly gentlemen.. highly recommend to go here…
Mazer Hussain
07:43 22 Mar 19
Brilliant customer service at this boutique, gave me a great price on my coins.Defnitly will be going there again and Aran was a excellent salesman and very helpful.
vishvas maniya
13:22 13 Mar 19
Got Best rates in hatton garden, happy with the service as gold been tested then and there
Mafaz Mohamed
12:07 05 Mar 19
Aron was very helpful. Quickly tested my 22kt gold and paid me a good price on it. I checked all the shops and I was been offered for 21kt hence I am happy withes guys; so the long review 🙂
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Sell your gold to London Gold Centre for the fairest price in the market!

London Gold Centre prides in providing their customers and clients with the best services in the Hatton Garden gold market with their gold calculator, reasonable pricing charts, competitive prices present in the market along with quick and efficient services.

Our staff is always ready to help and guide you when it comes to examining your gold that you want to sell or with any questions that you might have in mind while providing you with the fair prices after examining the gold with the latest machinery.

If it is too much of a hassle for you to come to us then why not sell gold through the mail? With the London gold centre now offering you online gold selling services selling gold has never been easier.

If you are looking for selling your precious and valuable but unwanted gold you can now do it online. We offer you an easy, smooth, safe and secure online portal through which you can post gold for cash or send gold through mail to us and we will pay you through bank transfer or cheque (check).

All you will have to do will be print the form present below and fill the information asked. You will have to provide us with your personal details such as:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Contact number
  4. Address (For sending a cheque)
  5. The Items you are sending
  6. Estimated weight
  7. Estimated Value
  8. Payment Method
  • Make sure that you are accurate with the information you provide since it will be used for sending you a cheque and ensuring that you receive the payment without any issues. Also ensure that the package you are sending which includes your gold is properly sealed, taped and closed so that no misplacing occurs.
  • Double-check your address when selling your gold through the mail and posting it since any mistyping can lead to major problems in sending you the payment at your house.
  • You can leave the estimated weight and value area blank if you don’t have an idea. We will provide you with the value after examining your gold on your given email address.

We assure you of the security and safety of your personal information under our upgraded security systems. Also that your personal information will be kept confidential and not leaked to any third party.

With the few simple steps, you will be able to get cash for your gold right in your account through bank transfer or a cheque as per your request.

To sell gold online to London Gold Centre just print out the contract, enter your information while including the gold that you are selling and signing it at the end and send your gold through special deliver registered mail. You will receive the payment in a timely manner without any issues or hassle.

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