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French 20 Franc Gold

Facts to Know Before You Sell French 20 Franc Gold


For almost two decades, gold 20 franc coin belongs to the most valuable and most renowned gold coins all over the world. At present, gold collectors and investors are looking for them because of their interesting history, beautiful design, and fine minting.

These gold coins are available in three designs: Rooster (BU) 1906 to 1914, Angel (BU) 1871 to 1898 and Napoleon III (AU) from 1853 to 1870. There are also various types for French 20 Franc gold which include:

  • Angel AU
  • Francs Lucky Angel BU
  • Francs Louis Philippe

Napoleon III Franc Gold 20 has 3 versions namely: Version 1, Verson II, and Version III. Prices for these coins can be determined using online calculators by each bullion house.

Gold Coin History

First introduced in 1802, this France 20 franc gold coin had been produced with Napoleon Bonaparte as the First Consul. This gold coin had Napoleon's image but changed later on because of different political leaderships. For more than 100 years of history, it had the same gold content and size to comply with the specifications made by the leadership of Napoleon.

Today, gold 20 franc coins are called the "euro before the euro". It makes trading easy as it makes most European currencies so interchangeable. In fact, it has been the gold coinage model across the Europe. Countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Greece has standardized their coins on this gold franc 20 which is powered by 1865 Latin Monetary Union.

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