American Dollar Gold Coin

Selling Facts for American Dollar Gold Coin


American gold one-dollar coins, or simply gold dollar, were the regular issued gold coins between 1849 and 1889 by the US Bureau of the Mint. There are 3 types for this coin which are designed by James Longacre, a Mint Chief Engraver.

The first issue (Type 1) has been described as the smallest minted gold coin in the US. It was distinguished by the Liberty Head on the other side while a wreath on another. There were various issues with Liberty Head designs.

For Type 2 American dollar gold coins, they are larger ones with an Indian princess head design. The first batches produced were done between 1854 and 1856. Since these were minted for 3 years only, the Type 2 US gold coins are rare and produced in low numbers.

Lastly, Type 3 US gold coins got almost the same front design on Type 2 coins. But, the difference is that this is flattened and enlarged for easer distinction. This series of American one-dollar gold coin existed from 1856 to l889.

The US Gold $1 coins can be offered by price, certification and year. Many online gold bullion houses buy and sell these gold coins for a great price.

A Brief Gold Coin History

In 1791, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasure during this period has proposed a plan for coinage and mint system which focused on $1 denomination struck as silver and gold coin. He proposed that this will become legal tender. The Congress has agreed on his recommendation of silver dollar minting, but not of gold denomination.

In North Carolina, Christopher Bechtler's private mint has produced the very first dollar gold. His son, August Bechtler has produced more pieces for $1. The next batches of American dollar gold coins minted were done by different persons like Christian Gobrecht.