1oz Australian Gold Nugget

Selling 1oz Australian Gold Nugget

The Australian Gold Nugget is the gold bullion coin minted and introduced by the Perth Mint in 1986. This gold bullion coin is available in different denominations, such as:
• 1/20 oz
• 1/10 oz
• ¼ oz
• ½ oz
• 1 oz
• 2 oz
• 10 oz
• 1 kg
Each Australian Gold Nugget contains 24-carat gold. It features the Australia’s legal tender position. Besides, it is among the few legal tender bullion gold coins that can transform their design each year. The Chinese Gold Panda is also one of these bullion gold coins with a special privilege.
Compared to other bullion coins, their limited year mintage may increase their numismatic value over the worth of gold used. This coin comes with 1 oz. of fine gold.
In 1990, this gold bullion coin presented the kangaroo, which is the iconic sign of the Australian outback. From the year 1987 until 1989, the 1oz Australian Gold Nugget featured the traditional golden nugget from which the name of the coin came from.
The Australian Gold Nugget originated in Australia. Its fine content is 31.10G while its fineness or alloy is 999.90. There are different designs available, but rest assured you’ll receive a beautiful coin.
The 1993 1 oz. Australian Gold Nugget will make a great addition to your collection. This coin crafted using 0.9999 fine gold with a weight of 1 troy ounce.
The obverse of the coin features the image of Queen Elizabeth II. Inscriptions include “Elizabeth II” “Australia” together with the denomination.
The reverse side of the coin shows a nail-tail wallaby. The inscriptions entail the purity, the weight, and the mintage.
Investing in gold bullion coins like the Australian Gold Nugget is a good financial idea. Every gold bullion coin often comes with a higher market value. Thus, buying and selling an Australian Gold Nugget is a nice venture.