Best Value Gold Sovereign

Sell Your Gold Sovereign

The Gold Sovereign is the world’s most popular gold bullion coin. Aside from being beautiful, this coin has a rich history. The Gold Sovereign is the Royal Mint’s flagship. For some reason, this gold coin is identical to Britain.

Charged with emotion and history, there are several reasons why this gold coin is the main choice for both coin collectors and investors.

First, selling it is easy considering that it’s among the widely recognized bullion coins within the worldwide market. Second, the variety of Gold Sovereign coins available has made it an excellent choice for people who want to invest in a small unit.

Third, gold coins like this provide the investors with better flexibility while it maintains the worth against inflation. Fourth, the Gold Sovereign is also exempted from the Capital Gains Tax.

A Gold Sovereign’s face value isn’t the real value. In the recent state of the economy, this gold bullion is worth more that makes it a great investment.

A Gold Sovereign measures 22.05 mm in width and 1.52 mm in thickness. It has a grained milled corner on the sides. Flip the coin to see the images of British monarchs, such as:

• George IV (2 versions)
• George III
• William IV
• Edward VII
• George V (2 versions)
• Victoria (4 versions)

These monarchs face the reverse sides from each other. A gold coin also features letters and phrases that have been often used on coinage since the sixteenth century. The coin bears different inscriptions.

The latest Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign coin comes in 3 versions. These versions bear the “Elizabeth II Dei Gra Regina Fid Def” inscription which means “Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, Queen-Defender of the Faith”.

If you’re owning a Gold Sovereign coin, selling it will be a great idea. To get the best return for your money, sell the coin only to a reliable gold bullion seller and buyer.