1 Ounce Gold Bar

Important Facts To Know Before Selling 1 Ounce Gold Bar


A low premium gold bar contains at least one ounce of 999 fine investment grade gold bullion. Each bar in the inventory should be marked with the right size, weight, and purity of gold. This gold bar may or may not have a matching assay serial number or certificate.
The low premium one ounce gold bar is a great choice for those people who are planning to buy a gold bar. It may come in different brands, depending on the supply. You should guarantee that all of the gold bar brands you carry are recognized.
Also, your gold bar may carry a lower premium over the recent spot price of gold. For a gold investor who looks to sell a gold bar or invest in a low premium gold bar, this will be a perfect option.
Feel free to check the recent spot gold cost for your guidance. The price of every gold bar offered should include insured storage in the safety vault. This is free for up to a year starting from the date of purchase.

Brands available:
• Asahi
• Argor Heraeus
• Credit Suisse
• Heraeus
• Perth Mint RCM
• Valcambi

Note: Other brands not included in this list may be available as well. You only need to get in touch with the right buyer. Then, you will find out more about its availability. You should guarantee fast turnaround for every special request when it comes to brands.


People have been using gold as money. Its value remains high until today, which is why selling and buying gold became a worldwide trend. It started in Europe, and the London gold fixing has been the most common benchmark for the cost of gold since 1919.
The practice of selling and buying a gold bar is now extremely popular in some parts of the world, such as in London, Scotland, or Manchester. Those individuals or companies that buy a gold bar in varying amounts or weights now provide fully insured door-to-door service regardless of the quantity and value of bullion gold.