$20 Eagle Liberty Head

Important Things to Learn Before Selling $20 Eagle Liberty Head


Liberty Gold Eagle coins have various categories and they also differ in quality. The obverse side of this gold coin displays the Greek Lady Liberty which was a classic rendition. The reverse portion reflects the brave eagle with its wings fully expand.

Liberty Gold Eagle coins are also available in APMEX and other trusted manufacturers of gold and silver bullions worldwide. It is best to choose a brand that can sell or buy Liberty Gold Double Eagle or $20 Liberty Eagle Head in a good price.


Liberty Head $20 Gold coin had been minted for over 50 years. It was in 1848 when the California Gold Rush has requested the Congress to allow minting the Double Eagle $20 gold. Such authorisation took place in 1849. However, this gold coin was able to enter circulation in 1850 as an American currency. During that period, it has the highest content of gold among regular US gold coin issues.

Since 1849, Liberty Eagle $20 Gold coin comes in 3 types. First is the Type I (No Motto) which lasted from 1850 to 1866. The Type II coin has Twenty D print on its reverse was minted from 1866 to 1876. Lastly, the Type III has "Twenty Dollars" print on one side lasted from 1877 to 1907. Moreover, they added a motto "In God We Trust" to these coins to comply with the Mint Act of 1865 provision.