1kg Gold Bar

Selling 1kg Gold Bar

A gold bar offers superior protection against the volatility of some other commodities while it maintains its high value. This makes a gold bar a reliable and precious investment option.
Likewise, it exists in many sizes. A 1000g gold bar is more common. It is a highly priced gold bar size that is available in different LBMA brands. These include:
• Umicore
• Metalor
• Heraeus
• Credit Suisse
• Perth Mint
• Pamp Suisse

Also, a 1000g gold bar may come from NON-LBMA brands. If your gold bar is from any Non-LBMA brands and you want to sell it, we will accept it as scrap gold.

Every gold bar comes with a unique serial number that is laser cut in its face. It will also feature its brand, gold standard fineness, and other important symbols.
To keep your gold bar’s integrity, we suggest keeping the gold bar in its protecting packaging. This way, it will be easier to check and verify the genuineness of your gold bar