Austrian Gold Philharmonic

Sell Your Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1oz Today

The Austrian Philharmonic is the most famous coin series from Europe. Presented in 1989, the Austrian Philharmonic coin program comes with a silver, gold, and platinum edition from Austrian Mint. However, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin leads the series. It was the original offer in this program.

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic is Austria’s official gold bullion coin that has been in the market since 1989. Each piece contains one troy ounce of .9999 pure gold. It features the face value of 2,000 Austrian Schillings or 100 (Euros).

The Gold Philharmonic coin is the one and only in the series to feature two various denominations for its face value. When the coins arrived in the market in 1989, the sovereign Austrian Schilling became the official currency of Austria.

The launch of the Euro, the Eurozone’s common currency and economy, changed the coins’ face value in 2002. The face value of 2,000 became the common currency, with the coins bearing the 100 face value. Though the coins come with a Euro face value, still they remain legal only in Austria.

The opposite side of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic comes with a bounty of musical instruments that the members of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are using. These include the Vienna horn, harp, bassoon, a cello, and four violins. The cello is the design’s main focal point. Both designs of the coin series were from the Austrian Mint’s chief engraver, Thomas Pesendorfer.

The Austrian Mint is the official sovereign mint of the Austrian government. In fact, it’s among the few companies in Europe that are legal producers of Euros for the European Union’s currency zone.

A lot of people are now investing in gold bars and coins. If you own an Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin, selling it will be a great idea to get back your investment.